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Wow Mneek - does sound like something's about to happen! I'm jealous, I am ready for things to get moving here but I feel about the same as I have for while. I bet I'll make my midwife appt. on my due date this Wednesday....Oh well. Noone's been pregnant forever, I guess.
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Good morning Mama's and mama's to be-
I get so excited when I check in every day to see if someone else is havin' a baby. It sounds like a few of you are getting close and having some promising signs. I'm 38w3days and I don't feel like anything monumental is about to happen. I'm guessing I'll go late but so far I'm ok with that.
Sorry to break it to you but I'm still glowing. I'm excited to see the baby and almost ready but I just love being pregnant. I saw myself in a mirror the other day and loved how round I looked. I've never treated my body better (yoga, great diet, supplements, rest, reduction of stress) and I guess it just really responded to the love. I hope I'll be able to keep it up after the bebe comes.
At the midwife this week everything was peachy. She thinks I might be late too but I won't be going much more than a week past my due date. My Rh injection at 28 weeks runs out about the 14th of May. The baby is also about 7.5 pounds now and could be heading past 9 pounds by then. Yikes! I fully trust my midwife and we'll be doing every trick in the book to start labor naturally before we even consider drugs.
I keep working until next Sunday but I do have three days off next week which is a treat. I've started getting serious about reducing the clutter in the house because it was driving me crazy. Now I just have to figure out what to do with all the stuff that went in the reject pile.
I hope you all have good weekends and who knows, maybe the full moon on Sundaty will work it's magic on someone!
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I got some acupuncture done last night to stimulate my labor.She gave me some horrible chinese herbs to make a tea with.Yuck!They do make me feel like a lot of energy is happening within though.She said she has had success with everyone she's helped and it usually takes a day or two.I go back in at 4 today for another treatment and i hope this does it!Otherwise castor oil on sunday or i have to go to the hospital on Monday.Yikes!

Congrats to the new moms and good luck to those in waiting.
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Go Ravenmoon, go!
Best of luck with the herbs and possible castor oil. Keep us posted on your progress ok?

my midwife brought me some herbs to start taking tomorrow (36 weeks) - our shower is tomorrow. I think it'll be fun - hope so.

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Hi mamas!

Wow, Mneek how are you? Also Ravenmoon, been sending you lots of labour vibes! You have the patience of a saint at 42 weeks! Something must be happening by now!

Glad to hear everyone else is hanging in! I'm very moody but managing not to cause any drama (for the moment)!

My due date is Monday but after an internal w/ my midwife on Friday... she said she thought I had 1 1/2 to go still! I don't have alot of patience... already doing some homeopathics, spicey food and walks everyday (still no sex... sometimes wonder if we will ever... ok that is for another thread!)... but waiting is already driving me crazy!

Glad to hear that your bebes are good Fiberchick and Staleyg! I'm already wondering how it will feel with the bebe when all the excitement and novelty wears off! I am *so* glad we are having our babies now and not in the fall... so we can spend lots of time outside in the sunshine! Particulairly those with kids already (I'm guessing).

Well off to see movies at the drive-in tonight... people on the street keep laughing at me (ok one or two)... but feel like getting out in the privacy of our car!

Lisa d
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go ravenmoon! i cannot IMAGINE holding on until 42 weeks!

annared-- we have gotten so much stuff from yard sales. my mom and her boyfriend are the ultimate sharp-eyes about it. we've gotten two cribs, a changing table, a dresser, two complete sets of crib bedding, a glider rocker with ottoman, loads of toys, a playpen, two swings..... its just crazy. and all for so cheap! and the furniture especially is really really nice stuff.

today dh's office announced that they are having a shower for us next monday afternoon! that is our third shower! between that and yard sales we are ultra-set. even for twins (i hope!).

tomorrow we have a sonogram to determine if the babies are head-down or not. even if the first is, the second baby often flips around once the first baby has been delivered. so i might end with a vaginal delivery AND a c-section! too scary to think about.
i'm at 34 and a half weeks now, which is really good for twins. if we can make it to 36 then we have the best chance of taking them home with us right away! wish me luck!

good luck to all the mamas who are close!! mneek was having pink show, right?

also, ruhiel-- i saw your thread on mamatron today. best of luck, strong mama.
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Hey, everyone! I'm a mama! Noah Asher was born on Friday, 4/26 at 2:56 PM. He was 6 lb 9.4 oz, 20 in long. He's gorgeous -- blond, like neither his mom or his dad, and already a champion sucker!

Briefly -- I got out of work 4/19. Spent a few days cleaning the house and lumbering about mournfully, going to the supermarket every day for exercise, and got sorta anxious. People had begun calling the house to ask when the baby was gonna get here, already (don't you hate that?!?!), and my best friend told me she could come to visit probably Mon 4/29 or Tues. Plus full moon was Fri. I really didn't want to wait til the 29th, so dh and I started doing a little nipple stim on Tues and Wed. This worked, and some leeetle contractions started Wed nite. By Thursday, things were clearly happening, with conversation- and locomotion-stopping contractions by the evening, and at 3 AM (now Fri) I went in to birth center for a cervix check (another birth was in progress & midwife couldn't leave), and was 3cm. Got sent home, but the doula came over. Had nasty, nasty back labor. We went back to birth ctr at 9:30 AM. 5 cm now. Argh. Back labor was so nasty we just HAD to get it over with by 3. I tore a little, but generally emerged safe and sound, and feeling deeply blessed that it went so fast. Dh still can't stop holding the baby and beaming. He was freaked at the time but (I'm relieved to say) I didn't say anything mean to him while in labor.

