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I have to wait and see if my bun-in-the-oven turns out to be a *he* or a *she* before I start buying - I might have the stuff, might not. With Sam I got a TON of hand-me-downs, but no one I know has a baby girl, so I'll be, ahhem, FORCED to do some cute girly babe clothes shopping!

And, of course, I need a tandem stroller, a co-sleeper and I'd love a new Moby wrap and an Ergo. (Anyone know a good "gently used" slings source?) I'm already starting to put stuff on my Amazon wish lit, since I won't be registering with this one.
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we'll be starting from scratch, except i have my sling that a friend made me from ds and dd.

we need dipes, diaperbag(birth center birth= no free bag, lol) wipes, wetbag and other related items, carseat, clothes and especially socks.

i may try to get a bouncy seat/swing or something. will need something to keep the babe in for me to grab a fast shower in when hub isn't home. neither of my other kids liked either one though
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I'll wait to see if it's a he or she. I don't pick names or buy anything until 20 weeks anyway. I don't need much, probably some new onesies, a bed/bassinet and a nursing pillow as I gave mine away but not much else. It's too early for me to think of those things, first I need my brain back!
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I have almost everything I need left from ds but here is my list:

*new wash cloths or flannel for wipes
*maya wrap (borrowed one last time)
*double stroller (Chariot)
*wheel board for my bugaboo
*a few new covers (wool mostly)
*lg diaper pail (borrowed one last time)
*car seat (will give baby ds's britax and buy a new radian or britax booster for him)

I'm hoping my parents will buy the new stoller and mil the the new car seat but who knows...
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eek! This is my first baby and I feel so overwhelmed about this stuff. I had no idea babies needed so much!

I think we will definitely need a crib and carseat. And I've been eyeing those play yards. does anyone find them useful?
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I think all I really need is a car seat, and a new baby swing

I still have all the different carriers from DS and all his newborn - 3 month clothes were green and yellow... if we have a girl I'll have time after she's born to buy clothes (not that I haven't already gotten a few girl things just in case )
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Originally Posted by texmati View Post
eek! This is my first baby and I feel so overwhelmed about this stuff. I had no idea babies needed so much!
They really DON'T need that much. The baby product industry is a complete racket 95% of the time.
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I need to:

* make a couple of newborn / small fitted diapers and covers (I borrowed most of these last time...and sold the few that were mine)
* get more prefolds
* buy/make a cotton gauze wrap

That's pretty much it this time around. We have a boy and a girl already...so we just need to get the right clothes back from the right family member.

Other than that I just need family members to transport the rest of my baby stuff from the States down to Costa Rica where we now live. My maternity clothes and some initial baby stuff will be coming down at the end of March (hope I can make it another month without needing maternity clothes).
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Originally Posted by lisa_nc View Post
They really DON'T need that much. The baby product industry is a complete racket 95% of the time.
I really do agree with this. There's really nothing the baby industry can offer that improves upon a mother's arms and her breasts for a newborn baby. Throw in some sleepers, a few dipes, and the requisite carseat if you plan to take baby anywhere, and the rest is REALLY negotiable.

Sure, some of the gadgetry can make things more convenient, but that's for US as parents, to be honest, not b/c the baby NEEDS these things. I swear, they really don't care if they're carried in a top-of-the-line, super-trendy baby carrier or an old sheet turned into a sling. Ditto for strollers, sleeping accomodations, and everything else.

Sometimes it's best to wait until baby is actually here to see what you will really use -- some babies don't LIKE swings or bouncy seats, for example. Some hate cribs and far prefer smaller, enclosed spaces like a pack n' play or bassinett (or snuggled next to you.) Of course, this takes some of the fun out of baby shower registering, I suppose, but you can always ask for gift cards and wait on some of these things until you determine you really, truly want them.

