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...Should we be starting a new forum for the May mamas who are mamas (not that everyone can't join?) and start talking baby issues? Or is there another one you guys have gone to - I get ovewhelmed with the many boards here, haven't looked at any other ones...

For example: My daugther is a heat seeking missile. Try to put her down to sleep in her carrier and she immediately opens her eyes and does the hungry baby bird dance...But leave her on my arm or in my lap (where she sleeps right now), she will sleep sweetly - which is why at 1 PM I have only just managed to eat the bagel I toasted at 11 and drink my (now cold) coffee. Only other thing that works is to roll her in her pram (yesterday we even went across the bay to Sweden and shopped up a storm - my girl's an international traveller at 2 1/2 weeks!) but that entails both my arms too - and if the pram stops for more than a few secs she's up again!

Another thing: She binges and purges! Usually at night, when she just won't stop eating until she throws up (no not spits up, it comes out her nose too!) and then wants more...I got nervous about dehydration but the nurse said not to worry as long as she keeps eating, and she certainly does - that way she keeps me occupied for about 3 hours every night as she starts over when the first meal has come back up again...
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major labour vibes to annared from me too!

congrats on evan!

yes let's start a new thread... someone tell me where i'm too disorganized to figure it out yet. we had been having a struggle breastfeeding with us bith getting a cold and now thrush! i am exhausted and can relate to making a bagel and not getting to eat it for hours. i am still alittle sad over the birth although i fully believe the means justified the end and i am so happy that we are both happy and healthy. that said we seem to have a non-nding stream of little problems (cracked nipples, clogged ducs, etc)... does this get easier? i so want to breastfeed (i'll take this to another thread)...

it has been wonderful sharing the making of little tyla with all of you!

i'll continue to look forward to all the new babes!

lisa d
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ok i started a new thread in parenting... life with a babe!
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Well, I'm jealous - STILL not able to join that other thread for now (although seey ou all over there soon I hope). I am now a good week late - I had another appt. today and my Dr. doesn't want to induce yet - probably doesn't want to deal over the holiday weekend - damn! I also had a stress test at another office to make sure everything was okay -everything is fine except that they say he is probably already about 9 pounds. I was cool before but am now getting nervous about having a c-section and then of course wonder if that will impede with breastfeeding and such... Okay, honestly don't even feel like writing anymore... Just want this to happen already- I'll write when I have news about Max's birth! To all still hanging in there - good luck and I hope it goes smoothly for you. To those taking care of the babes- hang in there - things will get easier and I'll talk to you when I can officially join your league.
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Lazarus James Sanchez is here! Born Monday, May 20, 2002, at 11:38 p.m. by C-section (sigh). Went in Monday morning for an NST, had another baby heart rate deceleration (4 minutes, from 140s to 90s) so, given that bebe had been eerily (though not entirely) quiet all weekend, doc asked if I was ready to induce. Yep - I've worried enough, and at 39 weeks, no big deal.... So the Cytotec went in around 3 p.m., and kicked off some contractions - not regular, but increasing in intensity, which was good - okay, we'll have this kid sometime Tuesday - until the decelerations started again. Around 10:30 p.m., doc said a c-section would probably be necessary, since bebe wasn't even tolerating early labor very well (figured he was wrapped in the cord, which made sense because he was so active until a month ago). I was okay with that because I trust the doc totally, so we went ahead with it.

I survived the spinal (visualized driving around Big Sur), and the c-section went fine (what's the big deal?? ...then the morphine wears off... ); I stayed in the hospital three days and thanked God for good nurses and rooming in, and a pro-breast-feeding atmosphere; Laz and I came home last night, and I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed but hanging in there. I have the sorest nipples on the planet (oh YES I do!!). I almost gave up breastfeeding last night after being gnawed on for over three hours straight (milk came in yesterday morning, thank God!!!!) but DH got me some Lansinoh and is helping me stay strong (in the midst of his overwhelming emotions), and I rented a breast pump today so I can let my nipples heal a bit and then switch off as needed (yeah, I know I'm risking "nipple confusion" - oh well).

ANYway, that's not the whole story, just wanted to ramble a bit. How bout those raging hormones? Holy crap. But Lazarus is just gorgeous - yep, I'm enraptured. I'm absolutely amazed that he came out looking quite a bit like me. Okay, time to feed him *before* he wakes up ravenous... love to you all - didn't even have time to read other posts but congrats to the other new moms, too!!!! Serenity, our babes share a birthday! (44 hours of labor... wow. WOW.) And I got my baby Taurus after all... (or did I??)
-love, Anna and Lazarus, born 5/20/2002
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Still here......

