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How many pairs of sheets do you own? - Page 2

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No sets, I don't like top sheets. I have one fitted sheet for my bed, and 2 fitted sheets for DD's toddler bed (that she barely sleeps in).
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Up until about 6 months ago we only had one set per bed. Then we (I) bought another set for each bed and now I am so much happier not having to do that laundry and waiting to make all the beds in one day.
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This is an area of weakness for me. I love to buy bedding for some reason.

Currently, for our queen size, I own four sets: three regular cotton, plus one flannel. The baby's crib has three fitted sheets.

I have actually pared this down from four sets of cotton, one set of cotton jersey, and three sets of flannel.

Whenever Target has bedding on clearence, it is Sooooo tempting not to buy more!
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we only really use a king size bed and keep about 3 sets for it.
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2 for my bed
1 for dd's bed
1 for guests

I would like to get dd a new sheet set.
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I like to have 2 sets per bed.
That way I can strip and remake the bed all at once instead of waiting for the sheets to wash.
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2 sets for my/dh bed
4 sets 2 cotton and 2 flannel for ds bed
4 sets for guest beds.(queen bed, full sized futon and 2 air beds) We regularly have 3-6 overnight guests at a time.
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I have four sets: two flannel for winter, two jersey for summer. We have sort-of two beds: our queen-sized bed, and a futon in the living room that folds into a double. We actually use the futon a lot, due to issues with snoring, insomnia, and DH's bad back (the futon is very firm and helps him), and if we have overnight guests. I think the only way we could cut back the number of sets would be to use one all-year-round system instead of switching between the flannel and jersey knit... but they're each so comfortable during the appropriate season!
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2 for our bed
2 for guest bed
4 each (8 total) toddler/crib for our 2 girls

I know that the 4 each for the girls seems high, but to be honest they are so small and it is needed when you have 2 kids that keep getting sick in their beds at the same time and it is all you can do to get a sheet, blanket and pjs washed and dried before the next accident.
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3 sets for a Queen bed. 2 Flannel, 1 Cotton. Our bed and the air mattress are both Queen.

4 Duvet Covers: 1 Flannel, 3 Cotton.

2 fitted sheets for my son's toddler bed.

I was actually thinking about getting another set of cotton for our bed. I almost bought some at Target the other day because they were marked down to $17 from $65 but then I realized someone had peeled the red clearance sticker off something else and put it on the sheets. But the King sheets were really on sale.
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Originally Posted by Porcelain Interior View Post
You want more than 1. 2 for me is ideal.

If something liquidous happens in the wee hours you don't want to sit up all night waiting for clean sheets.
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I have two sets for each bed. But both beds are Queens, so 2 is the average. I usually rotate three sets on our bed, and just keep one set for the guest bed. It's very rare that we have to change the sheets on the guest bed last minute - we usually just wash them after each guest and put them right back on the bed.

When I have kids in their own beds, I plan on having 2 or 3 sets for each bed, but again since we will probably have them all in twins, and the likelihood of needing to change ALL the sheets is not very high, we could get away with one spare for each bed, I think.
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Two per bed. For the basinette and crib mattresses, though, for some reason, I bought three. I don't need three, though. Two per bed works out fine for us.
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We have 4 for our queen.
7 twin sets for our 3 twin sized beds
2 for the fuul guest
4 for the sidecarred crib
omg dozens of pillowcases it seems

like another pp, I have a bed linen weakness
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we have 1 for us and 4 for babe, but only use 1 at a time-no accidents yet. i think your numbers sound good. but i guess if you have extra sheets around, they cant hurt to keep!
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Two pairs for our bed (one of which is really crummy!), one pair for the bed of my 7 & 4 year olds, two pairs for my 2.5 year old's bed and two pairs for the crib (although since the baby has never slept there the sheets have never been changed)
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Our bed: Two fitted sheets, two sets of pillow cases, one set of duvet covers

DD's bed (and often guest bed): two sets of sheets and pillow cases, two sets of blankets (one duvet so no need for top sheet and one quilt which is used with a top sheet)

One extra set of sheets and pillow cases for foldout couch downstairs, one extra blanket

We also have a fleece blanket for hanging out on the couch and snuggling.

That's all the linen we have.
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I think having two sets per bed is ideal. We have had several bed-wetting incidents in the middle of the night (co-sleeping children) that two sets is a necessity.
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4 sets/bed. 3 regular and 1 flannel.
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2 flannel and 2 regular for each bed.
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