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I have two sets for the master bed. So, if DS throws up/pees/diaper explodes on the bed in the middle of the night there is an extra.

I have a lot of sheets for the kids' beds but that is mostly because someone gave me two hand me down ones, and I had like five from my baby shower.
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I have 1 for our bed and 3 for the baby.

I have a few sets of old sheets, but I just use those to cover plants when it frosts.
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4 sets of sheets for our bed (and 3 duvet cover sets)

2 sets of sheets for each for two guest rooms

And we're planning on 2 to 3 sets of sheets for baby's room
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2 sets of sheets for our 2 queen beds (we actually have a couple more, but they're so worn they're unusable, we now are saving for drop cloths)
6 sets of sheets for 4 twin beds.

You can get way usually with one set per bed if you're an adult, but with kids, it's always a good idea to have a few extra for accidents/spills/throw ups, etc.

I would love to have two more sets of queen jersey knits (super soft, my ideal)
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We have three for our king-size family bed (we have between 3-5 people in any given night, so you never know what could happen). For the twin-size beds that dd and ds have, I think I have about four sets total.
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Originally Posted by phatchristy View Post
I would love to have two more sets of queen jersey knits (super soft, my ideal)
Yes, those are my favorite. So comfy! It helps that they are super cheap, too
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This is part of the reason why I have pared down the variety of mattress sizes in our house.

We use fitted sheets and duvet covers - no top sheets. I'm not quite to my goal yet, but my plan is as follows:

4 or 5 beds = 6 sheet/pillow case combos & 6 duvet covers. I figure the chances of needing more than one spare set in a single night is slim. (And yes, we've had multiple sickies in one night. But I put down a vinyl-backed crib-sized sheet if someone is suspect).

I might go as high as 2 sheets per bed if that means having one regular sheet and one flannel sheet for each bed. Whatever the "off season" sheet is would be the spare for late-night mishaps, etc.

Folded up sheets, duvet covers, and pillow cases take up a LOT of room. And fitted sheets are a PITA to fold.
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I would say 2 sets, that's what we have for our bed, for ds's toddler bed i think we have more like 4, ( i got some hand me downs after i bought a set) and the full size spare has 2 sets, but those i would to eventually replace as they are pretty old, but we rarely have company so looks don't really matter right now.
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Dh and I have 2 sets for our bed, one set of super cheapo cotton ones that we only use while the other are being washed. Those are nice high quality ones we got last christmas from mil.
Ds has two sets, cars and wall-e but he just got his own twin bed, give it time i'm sure he'll have more.
Dd has about a million sets of crib sheets only because we got some for ds and her, plus my step moms family made us a bunch too. I don't complain though , i love having that many crib sheets. Those are the only ones that really get dirty.

We don't ever use top sheets on any of the beds so those are all folded in a drawer, we pull them out for company to use or whatever if someone crashes on our couch. We also have a million pillow cases , because i change mine like every other night.
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We have two sets for each bed in the house, which means two queen-sized sets, four twin-sized sets, and two toddler bed sheets. We also have one extra queen-sized comforter and one extra twin-sized comforter.

We have to be prepared. We throw up a lot in this house.
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We have 3 beds in our house, 2 queen and 1 twin. One of the queen beds is our guest bed, and there is 1 set of sheets for that bed. For our master bed, we have 2 sets of cotton sheets and 1 set of flannel sheets. For dd's bed we have one set of cotton sheets and one set of flannel sheets. We could probably do away with our extra queen cotton set, but I like having an extra on hand in case I want to change sheets in between washes if we have a particularly hot streak in the summer.
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