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Congratulations to Mneek and Ravenmoon!!!!!! I hope you and your babes are doing great.

I haven't posted much (but I've been lurking) just because I've been so tired. Could be because I'm not sleeping well at night, and just the weight and energy of the baby... at any rate, when I go to the library now, I check out four or five books because if I run out of good reading, I turn back to the pregnancy/birth books and freak myself out all over again. I keep trying to tell myself, I know what I need to know, and it'll all be great.

I did have a *slight* scare last week, though, that made me realize I'm not *quite* ready for bebe (and at 36 weeks, we're still early). I called my doc and then had to go to the hospital Thursday for a nonstress test because bebe decided to completely stop moving that day (normally he's a banshee) and scared the crap out of me. I also couldn't tell whether I was leaking fluid or was becoming completely incontinent and leaking pee. The ultrasound showed lots of fluid in the sac, and the NST went fine - until about 25 minutes in, when his heart rate dipped for a good five minutes. So they sent me from the pleasant Perinatal Center up to chilly Labor and Delivery, where I had to strip, put on a flimsy gown, and lie on a hard bed for three more hours for an extended test. Lucky for me, the ferning (fluid) test was negative - yep, get me some Depends - and the three-hour NST showed no more decelerations. I went back to the Perinatal Center yesterday for a follow-up NST and the nurses said, "Oh, we didn't expect to see you here again! We thought for sure when you got sent upstairs on Thursday that they were going to deliver your baby!" Gawd. Luckily, my doctor is fairly conservative and really doesn't want to deliver until after 37 weeks (next Monday), though I suppose if I'd been leaking fluid who knows what might have happened.

I did get some facial pix of bebe, though - the first one from Thursday was really goofy, so I asked the nurse yesterday to try to get a better angle (I know, I'm bad) since she had to do another ultrasound anyway, to look closely and make sure bebe is NOT going to look like the next Dizzy Gillespie in full blow. If I could post the pic, I would - Lazarus "Dizzy" Sanchez... nope. Doesn't work for me.

ANYway, we're doing the formal maternity ward tour tomorrow evening, and I'm hoping it'll leave me with better feelings than last Thursday did. Having to strip, lie in a COLD room with nothing to do, and get three-second checks from too-busy-for-you nurses left me kinda sour on the place. I actually called my insurance carrier to find out about alternatives (birth center, home) - nope, gotta go to the hospital (at least there's no co-pay). With mom *and* pop being unemployed right now, bebe unfortunately doesn't get a choice. Sigh.

Anyway (again), hearing about all the births inspires me, and also hearing from you fellow May-mamas-in-waiting helps me remain patient. (This WILL be a May baby, right?????????) And good idea on the breast pump - I've been looking at them but wondered whether I should get one now or wait. -Till when: after bebe is born and I'm more exhausted than I am now and my boobs are three sizes bigger? Think I'll venture out tomorrow...

Staley, glad to hear nursing is going well now... what's the cabbage for??? (and I'm glad to hear about the naming ceremony sans circ - I have yet to discuss this with DH, but I've firmly decided against the circ...)

-love to all,
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congrats mneek and ravenmoon!!!!!

i love hearing about all the new little babes! i have my breast pump ready, and will get nursing bras this saturday.
thanks for the tip, staley!

went to the doctor yesterday and had another sonogram. each baby is weighing in at four and a half pounds right now! no wonder my belly feels so heavy! there's plenty of fluid and we got some nice facial shots. they are both head down, which also good news. and my cervix is still closed, so it looks like we are going to go to term with these kids (37 weeks for twins, i'm at almost 35 right now). my doctor is delighted and surprised! if we haven't had them by 38, we will induce. so either way, i'll have these kids in the next three weeks!
battleaxe--glad your stress test turned out well, although sorry you had to worry.

has anyone else been tested for strep B? i was yesterday, we find out next visit what the results were.

good luck everyone! hope you are all well!
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hey mamas!

what two days and no new babies?? it's may 2nd!! just kidding--no pressure. i am so excited for everybody!

ok apparently you cannot post pics on these boards! (or i can't figure it out--if it is possible someone let me know) SO...i have posted a very adorable picture of satchel on mamatron.org in the pregnancy forum under "may mamas show us your babies". please pop in and take a peek and add your pics!!

p.s. the cabbage helps with engorgement
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ok, i've had a bloody show and lost what I think is most of my mucus plug (2 days ago)... still waiting but feel like it is very soon.

had an ultrasound today and the babe is in good shape!

lisa d.
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Two days past due and I don't think we'll have a May 3rd baby either...But we are going to have another baby exorcism session tonight if you catch my drift....I may have lost some mucus plug too but I wouldn't swear that it's not just wishful thinking.

