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help me pick my double stroller!!!!

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All righty!

I am looking at some double jogging strollers, and need some help! We do not have any higher end strollers for sale in my town, so I will have to order them online.

I need thoughts/experiences/advice/reviews/pros/cons for the following strollers ......

Zooper Tango double

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Mountain Buggy Urban Double

Schwinn Free Wheeler AL2

BOB Duallie


I had a Bugaboo for Rachel, and basically want to get something of similar quality for the boys.

I'll be putting this in the back of my van, so if you all can comment to size when folded,that would be wonderful.

Thanks!!! (I know this question has been asked numerous times!!!)
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I have two MBUDs, one from Craigslist (for me) and one new from eBay (for my mom). They are both fantastic. They go over all terrain, gravel, bad sidewalks, even the beach. Very easy to push, turn, and my babies seem comfy.

Only problem is that it is heavy and we don't fold it up much because it's big and awkward. Doesn't fit into our smaller car. Just something to consider.
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ok, after 6 children (four of whom were very closely spaced. then gap and then twins) i have used numerous doubles but never came across MBUD before (prob. a block in my mind towards the price )

Anyway....I now have a MBUD from second hand (still ouchouchouch )
and it's soo nice!!! only had a couple of days but it fits through my front door which no other double has ever done, and still seems really spacious for babies/children inside. my four year old even fits in it. my six year old sits in it and it doesn't creak one little bit!!!!! i got a carrycot as part of the sale, and love that too. so nice to have them next to each other. the mechanism is a simple four clips onto the frame. i'm in buggy heaven. and after trying all the others that is saying something. giggle.

i also got, by accident because i had already bid on it before buying the MBUD and no one outbid me!!!, a graco duosport for a lightweight alternative. i had one of these in the old days and know it is a nice option for quick out and about whirls and feeling not so strong to lift days!

you can never have too many buggies, right
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We have a MBUD and loved the silly thing. We used it daily from about four months to three years. I drive a Ford Focus wagon and it fit very nicely in the back.
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not sure about the specific brands, but what I liked about mine was that it sat them front and back, (the side-by-side ones always seem more difficult in tight places,) and had the option of turning them to face each other... this was a life-saver on many occasions, and I'd definitely want that feature if I had to do it again.
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I have a BOB Dualie and I love it for jogging and walking around the neighborhood. It is pretty big and does not fit well in the back of my van (I have virtually no space back there anyway) unless I take off the wheels. Now the wheels are quick release so taking them off and on is no problem.
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I wanted a side by side so both could always see. So we also have the BOB Duallie jogger and I love it. We use it for much more than just jogging. I don't usually take it when shopping or anything - but it fits through our front door and turns/rides so easily. We often take it to all day festivals and such. It was super pricey even used - but I think well worth it!

Con - It is heavy and doesn't fold up very small. Easy to release but doesn't lock into the folded position and falls open if you don't pick it up just right. I think small price if the kiddos are comfy and happy in it. haha.

And just an odd note -- just saw this was my 333rd post and 3 is my favorite number! Lucky you Yes, I am that dork.
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The MBUD for sure! I loved, loved, loved mine! Honestly, I'm sure the Valco's are equally great, from everything I've heard but that's not what I have experience with personally. The MBUD folds down pretty flat and fit just fine in the back of our van (Honda Odyssey) so that shouldn't be a problem. The weight of lifting any of these double strollers in & out of the back of a van will really give you great upper body strength. It really does handle like a dream and on any terrain (we took it through the wood and to the beach, etc. The resale value wasn't too bad either.
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My MBUD changed my life. I'm serious. I didn't get it till my twins were almost three yo and I wish I had had it from the beginning. We trashed two strollers before this one.

It has been so durable. I am still able to push it one-handed and they weight a total of 90 lbs together now at 5.5 yo. (We don't use it much except for the zoo these days . . . but I think I'm emotionally attached to it) And, it's been comfy for me to use (5'5" and my dh 6'2" because of the adjustable handle grips).

It folds easily, but is a bit hefty to lift. However, I eventually got into a groove with it and could plop it in the car with no problem. It fit in our Impala trunk no problem, and my minivan has worked too.

The only baby/child item I bought that was worth the price. (Bought a "last year's" model on ebay)
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Originally Posted by royaloakmi View Post
My MBUD changed my life. I'm serious.
yes yes yes to everyone who is sold on the MBUD. Worth every penny. We took an inferior stroller to Japan last fall for our stay there and I cursed it EVERY time I had to use it (although the MBUD wouldn't have worked there with narrow doorways and all the subway travel we did. I still cursed the inferior one).

