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Anyone else Breastfeeding??

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Hello all,
I just found out I'm pregnant last week.
It was our last week in South Africa and now we are back living in England.
I'm emotionally and physically spent from the move and the journey and still very much in transit living with in-laws etc.
I have a 2 year old daughter who is unsettled, falling sick, and nursing with a vengeance and i'm exhausted.

So how long has everyone waited to see their dr/midwife????
They don't really take us seriously here until we are 12 weeks so i'm sort of putting it off.
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It's not too early to call around to interview potential midwives or doctors. If you have questions about your pregnancy and/or nursing I'm sure they'd be happy to answer those for you at any time.
Hope you get some rest! Moving is wretched; I can't imagine how exhausted you must feel right now to be newly pregnant on top of it all. Take care.
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I bumped the pregnant and still nursing thread for you.
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Sounds like you are going through a lot right now. There are a lot of us here still nursing and you'll find lots of support.
I have already seen dr and MW, and had an U/S at 8 weeks to confirm everything looked good. I didn't do that with my first, but I have to say it is very reassuring!
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Still nursing, but not producing much at all. Wish I was!
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i'm seeing my midwife at the 8 wk mark - 8-10wks is the norm for low risk pregnancies in this part of canada. i did see my doctor this week though as i had a bad bout of diarrhea (5 days)

even with that, my nursling still got his milk. 22 months, and i doubt he'll wean before this one comes. my doctor said it shouldn't be an issue to keep up nursing through this pregnancy and so far my son hasn't been complaining about supply.

but here, even as a return client for a midwife you have to call early. for my first pregnancy i called at 5.5wks and i finally was cleared off the waitlist at 10wks.

i'd still call - even if you won't have an appointment for another month - get it out of the way when you can. after a good rest of course. ugh i can't imagine being pregnant and moving.
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thanks...i have no idea about my milk supply, I think DD just likes to nurse no matter what is coming out. I do love it as it's helping her settle emotionally and she is coming down with a cold as well (probably from the plane) so I'm thankfull for it, but it is wearing me down.

I'll be using an NHS midwife so there won't be an issue getting in to see one.

So my dilema at the moment is, should I tell my in laws? They are lovely people but my mother in law is recoving from chemo-therapy and very tired and exhausted and my father in law is also a bit under the weather. I am trying hard to help out around the house, and I'm afraid if they knew I was pregnant they would stress out about me. At the moment i'm blaming my exhaustion on the journey but I think after another week they might start to wonder. Hopefully we'll be in our own place by the end of next week.....so then it won't be an issue to tell them. It's hard as I want to tell my mom but DH is insisting we can't tell one set of parents and not the other.

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I'm not sure whats it like in your area but the midwifes here are pretty booked up. The midwife attached to our GP likes to see people when they're 8 weeks but I couldn't get an appointment until I'm 12 weeks so it might be worth calling to book your appointment sooner rather than later.
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Thanks Sarah....I really should just go ahead and make an appointment. I'm glad it looks like we'll be moving right around the corner from our GP's. I just remember last pregnancy it was never an issue catching one, but maybe things have gotten tighter recently.

My nipples are KILLING me when DD feeds...does this get better???
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The nipple pain seems to be getting a bit better for me. It is definitely bearable at this point and seems to be more on one side than the other. It's definitely challenging b/c DS switches sides so often and wants to nurse every hour since he is sick. I've been using the Lansinoh lanolin in hopes that that will help. Good luck and just try to stay relaxed!
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