Hi May Momma's. I'm still here, still pregnant. I'm now 4 days past due : (
I just stopped working this week and so now I'm home and hoping to have this little baby real soon.
Congrats to all of you who have had your babies.
Best wishes, Katy.
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hang in there cosmic mama and lucydog 6... i know how tough it is to be overdue but your little ones are coming!

CONGRATS Battleaxe!!! welcome Lazarus James Sanchez!

How is it going Annared?

Ok, if tyla stays chill i will finally share her birth story! At 9 days late we went in for a ultrasound to check on the babe. She was very low on amnoitic fluid so she was to be induced the next morning at the hospital. We arrived with so much stuff to get us through the labour (music, aroma therapy, etc). I felt out of place in the hospital but my partner and midwives were really there for us! The room they put us in was freezing! They kept having to give me heated blankets to stay warm (this didn't help with labouring)! We laboured together for about 5 1/2 hrs... I could really feel her head pushing against my cervix, I rode each contraction as if it was a huge wave I would body surf and if it got too big, I would dive through it! This worked well as long as no one spoke... we needed silence for some reason! We laboured for about 3 more hours when little beautiful baby Tyla went into fetal distress. Her heartrate rose to 190 and became non-reactive (she wasn't moving). They wanted her out right away and as I was only 6 cm dilated... we needed a c-section. Tyla was born at 9 pm sharp... totally covered in meconneum. Alot of it!!! She was crying weakly and had good colour. They suctioned and cleaned her up. The worry was that she could have inhaled the meconneum... but if she did, it was only aliitle (if any) and she fought it out! She is a strong girl, born at 8 lbs 4 oz. I didn't get to hold her for 5 hours as she was under observation (and i freaked out until she was in my arms). The c-section and antibiotics caused problems with breastfeeding... but that is another story (happy to report we are still breastfeeding after much struggles, cabbage leaves, Lansinoh, gentian violet, medication for a yeast infection, etc.) We were in the hospital for 5 days... my partner was amazing and got us a single room so that he didn't have to leave our side (we all slept in), I have a new love, respect and trust for him! And... I love my little Tyla more than I thought possible.
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hey mamas! congrats to the new moms and thanks to those who shared their birth stories.

playful, thanks for starting a new thread! however, i was wondering if i couldn't convince the may mamas to make one more switch? huey and i have been pm-ing and we discussed starting a thread at www.mamatron.org in the synchro mamas forum? what do you think? it seems like a lot of the old hipmamas are on mamatron and i like it because you can post pics so, i'm gonna head over now and start the thread. hope to see you all there when you get to the other side!!

and finally...hang in there with the breastfeeding! i SWEAR it gets better! i SWEAR!! it almost feels good after awhile, like a release. my friend compares it to the feeling you get after you pee when you had to pee for awhile--if that makes sense. don't give up!

and satch is also a major puker. sometimes he does not know when to stop and i end up covered in what feels like a gallon of milk. it is actually less frequent now.

ok ok see you at mamatron i hope!!
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I already post there under the March/April mama's.But i would jump in on a May one too!
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My in-laws were here for a week so I've been off line- whew! what a ride, but anyway, I'm back now.
Seth has finally woken up and spends lots more time awake. It seems that the first month (when he was still supposed to be in the womb) was just one big nap and now it's wake-up time!!!
I am presently wearing him in the Snugli (he's still not comfortable with the sling) and bouncing up and down on the chair so he will stay quiet and calm while I finish this message. What a workout.
The question is, can I still post with ya'll even though we aren't technically May Mama and Baby due to Seth's early arrival? We still aren't sure whether to go by his birth date or his due date for developmental stuff, he seems to be split. Some stuff is on time for his birth date and others is more on time for his due date-- confusing.
Good vibes to all the Mamas-in-waiting and another big congrats to all those who are on the other side. The birth stories are great!
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sophia estela and lucy marcia are here!

