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Babies are here! Small update post # 40! Pics #62 Update #83 and #93 - Page 2

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Yay our first babies! Congrats!
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Congratulations!!! What FABULOUS weights!

I can't believe we already have babies in our due date club! Wow!
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YAY Mama! Congrats on those big healthy twins!!:
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Congratulations!!! I hope your NICU time is up soon and you can all be home together before you know it! :: It sounds like they are very strong!
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Congratulations on having your twins! :
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Congrats x2! : : Glad everything is going well despite their early 'escape'. Hope you all are snug and at home soon.
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Congratulations!!!! Our first DDC babies - so exciting!! Im so glad to hear they are doing so well .
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Glad to hear you're all doing well and the babes are so big despite the early exit. Here's to a speedy time in the NICU and happy bonding for all four of you.
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Wow! Congratulations on your babies! Those are some impressive weights for 33 weeks! Take care of yourself mama- can't wait to see pictures!!!
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Welcome Emaline and Benjamin! :

May your NICU stay be short and uneventful, and may your babies be home soon
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! And welcome babies!!!

That's great that they are doing so well!!! I am so happy for your family!!!
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Yay the first babies, and so BIG!! Awesome! Cant wait to see the pics!! BEAUTIFUL names!
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Congratulations!! As everyone has said way to go on growing big healthy babies. I too hope NICU is short and sweet. And a big : to what mischievium said.
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YAY! It sounds like all is going well and we're so glad to hear it. Are you doing well with your recovery? I'm sure you can't wait to get those precious babies home. We're supporting you and are so happy! : I look forward to the story and pictures when you've had plenty of time for you and babies!
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Congratulations! : Glad to hear that you and both babies are doing well.
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Yaaay! I can't wait to see photos! Congratulations!
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Congrats! Glad they are doing well! Enjoy your babies!!
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Wow! Congratulations! They *do* sound big.

I hope they can come home soon.
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Congratulations!!! I hope everyone is home soon.
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Thanks everybody. I'll update with a birth story when I get a free second. All my time is spend either pumping or going up to the nursery til my nurse chases me into bed. My milk hasn't come in yet, but I'm getting a fair amound of colostrum to give them through their feeding tubes.

Small update: Emaline is off her bi-pap and only on a tiny bit of supplementary oxygen. Ben is on a tiny bit of oxygen sometimes, but spends a good bit of the day just breathing on his own! With the bi-paps gone, we can see their precious little faces. Ben looks JUST like his daddy. Everyone who sees him says so. Emaline looks a lot like my dad and a bit like me. Ben has light brown/strawberryish hair and Emaline has lots of black hair that sticks straight up everywhere! I wonder if she'll keep it like my dad or lose it all and turn blonde like Ryan's side of the family. Both of them quiet down when they hear my voice and Ryan's spent lots of time singing to them whenever we can't hold them. They like that a lot. They're beautiful and I'm so in love already.

Am I really the first April Mommy? I'm so happy for all of us that we've gotten our babies so big! I'm glad we don't have any very early preemie mamas. I feel so bad going in the nursery and seeing the tiny babies. I hate that mine are in the NICU, but they're doing so well and so much better than they could be doing, all things considered.
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