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I'm pretty sure she has croup. I checked on Dr. Sears site and it seems to fit her symptoms. She sleeps well at night with coughing occasionally. This morning I got her up to nurse. She had a heavy, thick sound coming from her throat as she tried to "talk". Then she started coughing heavily. Slight difficulty getting her breath, but after coughing she could breathe and nurse. She is back to sleep now. She seems to cough only when her throat is agitated. We've been giving her vitamin C and I rubbed some essential oils (wintergreen, etc.) on her chest and throat.

Mothering magazine's latest said to take a baby under six months to the doctor when sick. I'm leaning in this direction. I hesitate because she is not vaxed and I don't have a local doctor for her. Her vax-friendly doctor is an hour and a half away. It just makes me nervous dealing with mainstream doctors.

Her 18 month sister and 4 year old brother still have this. They are about two days ahead of her and are getting better. She is smiling and in good spirits, which is why I haven't taken her to the doctor yet. But I got worried when I heard the heaviness of the cough and saw some difficulty breathing while coughing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!