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oh, i forgot about the "dating" u/s- even when i know my dates are dead-on, my ob sends me out for a "dating" u/s because it does so much to relieve my stress. she told me back in 99 when i got pg w/dd#1 after a m/c that a quick u/s is way better for baby if it eases mama's stress and anxiety.

maybe your mw would be willing to get you set up for a quickie u/s that way!
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Although I wasn't planning any u/s besides at 20 weeks, now I am just trying to decide between a quickie dating u/s or the first trimester screening (which is just a more detailed u/s and a blood test). I think that for my peace of mind I need to do this. . .even though my goal was for a low-tech preg.

And I do need to get the dating correct (as much as possible) b/c my MW won't do a homebirth if I go past 2 weeks overdue. Is this common? I got preg only my second cycle off the pill, so I wasn't regular yet, although I think I know when I ovulated. (But I could be totally wrong on that.) And I know my MW said she would write an order for a "dating" u/s even if we were pretty sure about the dates. We might have to pay for the 20 week u/s out of pocket though if I get one now. . .sigh.

Just want to see the little bean and know its all real
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no HB here at 10w either
retroverted uterus
but there is a bouncing baby in there US confirmed
I too am going back at 12 weeks for a check
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The same thing happened to me today!!

I am 10w6d, and my MW tried (although she later apologized, because I was a little upset and she acknowledged that she knew chances are she wouldn't be able to hear it) but couldn't hear the hb on the doppler.

I did have an US at 6w6d, and SAW the heartbeat, and since my hypermeisis is going strong (and no bad signs/spotting/etc) I KNOW everything's fine, but I sooooo wanted tangible proof! Just being a worrywart, I guess.
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I'm 13 weeks and it took my MW (what seemed like) FOREVER to find the HB yesterday. She was really digging around.

I wouldn't worry about it.
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Oh - Kismet - btw, you might be able to see what the baby IS with the first trimester screening, just fyi I don't get to have it though.
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Like everyone else said, 9 weeks is really early to hear anything. My OB tried for like 15 seconds and then just did the u/s because I had had a first trimester m/c before and he wanted to reassure me (which I desperately needed) and not only did he see the heartbeat, but the little peanut waved at us! My uterus tips backwards too, so I HOPE I can hear a heartbeat tomorrow (I'm at 13 weeks now) but I have to be careful with expectations.

None of this, of course, will help make the waiting easier. I am running around like a crazy woman reading everything on pregnancy and natural childbirth that I can find because just waiting to SHOW is driving me nuts! I've waited so long to be able to finally have a baby and now all I want is to be at 9 months and going through the perfect fantasy delivery I have all planned out in my head

It might help (both of us) to find other stuff to obsess over. Do you like scrapbooking? Crocheting? Wallpapering? Photography?
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Not in your DDC, but thought I'd pop in to say that our MW won't even check with a doppler before 14 weeks ... so hang in there, mama!
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me neither ...

appointment with MW today, I'm 10 wks, no heartbeat: bum, bum, bum.

She scheduled a quicky appointment with me two weeks from today to check tones again. I was able to hear them by this point in my first pregnancy, so I sort of took it for granted that the little bugger would be audible this time. My husband was particularly disappointed, and that probably bums me out worst of all.

Ho hum: more waiting. Somehow e-waiting with others in this group makes it a little easier. Thanks.
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I know how hard it can be to wait, like others have suggested you can have your midwife refer you to get an u/s....with my last pregnancy, my midwife sent me to get an u/s to confirm dates....hugs:
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shoot, I was hoping I'd be able to hear the heartbeat at my first appointment coming up - I'll be 10 weeks, 5 days. Sounds like it probably won't happen
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Last week at my 12 week appt she couldnt get the HB. I see an OB so she had me get an u/s right away right there in the office. It was disappointing to not hear the heartbeat but I got to see the bean which was even better. The tech said the baby was too busy moving around and it would have been hard to get the heartbeat even if I didnt have the extra "fluff".
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Its ok mamma, 10 w is very early to hear a hb. Most Mw's wont even bother listening b/c theres a greater chance that you wont hear one and then the woman will only worry for the next 4 weeks! You will most likely hear one next time, but stranger things have happend. I have a cousin who didnt hear it with a doppler till 16 w.
Calm relaxing stressfree vibes to you........
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Oh, don't worry! This is why I don't do Doppler or other ultrasound in pregnancy. I just don't know and don't worry.
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