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How far over your EDD did you go for your 1st VBAC? - Page 3

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My VBA2C baby was born at 41w6d. I started prodromal labor on my due date. Active labor began on 41w5d and he was born just after midnight.
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My VBA2C baby was 13 days overdue. I was very lucky, my midwife has no cut off dates, as long as baby and I were healthy, we could go as long as it took.

I think going into a spontaneous labor was very helpful in my success. I had tried a lot of things to get labor going about week overdue (acupuncture, pressure point massage, etc...) and was really getting very stressed out that labor wasn't happening. Finally, about 11 days overdue, I decided I could not control this process, I was just going to have to let everything unfold as it was meant to (and believe me, that was hard to surrender to).

When I'd finally almost given up on labor, I did go into labor at 41 w + 6 days and had a great VBA2C!
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My first (and 5th) VBAC was 43w2d (23 days "late"). I ovulate 10 days later than the normal woman. They say that is a sign of infertility, but I am on PG #8. Ha! What do "they" know?

The latest baby, a 4th VBAC, I have had (all healthy) was 43w5d. He was a biggun', but it was the best birth ever!! Everything went splendidly.

My only complicated births were on their due dates; the csection and my 3rd VBAC. My quickest births were 10-15-23 days late.

They cannot MAKE you get a section because of post dates. They cannot just drop you, they may threaten it, as there is some law against that. You can wait until labor (doing kick counts twice a day) and then go in anywhere to VBAC. However, it isn't the best idea, it is sometimes the only way to get a VBAC/healthy birth for both of you.

With my first VBAC, they did NSTs twice a week until she was born. The birth went perfectly fine. Maybe you could tell them that you ovulate later than the average woman. Who can argue with that?

Yes, your baby sounded small enough the first time, I doubt this one will be huge. And, besides, I usually have 6-7lbers even going so late, except the almost 44wker. He was 9lbs3oz, and it went fine. He was big, but fine and healthy, as I was as well. Kymberli
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My c/s was done at 40w1d, my VBAC was 40w4d.
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42w and 4 days.... edd was based on implantation/conception

43w if counting from lmp
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I went into labor at 41w1d & had a 25 hour labor so my son was born at 41w2d.

I am very petite. My c/s baby was 7lb 11oz (the c/s was "FTP"). My son was estimated that he would be born around 9lbs. My midwives were fine with it, but the doc that backed them up tried to talk me into a repeat section because he was "so large" & I was so tiny. I declined. My son was born at 8lb 6 oz & once I (finally!) reached 10cm he was out in 30 minutes with no problems & minimal tearing.
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I went one week over EDD.

I had been seeing an OB (was unable to get a midwife - the birthing centres here are government regulated and most people in my city just end up on a waiting list). At my last appointment with her (I was around 38? wks) as I was walking out the door she casually mentioned "ok, so I'll call and schedule you a c-section just in case you go too far past your EDD". The most "convenient" date was only 6 days past my EDD!

I freaked out and called my doula who was able to get me in with a VBAC-friendly GP at the last minute (yay!). He never said anything at all about ever scheduling a c-section, but did talk about doing NSTs if I went a couple of weeks overdue. I'm not sure what his "limit" would be for "letting" me go past my EDD, but I was certainly willing to refuse a c-section if it came to that (as long as tests showed baby was doing fine).

This time around I plan to fudge the date of my LMP a bit to give me a bit of wiggle room.
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My first and second VBACs were both three days past my due date and were not induced. For comparison, my first child (the c-section) was three days before her due date.
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I went 6 days over with my VBAC. She was my earliest and littlest baby to date. My first (vag) was 11 days over, and my 2nd (section) was 2 weeks over date.
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My DS (emergency c-section) was very close to 42 weeks. My dates were all over the place.

My DD (HBAC, waterbirth) started active labor (with water breaking) at 40w5d and she was born at 41w. I had a very long labor and had a lot of emotional stuff to get through apparently. I thought I had gotten passed it all but I guess not. Oh and I was very certain on her dates.
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