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Originally Posted by Shellie View Post
Hey, do you want to co-mod something on meetup for AP moms? I already have an account there and would not cost a cent more to add another group. LMK There are some great groups out here but I'd especially love an AP group.

It sounds like you and I moved from the same general area.
sure... i'll pm you with my info....
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I am crazy busy in November, but I did want to mention that I did join the moms club of San Tan Corridor. I really like it. The moms have all been very welcoming and supoortive. They have a lot of great activities each month - playdates, aprk dates, storytimes, cooking club, book club, Spanish Kids club, craft club and much more. You can bring your children to the meetings, to all the events (except a once a month moms night out). What is so cool too is that most of the acitivites are in Johnson Ranch, San Tan Heights, Copper Basin and other very local places so you aren't driving all over the place.

You can attend a few events before joining to see if it feels like a good fit for you and your little ones... just thought I'd mention it since I enjoy the group so much. http://www.meetup.com/MOMS-Club-of-San-Tan-Corridor-AZ
oh and there hasn't been any "drama" there that I am aware of - I have never heard anyone say anything "catty" or behind anyone's back ever - a pretty neat group of mommas if you ask me!
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Hi ladies, my cousin and her dh moved to QC and she is feeling a bit overwhelmed by her new baby. Her internet's down at the moment, but she is looking for a chiro and just overall doing the new mom craziness. Can you recommend any new mom-supportive playgroup or LLL group maybe to help her out? We're talking a lot more than we have in years, which is so great, she's very open and curious, but I know getting a chance to be around other supportive moms in person would be great.

pm me with suggestions if you want, the suggestions above are great but seem to be more for play-age babies. . . Thanks so much!
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The group I mentioned above really IS a great moms group & 3 of the moms have babies under 6 months age plus a lot of other moms with various age kiddos. It is the MOMs club of San Tan Corridor - not sure exactly where she is located. Our group is specifically for moms in San Tan Valley.

Also being a SAHM group they are very supportive of breastfeeding & encourage moms to bring breastfed babies even to the once a month moms night out. (BTW-I breast fed my twins until they were 27 months.) Kids are welcome at ALL events during the week - even the monthly meeting.

She can bring a baby to many of the events & will find support and fun at events like cooking club, book club, mommy craft time & more!

Our group is about to move its website - but you/she can check out the above link until the end of January.

PM me if you want more information....I just really like this group. I have never met such a nice group of women in "real life" that are so friendly & nice. I have never heard anyone speak about anyone else negatively & have always felt so welcome.
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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know that there is a Queen Creek LLL meeting that meets at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church at Ellsworth and Ocotillo. 10 a.m. every 3rd Wednesday of the month. There is a building of classrooms behind the main church building and the meeting is on the south side of that building.

I am also in Pecan Creek (North).
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Thanks for the tip!!!

My youngest weaned last summer or I'd be all over that LLL meeting!
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MOMS club open house

Hi ladies - me again

I just wanted you to know that MOMS club of San Tan Corridor (you can find us on meet up) is having an "open house" on Friday April 16th at 12:30 at Circle Cross Ranch park (near the intersection of Gary & Empire) near Cirlce Cross Ranch school. It is a nice park with sand area, toddler play area, big kid play area & picnic tables, concrete path for bikes/scooters & bathrooms.

We just want to meet moms in the area who may be looking for fun and activities for themselves & their children in the San Tan Valley area.

BTW the first 10 children will receive a free bicycle helmet, there will be lemonade & snacks.

The group is a variety of moms with kids in all ranges (we have pregnant moms, moms of new borns, toddlers, preschoolers, elementary & even "big" kids) whom I've found are very supportive & fun. We do park play dates, kids craft clubs, cooking club, book clubs, Spanish kids club, pool parties in the summer, various outings, community outreach projects & more.

Say hi to me if you come- I'll be the one with the twin 5 year old girls

Oh & I live in Johnson Ranch - maybe I'll see you at the park or pool sometime
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Oh, how neat! I actually have been in the process of trying to join but can't seem to get in touch with anyone (I got an e-mail that they hadn't been able to get in touch with me by phone). Hopefully I can join soon.

I can't believe it's been over a year since I started this thread! Practically seems like yesterday. I met one mama from here and she's in my Meetup group--have only had a chance to meet her once but it was really fun (hi Serena!). We joined the YMCA late-January but have been so swamped we haven't really had a chance to get involved. It's been a crazy time since we moved but I'm trying to simplify and get things settled down. 4/9 is our 1 year anniversary in our home.
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It was so nice to meet you, Double Dip! (I remember your name but in case you don't share it online, I'm not putting it in print!) My kids had a blast--K and D could not stop talking about it all day because they had so much fun.
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Yes, absolutely It was nice to meet you and your children! The girls talked about K and still do, they hope to play with her again some time and some of their stuffed animals have been "renamed" in her honor ...heeheehee... so cute!

It has been crazy here, we had 13 people at our house over the Easter Holidays - they all arrived the Saturday before Easter Sunday. It has been busy here to say the least. They left on this last Sunday after staying a week. I am still trying to catch up on getting things back in order and back into our routine.

I hope to see you again some time.
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OPEN HOUSE & PARK PLAYDATE for moms of San Tan Valley

12:30 pm Circle Cross Ranch park Friday April 16th
near the intersection of Gary & Empire (go east on Empire)

Moms Club of San Tan Corridor - a moms club for moms in San Tan Valley is having an open house/park play date open for any moms in the San Tan Valley community. Come meet us and find out more! We have so much fun with a variety of activities, times, age ranges of children and moms. We'd love to have you join us.

We have a calendar each month with lots of choices- pick which ones fit your interest and schedule. We have kids craft club, kids cooking club, book clubs, park play dates, pool parties, Spanish Kids club, Moms Night Out, Monthly meetings, tours of local favorite restaurants & stores, activities planning sessions & much more!!!!

see online for more information

The first 10 potential new members will receive a FREE child's bike helmet ;D (must live in boundaries of San Tan Valley)

Snacks & beverages will be provided
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I just move to San Tan Valley from Florida, looking forward to meet other SAHM in this area possibly some mom nights out ? I have 3 kids, 13 yrs old, 5 yrs old and 3 yrs old.

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Welcome!  I know you posted this forever ago but in case you're still looking, I have info for you!  'Double Dip' and I are in MOMS Club and it's very cool!  I joined about a year ago and am so glad I did. :)  There is a MOMS' Night out later this month I believe.



There's also a secular homeschool group that I coordinate, if you'd like that info.  It's a small, informal group but very nice people. :)



Originally Posted by maggiescloset View Post

I just move to San Tan Valley from Florida, looking forward to meet other SAHM in this area possibly some mom nights out ? I have 3 kids, 13 yrs old, 5 yrs old and 3 yrs old.


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I would love information on a secular homeschool group, please! :)

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