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hang in there mamas! i promise you will go into labor eventually! just try to relax and enjoy these last few days, hours, minutes, seconds...

today was my due date--can't believe satchel has been here over two weeks! he had his two week check up today and he has already gained a pound. i guess it makes up for my extremely sore nipples! we had our first outing yesterday in the baby bjorn--just across the street for some quick shopping and pizza. it was fun. but i don't know how i'm gonna play stay at home mommy for three months. the days are already a blur of diaper changing, nursing, napping, and laundry.

anyways--i'm sending lots of good vibes your way. hang in there mamas and stay in touch! also let's see some pictures of seth, opal, et. al. at www.mamtron.org!
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Hi, mamas-

It's so great to read your posts... and to relate... I have three weeks to go, supposedly, and after months of feeling absolutely sure that Laz was going to make an early appearance, suddenly I get the feeling I'm in for a wait. But I'm doing two stress tests a week now, and while they've all gone well after that first one, I think the doc won't let me go beyond 41 weeks, if that.

I'm crying all over the place, too, but I think a big part of it is that DH is being a COMPLETE SH*% lately. Gone is the happy, puttering handyman; in his place I have a snarling, defensive, raging maniac who seems to think nothing of escalating everything into an argument and pushing me into a corner until I'm either mute or crying hysterically. I know, I sound dramatic, but the last two weeks or so have been pure hell. Yesterday morning he woke me up before 6:00 with a hard shove to yell at me for snoring (yet another lovely effect of pregnancy), and he's sick of it, and etc. etc., and by the time he left for school and had told me how many other ways I was making his life miserable, I was crying so hard I'd already thrown up twice. This morning was about as bad - he called later to apologize, but I'm so worn out from all this that it almost doesn't register anymore - and things only seem to be getting worse, not better. I did go talk to a very good friend this afternoon, and she affirmed my sense that it's time for an ultimatum - shape up NOW or I'll leave - and she also offered me a place to stay if needed. FWIW, she said, he's probably in a state of panic right now and it's not my "fault" he's acting like this toward me, but it's still completely unacceptable. He was a rage-aholic with his first wife (and still is), and is starting even to lash out at his 10-yo daughter, which to me is beyond the pale. I will NOT bring my son into this kind of life - I might be stuck here until bebe is born, but as soon as I can mobilize myself, I'm so outta here unless DH takes real steps to shape his nasty self up - steps I've been asking for since last year but that he's refused, passively or otherwise. Yay - another fire to walk through. Labor somehow seems like it'll be a breeze compared to dealing with this SOB.

Ahem... anyway, just gestating, trying to find happy moments. The diaper service dropped off the pail and first package of diapers this morning... just another step toward reality.... I know this waiting is hard for all of us, so I'm sending all the labor vibes I can! Electricita, I hope you're laboring now!

-love, anna
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Battle- I pm'd you.....i wish you lived closer, I'd come and get you and make you some pregnancy tea and a warm bed where you could snore to your hearts content. (I wake myself up snoring now....)

GO Jordmoder! A 10 pounder and only one stitch! Are you going to post your birth story? I'd love to read it. Congratulations!

Starkitty - a week overdue, but sounds like you are hanging in there....i can't wait to hear your story.

Staleyg - So, does it come naturally? Give us more advice from the other side! You're an old pro compared to us.

Huey - now that you aren't working you should just rent movies and c h i l l. I'm working 3 days a week still and on my days off i garden a little and then just relax. Staley and Fiber told us to, remember?