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Originally Posted by kismetbaby View Post
Top of my list is 1) co-sleeper 2) sling or baby bjorn (anyone with strong opinions on this?) and of course the necessary diapers and car-seat/stroller.
It has always been my understanding, from the mamas on the babywearing forum (have you been reading there yet?) that the Bjorn is not good for babies' spines. The fabric of the carrier is not wide, it just holds them so they're hanging by the crotch and it puts pressure on their spines. Or at least that's how it was when I had my first- maybe they have realized this and changed the design? I had one, and I have found other carriers to be much more comfortable.

Other carriers, like the Ergo or Beco, are wider, so the baby's legs are supported and the baby is sitting on its behind. The Ergo & the Patapum are kind of utilitarian-looking, but I found them very comfortable. There are lots of other carrier choices out there with amazing fabric, too!

Check out MDC's babywearing forum and The Babywearer as well.

I need to get an infant carseat, and I might ask my friend to help me make a pouch carrier for the first 5 months or so. I have a Maya Wrap ringsling that I've always loved using, though, and it does well from birth to toddler years, plus a Patapum that my friend is currently borrowing, so I don't really need anything else.

We'll be doing EC, so we won't need tons of diapers, but I think I'm going to try the cheap route with prefolds & a Snappi this time!

We cosleep, and I have saved everything from both my son & daughter's clothes in the attic, so I don't need anything, really.
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This is our first, so we need EVERYTHING. Except for 1 doz prefolds and a bunch of RRPs I made during hard-core preconception nesting.
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Originally Posted by Guinevere View Post
Of course, I use this as justification as to why I need to own so very many of them! Guin
This is my feeling exactly! (tee hee.) I completely agree with Guinevere on the progression of different carriers for different stages. In particular, a wrap for tiny babies is a versatile, comfortable, and extra-snugly choice.

So, I'm set on baby carriers and most other gear. I think I will pick up some newborn diapers and eventually I want an off-road double jogger. I'll convert my so far useless crib into a toddler bed, and I'm thinking of getting a co-sleeper as a different and better nighttime option (?).
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Originally Posted by texmati View Post
eek! This is my first baby and I feel so overwhelmed about this stuff. I had no idea babies needed so much!
The pp are right, they absolutely do not.

I posted above that I already have just about everything covered, and that's for one basic reason - I know I don't need that much.

I have a box of clothes that have been handed down from several friends, and I'm sure I'll get more once we announce the pregnancy. I was given a changing table, although that wasn't on my list of things to buy, you really can't get a better price than free. My DH bought me a rocking chair (which was my one requirement for my own comfort). I found a Moby at a children's consignment shop a couple weeks ago, my grandma has given us 2 Snuglis, and I bought a RS about a year ago in a silent auction. Grandma has already given us one blanket she's made and I know she has at least one more she's been working on. I also have a bunch of blankets my mom made for us as children in my hope chest. And I picked up 15 used fitted diapers from the TP.

