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Ultrasound #2 later today

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I'm excited / nervous for my appointment later this afternoon. I had an ultrasound done 4 weeks ago (8 weeks preg) and all looked good, even heard the heart beat. I havent had any reason to worry (other than past mc's, but those were at 5 weeks along), but Im a little scared. I just NEED the baby to be healthy and perfect.
Thats it, just venting!
4.5 hrs til the appointment!
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I'll be thinking good thoughts for you and baby!!
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Almost there! I'm sending good vibes for your baby!!!
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Thank you for the good vibes! Baby is perfect, measuring 12w6d, so a little bigger than I expected. He/She even stretched during the u/s and we saw a perfect little hand! YAY. The real world will start to get the news tomorrow.
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oh yay! great news! so glad things went well
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excellent news!!! to see a lil hand how awesome!!
I go for an u/s on thursday to confirm all is ok, I hope I'll have great news like you!
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