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hi everyone--

no big news here. still jealous of everyone with their new little babes!

battleaxe--i'm so sorry about what you are having to deal with. as if pregnancy isn't enough on its own! i wish i was closer so i could give your husband a hard shove of my own!

still dealing with this PUPP. has anyone else heard of this? i've got big red welts all over my back, butt, arms and thighs. makes me look really attractive, let me tell you! itches and stings and burns like crazy. i'm at 36 weeks now, and i don't know how much more of this i can take. my skin is so raw, on top of everything else. i've got an appt. on tuesday and lord help me if there is still no sign of labor!

i know i should be glad that the babies are healthy and good and that i've lasted this long, but i've just worn out my patience, you know? pregnancy is no fun anymore! and i think my husband is nearing the bottom of his pregnancy patience as well. i understand, since i'm even more whiny than before and now my skin looks disgusting. plus there are patches on my back i can't reach and poor hubby has to put creme on for me!

from everything i've read, this stuff should go away after delivery. wish me luck!

good luck to everyone! all you due mamas, good birthing vibes coming your way!
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Oh my God Anna-(BattleAxe)
I'm not doing this as a private message because I want everyone to read it. I am so unbelievably angry right now. I hope my blood pressure goes down before my midwife visit at 10:30.
What your husband is doing is absolutely unnaccebtable under ANY circumstances but particularly this close to the birth of your child. I know it's easy for me to sit out here in cyberspace and pass judgement on only one side of the story and one aspect of his personality. I know it's hard for you to be in the middle of your life and have the energy or courage to do anything about it. I just want to try to pass on something that was recently done for me and changed my life.
My husband is an alcoholic and has been the entire time I've known him. He went into rehab a few months after we got together and was sober for about a year. He started drinking again and I was so young I thought it would be fine for him to drink socially. He's an extreamly high functioning alcoholic, never missing work, never mean or violent almost hard to tell if he's drinking. We went through good and bad phases for the next nine years but I never said a word and never really accepted the depth of his addiction.
Things really deteriorated around the time we were talking about getting pregnant. He decided to stop and went to AA a bit and was sober for a while. I got pregnant and thought my life was perfect.
Over the last few months I started to feel like things were not right. He started coming home a little late. He would "fall asleep" on the couch at 8pm. I thought I smelled alcohol on him. I confronted him at least twice and he looked me in the eye and denied he was drinking. It made me feel like I was a crazy pregnant woman and that I had no faith in him. Mostly I felt all alone.
Finally about two months ago one of my dearest friends came to me and told me that she had seen him the day before and he was drunk. Even she wasn't sure at first, he's that good at hiding it. She encouraged me to do something to make a change before the baby's birth. She told me how much she loved and supported me and my marriage. She also reminded me of the awsome responsibility I had to protect my child first and myself second.
The next day I asked my husband to leave and not to call or come back until he had come up with and started to act on a plan to be sober. It was the hardest , loneliest most excruciating thing I have ever done. He went to AA grudgingly. We talked the next day but I made him stay away. He went to another meeting and we had an even better talk the next day. On the third day he didn't go to a meeting or call his shrink or do anything to address the situation. I asked him to leave after we talked. I literally thought I might die of a broken heart. He finally got just how serious I was.
He's been sober for almost two months now and attends many meetings a week. He's like a person I used to know and forgot I missed. He's going to get to hold his child in his arms for the first time with no regrets or guilt or shame in his heart. I know we have a long hard road ahead but at least we're on it.
As to how this long tale relates to your situation. Please don't wait to make a change. I know you think two weeks is not enough time but it is. One day can change everything. You have to be strong for your baby and put all the responsibilty for making things right where it belongs, on your husband. Don't fall into the trap of telling yourself you knew how he was when you got together so you have to make the best of it (been there done that.) Don't convince yourself he's just freaked out and everything will be fine once he sees his sweet baby. Things are only going to get harder and more emotional in the first newborn weeks. I think all our new mamas can back me up on that. You are also going to be more vulnerable and less able to make decisions as you recover. Do this now.
I'm not telling you to give up on your marriage. I'm telling you to protect your child and yourself above all. The kind of emotional abuse you describe is just as devastating as physical abuse. It also sounds frightenlingly close to crossing the line into physical abuse. You don't deserve it and you should not be having it to happen to you. Your baby feels what you feel. He does not need to come into this world fearful and anxious.
I don't know very much about rage issues but I know a hell of a lot about other mental health issues (been there done that.) Has your husband been evaluated for anything like bipolar or borderline personality disorder? It sounds like these big swings in mood are not unusual in his life. There is help out there but it is now HIS job to find it and get it.
Anna, draw the line and then stand firmly behind it. Tell him clearly and firmly what steps he has to take to remain in your life. Make him responsible for figuring out how to do that. Don't make the calls, don't find the programs. Make him choose the life he really wants. It's going to hurt. Maybe even more than birthing your child but you have to do it. Set your limits and then set yourself free. You can only control one person and that is you. Let go of all the rest and trust your strenght to get you through.
I know this is very long and pretty dramatic but I feel so strongly about this. I too wish I could be with you in person to support you through this. I know how much the love of my family and friends have pulled me through the last few months. Reach out to me here and I'll even give you my phone number if you need it.
All my thoughts and fierce mama love are with you.
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Huey had her baby!