I had no idea how I was gonna get through it, but here I am on the other side. It's still so new I'm just shuffling around in a cloud of hormones, topless, sleepy, and unwashed, letting dh handle most of diaper duty.

I send you all, especially Ravenmoon and Electricita, my strongest kick-starting labor vibes. I swear it's contagious.

I can't post attachments, or I'd have a pic for you all.

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Congratulations Mneek! That is awesome!
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That is a wonderful story Serenity! CONGRATULATIONS on little Noah - you let dh keep up with the diapers and try to get some rest. Wow - so many mamas already!


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Congrats Mneek!
So happy to hear of another mama making it through to the other side. Noah Asher is such a cool name.

Good vibes to all the other mamas in waiting.

We are into some sort of 3 week "growth spurt" and Seth wants to eat every 2 hours during the night. I'm super tired but getting used to it.

My DM is gone which is good because she annoys DH (and me) but it was nice of her to be here while I recovered from the c-section.
Now we are planning the in-laws' visit which will have its own annoyances, I'm sure.
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Opal Luna was born at home on saturday in the late afternoon.It was a quick 3 hour labor and she is healthy,happy and amazing.I'll write more later!
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I'm sorry Mneek - in my last post I meant to say congrats to you but i got my names confused.

Now, CONGRATULATIONS Ravenmoon too! I wanna hear more. Sounds like the kind of birth I'm hoping for. Opal is a beautiful name!
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So many mamas and It's not even May yet!
Many congratulations to you both. Sounds like things are going well for all our mamas. I hope the trend continues! Who will be next I wonder? How are you holding up Lisa? Electricita?

I'm wide awake here at 4:30 in the morning on my day off. My damn cat woke me up and I just could not turn my brain back off after that. I've been sleeping pretty well and am trying to appreciate every moment.

I thought I had a decent post here but I'm not feeling too chatty all of a sudden. I'll try again later.
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I'm holding up OK but am getting a little jealous of the mamas on the other side! AND of my friend who is not even due until late June but who got scanned yesterday and now knows she is having a boy! No fair, my due date is tomorrow and I have no clue...But I shouldn't bitch because they are monitoring her closely because of high blood pressure/risk of preemclampsia, nothing to be jealous about, but still...

I am so ready for the next stage especially because these last couple of weeks have been fraught with what I'd damn near call rampant paranoia on my part. I need a baby to concentrate on instead - I keep worrying that someone I love will get hurt or really sick (including myself) and I KNOW it is a "deferred" kinda freaking out about this birth, life about to change, the time to come etc. - fueled by massive mothering hormones. I guess other people sometimes worry obsessively about the health of the baby, same thing I guess. But it still sucks. I have to police my own head so much not to start dwelling on bad stuff instead of all the good stuff to come (and already here). I guess this is my morning sickness - I was spared the bad stuff until the end and now at least I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

I was also up a lot of last night (incidentially, worried sick about my brother just because my dad had tried to call him several times and not gotten hold of him - he just called and of course is fine) and now kinda loopy with lack of sleep. But my dad is here working on my vegetable garden and it is great to have the company and distraction. I need to keep filling my calendar over these next days - the more I do the less I dwell on crap, and luckily I am still having a very easy time getting around.

I am going to enroll DH in a "baby-exorcism" ceremony tonight and hope I have the same good results! For these last months I couldn't help hoping for a May Day baby but I really doubt that is going to happen....
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Congratulations Ravenmoon!!! It's great that you were able to have the home birth that you wanted. Glad to hear that babe is doing great!
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Congratulations Mamas! Noah, Opal - love the names. Sounds like all went well and is continuing to do so - very happy to hear that! ANd wow- a 3 hour home birth, sounds great - was that your first??!!

Electricita- hang in there- I bet you're next. I hear you on the paranoid thought - but pretty soon you'll have the babe to look after and take up all your mind space. I went through hoping the baby will be okay - now I'm actually worried about when Max is older - I'm talking teenage years and such - how crazy is that? I've just been thinking of my two teen brothers (who live in another state and I don't see very often) - They are bright kids and had so much potential and are both not doing the greatest right now- very unmotivated, failing school, dabbling in drugs (hey, they are teens) and it freaks me out. (I've gotten so old all the sudden)... Then I watched this HBO documentary on Monday on the dad doing Ectasy with his kids - did anyone see that? Looked like the family was doing great for years- close, he was a good dad.... then seems everything just feel apart and him and the kids were all into drugs and partying. also totally freaked me out. I know I can't be worrying about that stuff now but I can't seem to get these thoughts out of my head on whether Max will turn out ok and be a "good" boy when he is that age. And really, I was no angel and went through my experimentation phases but now I'm worrying in a very "mom" sort of way - forgetting that I turned out ok.

