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I don't know how to deal with my son sometimes. Its frustrating. I feel like I am always making excuses for him. I would not consider him shy because once he starts talking he is a chatterbox. (other people's word, not mine) As a toddler I would take him to parks and he would just stay wrapped around my leg and he still does this sometimes. He just watches people rather than playing. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but its more he stands around and glares at people. He can have a very bad attitude sometime and I don't know if I should expect more or just consider his age. He never says bye or hi to people he will just glare even if 2 seconds before he was playing/talking having a good time with them.
At preschool(he goes 3 mornings a week), they have asked if anything is going on at home because he doesn't like to follow the crowd. (totally okay with me, but at what point is it him being rude and disobeying) An example, if everyone else is sitting down he wants to stand. He will tell my friends that their kids are mean or bad and he doesn't want them to come over. (we never use terms like good boy or bad boy by the way. I am sure he hears it from others though)
I know I am not explaing this as great as I like, but I guess I am just concerned about his bad attitude. Do you think this is just a personality trait or am I doing something or not doing something right?