Huey asked me to notify the may mamas---

Rhew Keppler greeted the world at 10:28 am...weighing in at a whopping 9 pounds 3 ounces!

Mom, Dad and Rhew are all happy and healthy, but tired. After several hours of labor at home, they arrived at the hospital
around 1:00 am. Rue took his time, but he is alert, content and beautiful newborn. He looks a lot like Huey and has plenty of
black hair.

Yay Huey and Rhew!
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Hi everyone!
I just happened onto this thread but am glad I did as I am a May mama too. Due date is May 26th but I have sneakign suspision I'll go earlier than that.

I am 36 dh is 36 ds is 4 and step dd is 12
I have a midwife, plan to have homebirth if all goes well, hospital is 5 minutes away if needed.
I'm starting to get a little nervous becuase ds was 23 hours of labour 3 hours hard pushing to no avail as he had his hand/arm wrapped around his head with a death grip on his opposite ear!! He came out eventually with forceps and a BIG episotomy (Spelling?) that I'm sure is to re-open as soon as i do the first push for this one - ugh!!

Anyways, I kind of feel guilty reading about your way too short mat leaves in the states. Ontario, Canada in January 2001 started with 1 year maternity and parental leave. Mother can take both or father can take one (up to 17 weeks I think) I'm taking both and actually hope to take some extra to finish off the school year for my ds, and go into some summer holidays with the family too.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's birth stories, I'll try to post too although it will be more difficult from home as ds always wants to play on computer as soon as I get onto it. Right now I am at work and it's too easy for me to post and read, with no little distractors around!!
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Congrats to Hueylene! Looking forward to hearing your birth story!!!
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Hi, it's been a while since I seen you ladies : )

I used to post on Hipmama. It's exciting to see that so many May Mommies have had there babies. I'm still hanging in here. Due date 5/22. I go to the doctor today so I guess I'll see if there's any progress.
Hope you're all well and I look forward to catching up with you all.
(The Minneapolis girl who sings n a band
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Congratulations Huey!! And welcome Rhew!

Good to see you again Lucydog - looks like we're due around the same time....

And welcome Rapunett! Lets hope this birth is a little more gentle than your last.
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hey mamas! just wanted to let you know that i just posted pics of huey and rhew at mamatron!! go see...

if anyone else wants to post pics let me know and i'll help
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hi again,
just waiting around still, 3 days overdue. possibly carrying a tumor instead of a baby. saw midwife today and she wants to do a non-stress test/bioprofile on Mon...uggg...I went through my whole pregnancy without interventions or ultrasounds...oh well. kinda wish my mom wasn't here, it would be great if the baby was but I am tired of her hanging out with me. isn't that awful? I really envy you all who have delivered, having trouble with patience.
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Hi everyone! I haven't been able to read posts in awhile - I was so busy at work recently training the temp who'll cover my maternity leave - didn't have a minute to breath. When I got home I was too exhausted to even look at the computer. But today is my fisrt day off of work - woo hoo! It felt so good to just relax and veg out. Of course, I'm sure I'll be going crazy if nothing happens after about a week. My due date is is 5/15 and I'm hoping it happens right around then.

