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Hello mama's, I searched for a thread like this but I am completely overwhelmed with all the info as I have never done a detox and have no idea about any of it. I dont have time to read through all of the thread right now but I was wondering where is some beginner info? As in how do you identify what needs to be detoxed, the things that detox and the side effects, especially since I am still bf my LO. I have been sick for 10 days(cold/cough/congestion/dizzy) and just in general have been feeling very worn down, I am now having some stomach issues as well and am under a good deal of stress so please point me in the right direction!! TIA
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I would not consider any kind of detox unless you have learned a lot - there are some big risks. With your current symptoms, I would look at nutrient support - good, nutrient dense foods, and some supplements - a good B complex (ideally with folate, not folic acid, Thorne makes a good basic B complex), A, D, K2, C, sublingual B12, trace minerals, magnesium. Being sick runs down nutrients even more, so this is where I would start.
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helpful cautions in this thread!

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