Okay, had to get that out of my chest. 15 (16?) days until my due date! I'm still hoping he comes on Mother's Day - I just think that would be a wonderful present for me. Still have another 2 weeks of work left but may talk to my dr. on Thursday about leaving a few days earlier than I planned - I think I should have a good week or so to rest before it comes (ha- it could happen any day now, not that I'm feeling that close). Anyway- congrats again to all you Mama's!! And hang in there and best wishes to those stilll waiting.
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Congrats Mneek and Ravenmoon!

Thanks for your story Mneek... Noah Asher is a lovely name. The nipple stimulation sounds like a good trick! You had already effaced I believe?

So glad Ravenmoon that your little Opal Luna finally came (beautiful names... I bet she shines). Tell us more when you are up to it!

Wishing all the new mamas lots of rest and sweet baby bonding!

I so want to be there with you's... I am one day past my due date. Still no signs other than some cramping. I walk about 1 1/2 hrs everyday. Eating spicy foods, taking homeopathics... but at my app. last friday my midwife said I hadn't started to efface yet... so lots of evening primrose is being taken. I have another app. today so will see if there is any progress (how long can someone stare at a piece of toilet paper for (that mucus plug will give me so much joy)!

On the other hand I don't really know why I am so anxious. It is really nice having this time to myself and not feeling guilty about not being really productive (I'm a tad of a workaholic). Even though pysically my relationship is off... on all other acounts, we are bonding in an very special way! A deeper kind of love.

Hang in there Electricia! I get real scared about the baby if it hasn't moved for a while or if I wake up on my back but the babe always seems to know when I'm afraid and gives me a reassuring kick! Cosmicmama, I'm already worried about the teenage years as well... I was a hellion/street kid who disappeared for a couple of years before I hit 20... I don't know how my mother did but she was amazing!!!

Huey, my cat keeps waking me up too. It is as if she senses the changes and is more needy lately.

AnnaRed, glad you had such a lovely shower! Does the garden make you feel in touch with the babe... and all that squatting will help it come? Or is it just me?

Fiberchick, glad Seth is growing... I'm a tad worried about all the visits (my home is my santuary). My in-laws dropped in last night without any notice. I was alone, reading and eating molasses on toast (not really up for visitors). I really hope this isn't a habit as my family would never do that (they know me too well and I can be moody but do fine when prepared).

I emailed everyone to tell them the babe was expected around May 10th now, so they would stop calling. I think all the phonecalls were making me more anxious. The midwife gave us a list to post on our door with visiting rules. It is a tad hardcore but she said with homebirths, often the new families don't get enough alone/down time, as the house is always full! I think I may email out an slightly nicer version.

Happy last and first month everyone... get lots of rest... I feel so sappy today!

Lisa d.
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congrats mneek and ravenmoon! LOVE the names and am VERY jealous of the 3 hour labor! wow. i am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that i labored so long. yikes.

i'm doing well, feeling almost normal. spending lots of time at home relaxing with satch. he is such an angel. i can't believe my body made him. last week was a bit trying when my milk came in--i got engorged, he wouldn't feed, etc. i was a wreck. crying uncontrollably, etc. but the midwife came as did my best friend with her breastpump. the midwife massaged one boob while my bf pumped the other. it was quite a site! all is well now and satch is nursing like a champ. but my advice to those who plan to breastfeed--get the lansinoh, nursing bra, manual pump, etc. now. it will make things much easier!

sleeping is also coming along. some nights are better than others, but we're getting it together.

also just wanted to say that the cloth diapers are awesome. i am so glad we decided to use them.

and finally, we had the rabbi come yesterday to do a naming ceremony for satchel, minus the circumcision. it was a beautiful ceremony and so wonderful not to have to deal with the cutting. pshew!

i really want to post my birth story but i'm not quite ready to re-live it yet! maybe we can all talk in june!

thanks to everyone for their kind words and thoughts. my thoughts are with all the may mamas! can't wait to hear how everyone does. hang in there and have fun!!

pictures coming soon.

xoxoxo, staley.
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Can't wait to see the pics Staleyg. Glad it sounds like things are good. Yeah, still can't believe your LONG labor but sounds like it was so worth it. I did mention I love your name too, right?

Bf'ing sounds like an ordeal but I'm gonna go for it too... Do you recommend a manual pump over the electric? Why do you think you need it early? Sorry for all the questions it's just that BF'ing is a big concern of mine... Hope I'm up for the challenge.

Also- I think it's great that you decide not to do the circ. I know that was a big decision for you and I'm glad you were able to have the ceremony and find a rabbi who was supportive.
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hey cosmic i didn't think i'd need a pump until i planned to go back to work, but once my milk came in i was engorged and the pump really helped alleviate the pressure and made it easier for satch to latch on. also one of my nipples was kind of flat, bordering on inverted so the pump helped get it up--if that makes any sense. breastfeeding is great, but there were definitely a couple of days that i doubted whether i was gonna get it straight. it is really important to know that you can do it, even if it isn't easy at first! oh and you may want to get some cabbage too
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