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Chicken pox parties in Florida? - Page 3

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DD need le pox...
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Count me in!! I was just thinking about this the other day...DD1 is getting a little older..I'd like to expose her soon. Not to mention my other dc..who are 3yrs. old and 16 mos. old....Usually the younger they get them the better!

FWIW my cousins dd caught chicken pox when she was 6 mos. old and had nothing more than maybe a dozen pox and she said they didn't even seem to bother her!

I didn't get the pox till I was 8 yrs old and it was AWFUL!! I would REALLY like dd1 to get them ASAP.
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I'll bump this up.. Im in Bradenton (Central to tampa & sarasota areas) and will be looking in a few months. Right now, my oldest is 5 (though, vaxxed) and my youngest two who are unvaxxed are almost 2 and 8 months. I also have a three year old who is vaxxed. So, given the vaxes my older two received don't really work, I would rather them all get CP in the next year so they don't have to get it when they are older.

If anyone in my area comes down in the next few months, feel free to email me @ Goldie@greenmemom.com
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I have a 2.5 year old DS plus my 3.5 and 1.5 year old nephews who all need the pox, so count me in if someone's got it!
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My 6 yo & 4 yo need them! I really hope someone speaks up! I find this tribe (Florida) much less active than the one in Michigan! I don't think there are many crunchy people here in general or something.

Is there another crunchy type Florida board anyone know of?

Anyway, we need pox!
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so how does one get them from someone who has shigles, and if the person with is on meds can she still transfer it?
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Jackie - What part of florida are you in?
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Originally Posted by Thursday Girl View Post
so how does one get them from someone who has shigles, and if the person with is on meds can she still transfer it?
We once tried to catch the pox from a friend with shingles. Supposedly, as long as their shingles blisters are oozing, then the child can touch them and well, hopefully transfer it to their mouths. If the shingles is active, I imagine whatever meds are on won't counteract the effect. Granted, I know of people who have tried to catch chicken pox and shingles from others a few times and it hasn't worked.

In the last month or two, chicken pox has been going around in Collier and Lee counties, allegedly mostly amongst vaccinated children. We had one friend with a vaccinated daughter who got chicken pox but it was such a mild case that by the time we found out, we were not able to get together to try to catch it. I'm hoping we will come across someone else who has active pox in this area.
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Originally Posted by GoldieDelilah View Post
Jackie - What part of florida are you in?
Just east of Tampa.
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Originally Posted by jackie75 View Post
Just east of Tampa.
Are you on FB? Charlie Young hosts a lot of natural parenting groups.
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hi everyone,

we need the pox too, so pls count us in. we are in south FL. DD is 7 and DS is 2, i keep hearing the older the child the more uncomfortable it can be.
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Hi everyone! New SW FL mom here! Looking for pox for my 4 yr. old DD. Anyone ever find any? I've heard they are more prevalent in the fall, but I would like her to get them before school starts.
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I've heard rumors of pox in Ft Myers and Orlando...
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bumping this thread to add us to the list!
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I am also looking for a chicken pox party (anywhere in FL). I read the posts and it seems like everyone else is looking for a party too! If all of us are looking and no-one has succeeded, maybe we need to try something new. Has anyone tried contacting doctors or hospitals to ask if there have been any local cases? How about taking out an ad in the papers offering some sort of incentive (not sure what wouldn't sound sleazy) for a parent with a sick child to open their home to us? Any other ideas?

ErickaG- Did you ever start that list?
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I just found a recent news story about a pox outbreak:
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Looking for pox too!!

Have DD's 3, 6 and 7.5.... need exposure! We're in SE FL.... clue us in, especially if there is a pox mailing list? we'd love to hear of anything in our area..... thought about craigslist, but then found the first posting in this forum and glad we didn't!

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I relize that this is an old post. But I am looking for Chicken Pox in Florida or southern Georgia. I have four kids in age from 3-12. My three and six year old need CP. I hope someone writes me back.

Thanks Stella

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Hi.  I am also looking.  I'm in North Florida but willing to drive.  I have two kids - 7 months and 4 years.  Please add me to whatever list is circulating!

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Still looking too!

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