e winduced labor starting at 7:15 wednesday morning. after ten hours, and one epidural, i was 6-7 centimeters dilated. my OB asked me, "do you think you'll be a good pusher," and i said, "sure, i guess so." 14 minutes later, lucy was born, at 5:04! no episiotomy, no tearing, nothing! my husband held on eof my legs and a nurse th other, which he did not expect to do but did like a champ. he also saw the baby's head crowning, which he has still not really recovered from!

then we discovered that sophia was bent on only presenting us with her left shoulder! so fater a few minutes of manipulation, my OB decided that we would havet o go with a c-section, an option we had discussed. i was conscious for it since i had my epidural in, and it was a very very strange sensation. sophia was born at 5:14. they are geminis, which leaves dh very happy as well.

i'm also dealing with breastfeeding traumas currently. blocked ducts, engorgement, sore nipples. i'm nursing them both on demand right now because it takes so long for them to get the milk for themselves. plus sophie has jaundice, which makes her sleepy all the time and so we have to keep waking her up while she is on the nipple! once my breasts have cleared up we are going to get them both feeding at the same time since it's so much easier the times we have been able to do that.

i'm feeling pretty ok. any pain from the vaginal delivery has been overshadowed by the c-section recovery stuff. i'm wearing my binder all day and night, which pokes out and makes funny shapes underneath my clothes! still pretty sore but having been sticking with motrin and not using the percocet prescirption i have.

pretty sleep-deprived tho, even tho dh is here and will be ehre for the next two weeks. i'll be checking into the synchro mamatron forum sproadically. best of luck to everyone still waiting and those of you who have crossed over, i'm so glad that i am finally there with you!

dh and i keep telling each other that not only are our girls the most beautiful babies in the world, they are the most beautiful that have ever been or ever will be!
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Congratyuations on the babies! I was wondering where you were

So that leave.. 2 of us?

I think i'm going to wind up with a June baby.
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Loks like I'll be a June Momma after all. I go in today but I am now having less signs of labour than last week! So I'm not getting my hopes up. Oh well with or without induction I know I'll have a baby in a week and a half or so! I was hoping not to be induced though. I'll post updates, but I don't think I'll be a May Momma at this rate
Katy 5/22:
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congrats esperanza! wow a vaginal birth AND a c-section--you are a trooper! i can't believe only ten minutes passed between their births!

hang in there ruhiel and lucydog! like i told fiber, we're all "may mamas" whether we give/gave birth in march, april, may, or june. please come to mamatron!
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baby boy

Hello all you may mamma's. I have been "lurking" for a month now but never got around to an intro. I was due 22 May but our sweet baby took his time and didn't decide to come until 26 May.

Jonah Pacu 6:05 am Sunday 26 , 9lb 4oz , 21" long

He is my fourth child, all born at home with wonderful midwives. He definitely outranks my others in the weight department. My biggest up till Jonah was 7lb 14oz. We are thrilled with how the labor and delivery went. It was my fastest yet. 5hr45mn. My others have all been 12-30 hrs. It was SO intense! contrx started at 2 min apart and didn't slow down a bit!

Congratulations to all May mammas Best Wishes to those still waiting!!!

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Just a quick Hello!
You mamas in waiting are so tough. June is cool too and like Staley said you'll always be may mamas in our eyes. As far as I can gather it's Ruhiel, Lucydog6 and Peggianne still waiting. I think of you often.
Congratulations to BattleAxe and Esperanza and the other recently announced Mamas.
Even if you don't have time or a free hand to post check in and read. It makes me feel better every time. This mothering stuff is really hard. The kind of hard that is good at the end of the day but really hard.
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He is here!

Born at 8:25 on may 29th...was in labor for over 40 hrs at home and went to the hospital for pitocin, and pushed out our 8 lb 13 oz boy! He had turned posterior so it was some hard pushing with a 2nd degree tear - we spent the night at the hospital which was really nice actually, and just got home.

I'll post an actual birth story in a few days - off to bed with baby.

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i dunno what those smileys were about - i was trying to say "8:25 a.m on May 28th"
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fuck it - damn emoticons
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Another May Boy!
Watch out women of the world. In about 18 years there is going to be one kick ass group of men unleashed on the universe! I know there will be an equally amazing group of May girls to keep them in line when they forget how their mama's raised them.
Congrats Peggianne AnnaRed May Mamma. Sounds like you had an intense one. Get some rest and then give us all the details.
Come on Ruhiel and Lucydog. Wishing you babes in arms very soon to put your waiting to an end.
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