Well- it was good to catch up with you all. Sounds like the new mamas are doing well- that is so good to hear - Congrats to Huey!!!! Sorry to hear that some of us are having harder times. BattleAxe- I hope you have managed to work out some something for yourself and that things are a little easier on you right now. - I'll be thinking of you and keeping you in my thoughts. Huey, thanks for sharing your story- that was very brave/thoughtful of you to do. Esperanza- I hope your PUPP's have gotten a little better - that sounds awful. I feel bad complaining about my discomfort when you are going through that.

Well, I was hoping for a mother's day babe- thought that would be so neat - but not sure it'll happen that soon... I'll keep everyone posted though. I'm going to check out the pictures on mamatron now - I'll check in soon. Take care all!
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you women rock. thanks for the support - and huey, even though you're busy now caring for Rhew (CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ) thank you so much for sharing your story. it meant a lot to me that you'd open up like that. I still don't know what I'm gonna do in the long run... I have told DH that things HAVE to change NOW... no concrete ultimatums yet (to be honest, I'm too exhausted for that kind of discussion at the moment) but I'm not trying to smooth things over anymore, either. we have a joint counseling appointment on Monday, and will see what happens then. he's still blaming me a lot for his behavior - I'm such a bitch cuz I'm pregnant - so I don't see much changing until that stops.

anyway - again, I'm so excited for you, huey! and thanks for the pix - gawd. awesome. I went to doc this morning - 1 cm dilated, no other changes, but I'm two weeks and a few days away and am suddenly in no hurry to bring Lazarus into this domestic mess... take your time, kid.
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baby Huey is home!
It was the experience of many lifetimes. Profound, beautiful, terrifying, funny.
He is a rock star, so patient and kind to his fumbling mama (who cries every 12 hrs like clockwork)
I am feeling good and so awed and proud of this body. Things were not as smooth as they could have been. After a good start arrived at hospital 4cm 100% 0 station, ctx 3 min apart 45 to 50 sec. Labor slowed way down (tub worked too well!) After hours of painful ctx with no good increase in lenght or strength almost no change. At the advice of my awsome midwife and some serious soul searching I consented to pitocin and an epidural. Had to hold on for an hour of pitocin ctx before the epi. The pit began to work in almost no time and it was pretty frightening. The epidural was done flawlessly and so quickly. He got it in as soon as one ctx ended and I did not feel another one. Was able to pass out for 45 min. Woke up feeling more sensation in my legs and tightening but not pain. Got checked and I was complete in under two hours. Pushed for 1 hr 15 min. Felt every bit of it after the first few pushes. Was able to squat and push part of the time (thank you yoga goddess!) all with epi, iv, monitors ect. Rhew had a deceleration down to 70 just as his head was partially out. Midwife said we need to get this baby out then looked at nurse and said I'm going to have to cut. I had another plan. I pushed him out that instant without a contraction. It happened so fast it was unreal. His left fist was up next to his cheek. I HAD ONLY A MINOR ABRASION. No stiches needed. 9lb 3 oz 14 inch head 21 in long. The boy I always knew he was going to be.
I felt compelled to get this rough draft to you mamas in waiting asap. I want you to know that #1 no matter how it goes you can do it. #2 Trust your instinct to protect yourself don't feel like you have to stick to a plan you made before you knew the whole story #3 if you have to have interventions remember my experience as an example of how they don't have to be terrible. I still owned that birth and as you can tell I'm damn proud of myself. I think a big part of it was letting myself be in the moment after I made the decision to get the drugs. No regrets no second guesses no blame.

My midwife says she has no doubt the next one will be all me. It was so amazing I can't wait!

Umm yeah still a little jacked up.
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Happy Mother's Day everyone!!! I was SO hoping Max would make his arrival today but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'm trying to be patient and realize he'll come when he's ready.

Huey- amazing story! Sounds like you did a GREAT job! That is great you were still able to squat and very encouraging w/ your good size boy that you didn't have any major tearing. You go girl! I LOVED the pictures of Rhew- you must be so in love- I can't wait for my turn!!

