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DH traveling late in pregnancy?

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For you experienced mommas - how late in the pregnancy are you comfortable with your DH traveling out of state? I already vetoed a trip of his that would have been at 37 weeks, but there's another trip that he'd like to do when I'll be 32 weeks. Opinions?
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For me, anything after 37wks wouldn't fly. I tend to go 38-39wks with my pregnancies, so that has something to do with my decision. If had a history of preterm babies, though, I'm sure I'd bump the cutoff up.
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I don't have a problem with travel for dh thru the 39 - 40 week mark. My biggest issue would be making sure that I had someone else on call to help me out should things get started/happen. : Both of mine have been "late" tho.
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I think my DH will be travelling closer to the end than I would like but I was almost 42 weeks with ds so I don't think I'll worry too much. I already asked my MIL to come stay so that I won't be alone with ds if something starts to happen!

I think anything after 38 weeks would make me really nervous.
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LOL, my husband won't be here anyway, but I'd say 37 weeks unless you tend to go overdue.
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I was comfortable with DH travelling before 40 weeks, and then DD was born at 38 weeks. In fact, he was packing his bag while I was laboring and only called off the trip when we found out I was 6cm! (I was in serious denial!)

So yeah, now I say 37 weeks is the cut-off!
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I dunno... I made dh cancell a trip that was in early september-- I'm due late september. But it was for a wedding, and they understand. (I hope!) I think I'd be ok with him making an important trip at 32 weeks, but my parents and family live here, so I'd know I'd be ok with backup. I'd just wish he was here.
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Thanks for the help! I appreciate it.

Now another question - do you think I'll feel like traveling for a wedding at 32 wks PG? It would be either a plane ride or a 14 hr drive. How were you feeling then?
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I would. I'll be going "home" this summer (New Mexico) for awhile. I'll probably be driving back around 32 weeks and that's cross country with two kids, three dogs, and a rabbit. May God have mercy on my soul.
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LOL Lisa you are more woman than I am! It's only a nephew's wedding, so I think I might just wait & see how I feel. Not sure I want to see everyone looking like a tank
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We will probably be road tripping to the ILs this summer (Late July-ish, 32-33 weeks)... If we are still here, it is a 9 hour drive on a good day (thank goodness for the portable DVD player!).
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There is no way I could have done a road-trip at 32 weeks. I was already so uncomfortable riding in the car and the thought of sleeping in a strange bed, torture, no way.

More power to those who can/are willing to do it though!!
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I went to vegas when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my first - and had a fairly good time I think you'll be fine at 32 weeks!

As far as the traveling - I think it depends on how much his job relies on it. I have a friend whose husband does a LOT of traveling for work, so he just planned on not traveling for weeks 38-42 and that was difficult enough, yk? But in the end, it ended up he was just home and the baby came before then.

I go between 37/38 weeks, so I would be leary past 36 weeks, frankly.
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Since you can't really know if you're the sort of pg woman to go early/late or to have complications, it's hard to make predictions. How far away would he be travelling? At 32/33 wks., how quickly could he get back if he needed to? That would likely determine my comfort level, although keep in mind that if you give birth that early, babe will be in NICU several weeks AND hopefully you'd have enough notice that things weren't going well to get him back to you before the actual birth. Also, couldn't he say yes to the trip now and then back out later on if you develop complications that might signal a preterm birth? The fact is that MOST women aren't going to deliver that early, but a fair number DO deliver at 37 wks., so I think you made a judicious choice.

As for the wedding, I had planned to attend my brother's wedding (and 3 of my children were IN the wedding, aack!) when I would have been 33 wks. pg with Sophia. Unfortunately, by that time, my BP had started to give me serious trouble again (I've had PIH and/or preeclampsia in every.single.pg, fwiw) and although it was only in the next state over and a car ride instead of airplane (but a 14 hr. car ride), my MW and OB both nixxed it. So home we all stayed. And while disappointing, it turned out to be an excellent choice, b/c Sophie went into fetal distress at 35w and was born via emergency c/s (and with a bonus chromosome, to boot!)

Having had several preemies (my first two children were 33- and 31- wkrs. due to severe pre-e) and a few more earlyish full-termers (the longest I've ever been pg thus far is 37 weeks), I now know not to schedule anything from around 31 wks. on. But hey, I certainly didn't know that when pg for the first time -- as a result, my DS ended up being born BEFORE I had finished childbirth classes (had only gone to 3), BEFORE my baby shower, BEFORE lots of things, in fact. But even then, we knew weeks ahead of time that I was developing PE, and I was already on bedrest before my water unexpectedly broke with him one night and I went into labor. Moreover, I had a good 24 hrs. while they stopped labor and gave me steroids for his lungs, before I went back into labor on my own and had him another 8 hrs. later. IOW, plenty of time for DH to get back from most places, had he been out of town, yk?

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My DH has traveled fairly consistently around 37 weeks for two of my past three pregnancies (one week long trip, another 3-4 day trip). If you've been pregnant before, and have some idea of when you go into labor, that would be a good guide... Otherwise, I'd say let him plan the trips with the understanding that if things get sketchy towards the end, he's able to cancel or reschedule the trips. At 36-37 weeks, you'll have a pretty good sense whether the baby is coming sooner rather than later. Also, a one night trip is very different from a multiple day trip.
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