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Originally Posted by elephantine View Post
I'm just angry that I have to be that random stranger that they are all going to hate for the rest of their lives.
At least one person will be grateful to you - the little girl
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Originally Posted by Poogles0213 View Post
Well, then, allow me to say that if the mother of that little girl happens to come back here and read this again: YOUR CHILD NEEDS YOU! NOTHING is more important than your child's safety, NOTHING! Even if you think there is a chance she is making it up, you are committing the worst kind of betrayal by dismissing it and not considering that there may be some truth. The message you send to her is that you love your BF more than her, that she is not worth it, that she is wrong to feel that she has the right to her own body. Chances are she will grow up to resent you, for never helping her. She may also grow up to repeat the pattern by either abusing others herself, or going from relationship to relationship with abusive men.
That's what I want to say as well (emphasis mine in the quote).

I can't believe that this poor child is being raped, being molested, and people are standing by doing nothing...worse than that, that this mother is allowing it to happen.

To the OP, I am so glad you are calling CPS. So glad. Someone has to be sane here.
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I am sorry all of this has blown up in your face, but I think the reason you were included in being told is because you are the one who is going to save this little girl.

I wish someone would have saved me[not sexual abuse] and I know DH wishes the same. You are an amazing woman.
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my heart goes out to you elephantine, and I'm so sorry this is taking you down this path, but YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING!!!

The police need to be contacted immediately, if this mama is threatening to harm herself AND wanting to have her child with her -- that is an ugly combination, and under no circumstances should she be alone with that little girl right now!!! I am thinking I would actually call 911 at this point, if you have the address of the mom or the grandma's house, if she's making suicide threats, that's an immediate danger to her and her little girl, and the grandparents don't seem to be taking this seriously enough. If they don't report what they've heard about P, how will they manage to keep the little girl, or other kids safe?
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I understand that you might not want or be able to give details, but will you at least let us know, if you get a chance, if the little girl is safe?

by the way, you have done nothing wrong in posting this -- you didn't include names or locations or anything else, so don't feel guilty about posting your concerns and questions here...
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I am sitting here bawling my eyes out right now.
I literally want to throw up.

To the mother of this sweet baby girl, if you are reading this.. if ANY of the people who are turning your head in denial are reading this.. HEAR ME NOW!!!!!!

I am a woman who was molested by a family member repeatedly over a course of 8 years and NOT ONE PERSON would believe me - "he just wouldn't do such a thing".. I can honestly say, it messed me up for years. Hell, I'm STILL messed up in many ways. The betrayal I feel for my family members who knew about this and wouldn't help me.. I just can't even put it into words. That pain will never EVER go away. How could they do that to me? How can you do this to that baby? HOW??? To turn a blind eye to what this child is telling you.. it's evil. YOU ARE FAILING TO PROTECT HER.

Sexual assault is ugly. It is. And I can't even begin to imagine finding out that someone I love is hurting my child in such an intimate way. It would kill me. But do you know what would kill me even more? Knowing that I didn't protect my baby from a monster when my baby was telling people that she was being hurt. I am begging you to listen to that baby. Please please please stop her from being hurt. PLEASE.

OP, I am immensely sorry that you are being put into this position. I can can only imagine that you are going through hell right now. But thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stepping in and trying to protect this child while her family, the people who should love and want to protect her the most, turn their heads. Please know that you are doing the right thing. You have done nothing wrong whatsoever.
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"I'm just angry that I have to be that random stranger that they are all going to hate for the rest of their lives."

Try the sentence out this way instead." I'm just glad that I can be that random stranger that one little girl will be grateful to for the rest of her life."

You are a fine woman indeed. Trust yourself, mama, and be courageous for that little girl.
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Mama, you did the right thing. You have done all you can and now just try to nurture yourself a little right now. Take a bath or something and decompress. Maybe veg out and watch something dumb on tv and eat some ice cream.

I believe that sending positive thoughts toward that little girl is a very powerful thing to do. Just imagine her happy and healthy and safe. I'll also be doing the same.

Thank you for trying to help that child.
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I would keep making CPS reports, anonymously.
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Wow- you are so courageous. You did the right thing. This family is in denial- they are not reacting rationally!
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Originally Posted by Amylcd View Post

I would keep making CPS reports, anonymously.

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you did the right thing, and if the family had not been covering this all up the whole time, you wouldn't have had to do anything at all. I understand that the grandparents felt they could handle the situation on their own, but that guy NEEDED to be reported, investigated, and then dealt with accordingly. If he is innocent (which fleeing does not seem to indicate) then he has nothing to worry about.

big hugs to everyone who is trying to protect that little girl, but half-measures are not good enough!! sweeping it under the rug is NOT protecting her!!
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Just thought I would mention that if this is being monitored by one of family members of the little girl then it's really not going to be anonymous. Frankly, it shouldn't be anyway. They are in the wrong and Elephantine is only doing what any of us would do. I was just thinking that maybe this could cause her unnecessary stress by adding fuel to the fire so to speak.

I feel worried for you Elephantine. I hope you are doing okay.
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You did the right thing. I would continue making calls, too .
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it's a shame how doing the right thing seems to be so very unusual these days. hope you are doing alright, you are one very courageous mama.
(& obviously doing what's best for this poor baby.)
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Originally Posted by Amylcd View Post

I would keep making CPS reports, anonymously.
yes. please keep reporting to CPS. I feel like they would take it more serious than the police.
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Prayers for you and that little girl. You are brave for doing what you did, and you can have a CLEAR conscience! The fact that the BF fled says it ALL to me, and although it seems bleak right now...I'm sure authorities have noticed (as well as the GF - she's gotta live with herself).

You did the ONLY right thing there was to do here, speak up for an innocent child who was being ignored.

If they are monitoring this, they should know that their denial has harmed the family more than you trying to heal it.
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I am sorry that the family is more worried about images than protecting an innocent girl. You did the right thing.
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