BattleAxe-glad you are taking steps.... I can imagine how exhausting it all must be for you but you sound like one strong woman and we are still all rooting for you.

That's all - just a quick post to say Happy Mom's Day to all (those lucky enough to be able to hold their little ones and those of us still waiting).

Hope to have my news for you soon!!
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Happy Day to all mamas! Congradulations Heuey!
Wonderful birth story, It gave me lot's of comfort and piece of mind because as I'm 12 days overdue it looks like this birth will not be as un-medical as I hoped. I'm sooo glad everything went well for you. Our induction is set for Tuesday, I totally trust my midwives and my body. I believe it will be a wonderful expierence, at this point I just want my baby!
DH was so sweet this morning, he gave me a Mothers Day card from him and suprised me with another one from Baby. I was already crying from, who knows? and then he made me just bawl!!!!!!!!
I'm all better now, we're going to have one more Sunday as just us.
Take Care,
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great story huey! thanks for posting so quick! you actually inspired me to finally write satchel's birth story. i also thought it would be a nice way to celebrate mother's day. dh has been great today--he is changing all of the diapers and is totally entertaining the baby while i do this.

anyways--here goes. warning, it is LONG, but hey, i was in labor for 36 hours! hope you like it:

Mother’s Day 2002

Well I think it is only fitting that I write down Satchel’s birth story today. Hard to believe that he has been here for three weeks. It feels like forever ago that I actually gave birth to him and I can hardly remember what things were like before he arrived.

A little prologue: Satchel’s due date was May 7th, but I was really convinced that I was going to have an Aries, so I had “picked” the weekend of April 20th to go into labor. All signs had pointed to us having a boy and we had referred to my belly as Satchel for months, but I thought that if the baby was an Aries, surely it would be a girl–our little Keiko. Friday the 19th I woke up feeling very mucous-y. I didn’t see my mucous plug or anything, but I felt like “something” was happening. I got up as usual and went to work and I was actually excited because I knew that my friends at work were throwing me a “surprise” baby shower. The shower was great–lots of good food and way more gifts than I ever expected. Everyone kept asking if it was my last day at work and I just smiled and said, “Maybe.” When I left for the day, I grabbed my day planner and a few other things I knew I would need just in case I didn’t make it back.

Saturday morning Warren and I slept in. When I got up to go to the bathroom I felt a very weird sensation. “Warren, I think I just peed on myself,” I said. It seemed strange but I continued on with my morning rituals. Warren planned a motorcycle ride with Monty and I planned on going to Earth Day at the Shell. As I was tooling around getting ready, I had the sensation of peeing on myself several more times. I called one of my midwives, Martina, and said, “Uh, what does it feel like when your water breaks?” She laughed at me and said she’d be by to check me in about an hour. As Warren was leaving I said, “Honey, I think my water just broke so please check your cell phone every 15 minutes or so.” He got a goofy, excited look on his face and seemed a bit speechless. I encouraged him to go ahead and go, but to check in with me on a regular basis.

Martina arrived around noon and confirmed that my water had indeed broken! Yay! I knew it! An Aries. And possibly a girl afterall. Martina warned me that it might be a long labor and not to get too excited because I hadn’t even had a contraction yet. She gave me some homeopathic pills to take and gave me her cell phone number. “Don’t start calling everyone,” she said, “Your baby might not be here until tomorrow.” I tried to stay calm but as soon as she left, I called my best friend Marlinee. “Hey, what’s up?” I said. After some chit chat I said, “So, uh, guess what? My water broke.” She couldn’t believe it. I told her not to get too excited because it could be awhile and then we got into the Aries discussion. From the get go Marlinee was convinced I was having a boy, but even she started to have her doubts. Next I called my mom and gave her the same spiel. I made her promise not to tell anyone, but within minutes both my sisters knew. Oh well. My final phone call was to Vanessa, my good friend who is a practicing midwife in California. I gave her a play by play. As we were talking I noticed that my lower back was really hurting. “You may want to crawl around on the floor some,” she said, “Just in case the baby is facing the wrong way.” We hung up and I did as she said.