We also used and use a stroller MUCH more with our twins than I did with my singleton...so it is lasting much longer, too. I can still get all three kids -- 110 pounds of kids! -- on it in a pinch (DS sitting on the footrest).

Love it. Seriously.
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how does the MBUD compare to the baby jogger city elite double? any input?
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I would recommend the BOB Revolution Duallie for the neighborhood and the MacLaren Twin Techno for the car/trips.

I only wish I had a BOB. Two other twin sets in my neighborhood have it and I'm entirely envious. It is very each to maneuver and the shade canopies reach out far and really provide shade.

I bought a Phil and Ted's side-by-side off of craigslist and while we love it, the shade canopies aren't very effective with our short 12-month-olds. It's way to heavy to cart around in the car (I tried, and it was a total pain). So we bought the MacLaren, also from craigslist, and it's amazing. Totally easy to open and close, the babies love it and it's light.

I did check out the MBUD and honestly didn't like it that much. But I know others who swear by it.

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Have you been to http://www.joggingstroller.com/ ? This is how we picked a stroller. It has a search feature in which you put in your requirements, and it makes suggestions. We picked the tyke Tech 360. It's not a jogging stroller, but man, I love it. I should have gotten it at least a year before I did, it made life, and walks, so much easier.

The other nice thing about the site I mentioned is the number of reviews to read. If people love it, you'll know. If people dislike features, that info is out there, too.
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I liked the front to back instead of the side to side. I also did not like the very long double strollers (compact is best).

I hope this helps
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I have totally loved our Bob Revolution Duallie!!! I originally had a Baby Jogger City Series Double, which was also nice, but not as useful for jogging since it had four small wheels (the BOB has three larger wheels). The BOB is the lightest of the double joggers with rotating wheels that I checked out (I compared it the the BJ City Series Double, the MBUD, Valco Twin and the Phil and Ted's side-by-side jogger) and it was the easiest to open/fold as well as had the lowest sun-shades. I put it in the back of our Toyota Sienna minivan with no problems, and when I put it in properly, I can flop it out open straight from the van, buckle the safety buckle underneath and we're ready to go! The only thing I don't care for as much is the seat-recline adjustment--fortunately, when I use it now I don't have to adjust the seats, so it's no biggie.
Good luck making a decision!
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I have a Valco Twin Trimode, and while I find it aesthetically appealing, it is the heaviest thing I've ever had. I think it weighs about 45 lbs. Without children in it.

I do love it though, if you go walking a lot. Or running.

I have a Suburban, and I have a very hard time getting it in the back of my car.

I am lusting a Maclaren Twin.
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Another MBUD fan here. You definitely *don't* want the Bumbleride, Zooper or Schwinn if you're looking for something as good quality as the Bugaboo. The Bob is nice, but it's BIG. Definitely bigger than the MBUD.

What I love about the MBUD is the relatively small footprint and the way I can open a door for myself with one hand and push the stroller in with the other. I never feel like I should leave it outside when I go into a café or something, it's not inappropriately large.

I can't wait to have an excuse to use ours again when the new baby is big enough to ride in it next to ds3.

Also, an unadvertised bonus to the MBUD is that it can easily hold two babies and two bigger kids, sitting on the footplate. When ds3 was about 10 months old, I started nannying for a baby the same age as him. The two babies/young toddlers would sit in the stroller seats and then my twins (nearly 5YO) would sit on the foot plate, and it was comfortable for everyone and easy to push.

Have fun deciding!

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I have a Valco Twin (with the toddlerseat). I LOVE this stroller, it's so easy to push, but getting it into the back of my '08 Odyssey is a hassle. It folds/unfolds easily, but I have to take off the front wheels to make it fit...and that's a pain. If anyone knows of a way to make it fit in the back of an Odyssey without taking the wheels off, please clue me it! THEN it would be the perfect jogging stroller (at least, for us!).
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I have a Valco and we love it! If I remember correctly I went with it over the MBUD because the seats were either taller or had a higher weight limit allowing my older ds to ride and making it so we could use it forever. One thing with side by side doubles is they often have pretty low weight limits and my kids are pretty big so I could not buy one with a 35lb/ seat limit like a lot of them are. The Valco is heavy and pushing it with 3 kids in it up hill is not fun but other than that it is great! My older ds can sit on the front foot rest which is nice. I am glad I did not go with the toddler seat, it would have been a waste of $ for us.

I got ours from joggingstrollers.com which has tons of strollers and lots of info about each which was nice.
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For us longevity with the MBUD wasn't an issue at all (especially since bigger kids can sit on the foot plate). Here is a photo of one of my twins (at age 5+) sitting in the MBUD beside his younger brother (at 17 months):


He was still perfectly comfortable, though he was starting to look a little big for the seat.

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