Which leaves the car seat for grandma to buy, fabric to make some flat/prefold diapers, and I'll be stashbusting both my fabric and my yarn for clothes, RS, diaper covers, blankets, etc. Just as soon as we finish the furniture rearranging so I can get my new sewing room set up.
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i'm starting from scratch as well. planning to parent as naturally and low budget as possible
i'll be buying a dozen or two newborn prefolds, and plan to sew/knit a stash of fitteds, covers and wipes. looking at the moby wrap as a carrier to start. we will be co-sleeping, but only have a double bed so we will be mattress shopping at some point. i looked at the arms reach co-sleeper as an alternative, but it's so $$$. i'll be buying clothing secondhand for the most part, maybe sewing some. and we'll need a carseat.
i think that's it to start. we'll see how things go, and buy what we need from there eventually i'll want a jogging stroller, but won't need that til the following spring.
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This is more wants than absolute needs, but we'll probably get most of it. Babies don't need that much. Diapers and baby carriers are the biggest items to me.
  • mini-van, Odyssey or Sienna - our family will continue to expand and it's tough to get two carseats in our Volvo. Plus both our cars are 14 years old.
  • Lazy boy type recliner so I can nurse two! Ds will be 27 mos old when new baby is born. I have always found my glider uncomfortable and would have gotten a recliner from the start if I had thought of it.
  • 12 Kissaluvs size 0, a few Nikky covers, and some prefolds
  • carseat - either another Boulevard or a forward facing only seat for ds, depending on how big he is in 6 months. Trying to buy the fewest number of carseats here while keeping ds rear facing until he's too big!
  • Maya wrap - I have plenty of slings, just not this type and I want one.
  • Clothes - especially newborn gowns and sleepers
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we don't need a whole lot, this is our fifth and even though we got rid of everything after our third (DH had a vasectomy and then a reversal to have our fourth...and now fifth) we still have everything from number 4. We don't use much, we have a crib to hold laundry, I have several slings including the moby wrap (which I love for little babies), a mai tei, hotsling and two other non padded fitted pouches, maya wrap and a pool sling, I would like to get a beco and maybe an ergo as well for this one, maybe a new maya wrap because my old one is getting ratty after two kids use. We need a new carseat, ds (2 1/2) will still need his and that will be our biggest expense, but we will probably buy another boulevard since it will last years. We already purchased a new stroller because ds still loves his but I didn't think a double was a good idea because he will be done probably pretty soon after his sibling is born and then I'd be stuck with a double stroller. However if this baby is a girl (which I doubt, I think my body must reject girl sperm at this point LOL I have one dd but then had three ds') then we will have lots of shopping to do because we have NOTHING girly that doesn't apply to a 12 year old yikes! I am thinking a portacrib thingy for downstairs for diaper changing and naps if the baby ever naps off of me and to keep the baby out of the hands of my wild child who will be 3 when he/she is born but I have hangups because dh and I have dubbed them 'baby jails' because that is how we have seen them used the most LOL I don't know what else we need, this is our last so buying some items seems a waste of money at this point. Heck it is so fun shopping for a new baby though.....it's addictive!!

EDD 9-15-09 #5
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Car seat
Diaper bag
Wetbag for dirty diapers
Diaper pail
Bed liner for midnight leaks (we'll be cosleeping and I'd rather not have to do the sheets and air off the mattress every day)

Already have a sling
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For the baby, I'm thinking I just need:

A dresser

Clothes, but only if it's a girl. if it's a boy, I'm all set.

and maybe a double stroller (I am a big walker/runner). But I'm going to wait on that til after the baby is born then take DS, who will be close to 3 by then, out a few times to see if he's still willing to sit in the stroller for runs/walks. if so, then I'll get the double.

I also need a full-size bed for DS (not that he sleeps in his room, but...)
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Originally Posted by lisa_nc View Post
They really DON'T need that much. The baby product industry is a complete racket 95% of the time.
I was going to say- babies don't need a d*mn thing! Just love and cuddles.... oh I guess a carseat and a sling would be good. You might want something to cover his butt.... People will give you baby clothes. That's all I started with!

But as for me now, with #3, I don't need a single thing! For fun I treated myself to yet another sling and last summer I got rid of the baby bouncy seat that was given to us and got a pretty Svan one.

I honestly can't think of one thing I need... dd had whatever folks gave us, ds had some nicer upgrades (like a Peg Perego infant carseat and FuzziBunz CD's) but now that I have a girl and a boy, both fall kiddos, I don't need anything!

Oh wait, a polar fleece blanket like the other kids have. Maybe a baby blanket to call his own. My kids are suck-a-holics so I'll probably need to get a paci at some point- but maybe not, I'm hopeful!!!
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I've often contemplated skipping the bucket - but honestly, it's the WINTER that does me in. I HATE HATE HATE strapping little ones into the car in the freezing cold snow and all the friggin' winter gear (hats, coats, mittens, snowsuits, etc.) I would give my left TOE to be able to get the baby ready in the HOUSE and just 'click' them into the car - yk? Especially since now you don't even have to put much on them since the carrier covers have gotten so warm and good Especially since winter lasts from November until like JUNE here

Anybody like a mei tai for a newborn?
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