It took about an hour or two of back pain for me to realize that what I was feeling were actually contractions! DOH! I called Martina to let her know and pulled out my birth ball. Warren called and I suggested that he come home. I sat on the birth ball in the livingroom, in the bedroom, in the diningroom...it didn’t much matter. I was starting to get uncomfortable. I called Warren, “Come home NOW,” I said. He did.

“We have to hang up the pictures!” I said. Warren dutifully opened the closet and pulled out the stack of posterboards that my friends had decorated for my blessingway. One by one he hung them on the wall facing my bed. Next, I got the candles from my blessingway and put them under the posters along with the magic wands. Ok I was all set. Warren started timing my contractions. They were anywhere from 2 minutes apart to 15.

“Maybe I just take a peek at Linda Goodman’s Love Signs one more time,” I thought to myself. Well I must have thought it out loud because Warren brought me the book. Much to my surprise I discovered that the cut off for Aries was April 20th, not April 21st as I had thought. By this time it was almost 5:00pm and a pre-midnight delivery seemed like a long shot.

We went on as usual, with the exception of 10-12 contractions an hour. Warren made dinner, tofu stir fry, and I parked myself in front of the TV and tried to watch my newest favorite show, “Trading Spaces.” It was hard to eat and even harder to keep up with “Trading Spaces,” even though it was their first ever celebrity edition. I called Martina and she came by at 9:30pm. She seemed pleased with my progress, but informed me that since I was still able to talk through my contractions that I still had a ways to go. She suggested that I try to sleep.

I tried, I really did. Poor Warren, every time he’d doze off and start to snore I’d wake him up by moaning or whining or something. By 1:00am I was beside myself and we were starting to get mad at each other. I was mad at him because he was sleepy and couldn’t make the pain stop and he was mad at me because I was mad at him I guess. Martina said she’d be right over and suggested that I get in the shower. That was the best shower I have ever had. I must have stayed in at least 20 minutes because when I got out Martina was there.

The rest of the night is kind of a blur. I must have been in what they call “Labor Land.” Around 5:30am Martina thought it wouldn’t be much longer–the head was low, I was dilated 5cm, 100% effaced (I just made up those stats as I really don’t remember what they were exactly)-and she called Kim and Casie, the other midwives. She said it was probably too early to call my mom, but we were definitely making progress.

I remember Kim and Casie arriving and the sun coming up. I think Martina took a nap and Kim and Casie took turns rubbing my back, massaging my hands, encouraging me, etc. At 9:00am I told Warren he better call my mom and Marlinee to let them know I was still trying to get the baby out. At this point the general theory was that the baby’s head was turned the wrong direction, thus making it difficult to get out.

The afternoon is a blur of homeopathic pills, herbal tea, dried fruit, baths, wardrobe changes, hanging on my husband, hanging on each midwife, leaning against every wall in the house, and begging for more counter pressure on my back. Finally at 4:00pm, Martina decided I needed a change of scenery. I threw a maternity dress over my t-shirt and we headed out the front door for a walk. I put one arm around Casie and one arm around Martina and we made our way down the street. Every few minutes I would have to stop, hug one of them while the other pushed on my back, and push with all my might. Being the president of the neighborhood association and living across the street from a pretty crowded movie theater made me feel a bit self conscious, but I had no choice. I had to get the baby out. “Come on Bumpy,” I said, “Come out.” I was calling him “Bumpy” because I was sure his head was going to be completely deformed from being lodged in my pelvis for so long.

Back inside, I continued to push. I pushed on the toilet, in the bedroom, and in the diningroom. I remember that there were chux pads everywhere and that at some point I was no longer embarrassed to be standing up in my diningroom peeing on the floor. Every once in a while a big wave of amniotic fluid would spew out. Since I seemed to be still making progress, although slowly, the midwives made the decision to try more “drastic” measures. I agreed to an enema. Soon I was pooping in every room in the house and not giving it a second thought. I think at some point my mom popped in and maybe my sister too, but they quickly left once they could see I was ok, and still very pregnant.

When the sun began to set I had a moment of dispair. Afterall, I had seen the sun set once already. I looked at Martina and asked her if she really thought I was going to get this baby out. She said yes. Then I looked at Casie. “You’re doing great,” she said. And Kim said, “Stacey, you are going to have your baby today.” Then I burst into tears. I think for the first time in 30 hours it finally dawned on me that I WAS going to have a baby.

We all hunkered down and decided to get the baby out. Warren and I got on the bed and I sat between his legs like I had seen on all the birth videos and pushed with each contraction. Martina had her hands inside me, pulling my pubic bones apart, doing everything in her power to get the baby out. After a few contractions like that, they decided that a new position was in order. I actually got on all fours like I’d seen in the birth videos that I swore I’d never replicate. It was hopeless, I felt like a donkey. In the end, I got off the bed and squatted with Casie’s support. I felt like I was in a scene from the Red Tent and that my Cameroonian “mom” would be proud of me. Warren sat on the edge of the bed and held my hand.

I pushed and screamed my guts out with every contraction. Kim was holding my legs apart and Martina was still pushing my pelvic bones apart and every time she pulled her hands out I thought it was the baby. Everyone was telling me how great I was doing and how close the baby was, but I didn’t believe them. Then I noticed Kim frantically getting her things in order–a pot of boiling water maybe– and at that point I actually believed that the baby was going to come out. With my next push, the baby’s head crowned. They held up a mirror so I could see, but I wanted to see my whole baby. I started pushing ferociously until I felt the famed “ring of fire”. It felt awesome. It was the best feeling in the whole world, because I knew it was really my baby’s head this time and not Martina’s hands. I heard Warren exclaim, “It’s the baby’s head!” and I pushed one more time as hard as I could and his whole little body came out. Before I knew it, he was in my arms. He looked strangely familiar, or just like I thought he should look. He had a head full of dark hair, and was a mini-Warren. He even looked a little Asian as I had hoped. I knew it was Satchel even before someone spread his legs to be sure. I did it. I really did it. And yes, I’d do it again. Just not right away!
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Baby Liva is home!

On May 6th, at 6:36 my precious red-haired daughter (just as in the dream I had months ago) shot out like a cannonball in a single contraction weighing in at 4 kilos (about 9 pounds) and 56 cms (erhm?) after 21 hours of labor - three in the hospital, where I showed up 8 cms dilated...(you have to be ten, dunno inches?) Stitches - I got'em.

As I laid in the tub, she danced her way out of the womb to the sound of the MC5's "Let Me Try" and Otis Redding's "Dark End of The Street", Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" and other mellow favorites...

Three days later we drew the name Liva Sofie from her dad's hat winning out over the other name we had deadlocked on, Vita Sofie. She is gorgeous and I still can't believe we made something that perfect. She only cries when she wants food, attention or a clean diaper and already sleeps four hour stints since my milk came in good two nights ago.

We had to stay at the hospital for a week as she developed a temperature on the first night and had an increased bacteria count so she was put on preventive antibiotics - these were administered at the neonatal ward where my big buddha baby lay between 2 pound preemies...Ladies, if I have another one (and right now I want 10) I will take each over-due day with a smile after seeing what some people have to deal with....

I will tell you more about that experience later and post a picture on mamatron even though I dont want to upset anyone that my girl stole all the pretty in the world so there's nothing left for the ones to come.... but I have only been here at the house with her for a few hours and right now I think I am going to go join my two sleeping darlings in the bedroom and get some shuteye...

Lots of powerful contractions and speedy deliveries to all of you!
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Congratulations Electricita!

Thanks for sharing your birthstory staleyg, I was wondering what such a long labor was like.

I hope to be joining you new mammas soon!
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