Now the hospital bag is packed and I've packed a baby carrier with comforter and some bringing home clothes (color scheme brown and yellow - we still don't know whether the baby until now known as Boink will turn out a Henry/Louis or a Vita/Liva...Seems like I'm running out of prep work to do!
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Hang in there Electricita! I'm now 4 days overdue... I knew I would be a May mama! Kinda going crazy but guess this waiting time ((((((really))))))) makes one want the babe! I'm off for another 2 hour walk (on swelled feet). As I seem to lose a little more of the mucus plug everytime I going walking. Also seem to get contractions although they are irregular!

Who else is almost there?

Lisa d
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Playful/Lisa and Electricita - you guys are so close, you're almost there. God I'm so curious and excited! And Lisa, I really want to hear about the homebirth.

So far we have:
Fiberchick- Seth
Staleyg - Satchel
Mneek - Noah Asher
Ravenmoon- Opal

Am I forgetting anyone?


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Nathaniel is here!

Nathaniel Brian flew into this world on May 2, 2002 (10 days overdue) weighing 10# even and 23 (!!!) inches long after a 4 1/2 hour labor and pushed out in 7 minutes and I only needed one stitch ... Do I feel amazed!

He's beautiful, his big brother Noah loves him and already he wants to eat all the time.


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I'm still here-
Awake at an uncivilized hour again. I do like how nice and quiet it is though. I honestly don't feel much closer to having this baby. I have more pressure and plenty of Braxton Hicks but not much else. Feeling either optimistic or pessimistic I made an appointment to have a pedicure on Tuesday. I don't want icky feet to distract me in labor. I have serious feet issues!
I have my last day of work tomorrow and then I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself. There is plenty to do around here but so far I'm not feeling all that nesty. I am pretty emotional, several episodes of random tears over the last few days.
I'm excited to have the baby but I'm really anxious too. I keep trying to imagine what it will be like to spend a day alone being a mother and it comes up blank. I just have no clue what I'm supposed to do. I guess it will come to me.
I'm thinking of all of you just delivered and about to be delivered. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in this.
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Congrats new Moms!! Wow Jordmoder, a 10 pounder. I'm so happy for you all! I can't wait to see my babe. I'm sitting here 5 days overdue, lost some mucus and feeling different everyday.

Heuy, I got my toes done as a present to myself on my due date.
Cherry Red! I want to feel a little glamourous while birthing and I can't paint my own anymore.

I really don't want to be induced if I go over two weeks. We've been doing the nip stim and sex but no herbal as of yet. I don't know much about the black and blue Cosh..whatever, has anyone tried that? I'm fine with just waiting.
Good luck!
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Hey, I'm a little late here.... I'm due anytime from now 'til the end of May... My "official" due date is the 20th, but we have no menstrual cycle to rely on, as I was still nursing my DD and never got my cycle back... so it's pretty much just a big ol' guestimation as to when this babe will come...
Congratulations, new mommies!! I feel so envious right now! I have this huge watermelon-shaped belly that points STRAIGHT OUT like a gigantic belly arrow. My poor ligaments underneath this huge belly hurt so bad I can barely bend over.
I have all my birth supplies boxed up and ready... the house is shining... come baby, come! Everything's ready for you!!! DD is two and a half and really excited to meet her new sister/brother. She helps my midwife with the prenatals, watches all my birth videos -- "Wanna watch again, mommy! Wanna watch again!" -- and she tells everyone the baby has to finish cooking before it comes out, because we don't want a "raw" baby...
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OK people, hope I'm not crying wolf here but it seems something's started to happen....

While some people may get the urge to start scrubbing radiator valvues with tooth bruthes, last night I got the urge to go to a good rock'n'roll show again after passing up many a chance over the past six months or so...

So we went and saw Tav Falco & Panther Burns and I had a really great time, stayed up til 1:30 (unheard of for me these days) and woke up when most my mucus plug decided to unlodge along with some bloody show and I have started having some (fairly weak still) contractions. We've gone for a walk, rented some films and I have tried to sleep (no go) - now I am just waiting for this thing to pick up speed so wish me luck!
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Just wanted to cry all morning long. I am so tired of waiting. My due date is Tues. but I had to go to the hospital to have some bleeding checked out last Mon. and they made me stay 24 hrs. because I was "in labor". I was 4-5 cm and 50% effaced. Now I have been walking around like that for almost a week and I can't stand it anymore. Anyone else more depressed than anything?
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go Electricia go!!!! I'm sending you strong contraction vibes!

hey islandgirl, i was really bummed out yesterday too! i have the worst case of hemmriods imaginable (sorry)! hang in there... your baby is coming!

easy to say to you!

I'm also still a tad crazy waitin'! Ultrasound was good on thursday but showed a slightly diminished amniotic fluid level. We have a non-stress test tomorrow. Babe is still moving well. Nothing but cramping in the evenings! I hope I don't have to be induced (I really want to use the birthing tub at home). We will try a natural inducement first... so send me labour vibes (I'm sorta worried I will end up in the hospital... and haven't mentally prepared myself for that)! Just want our babe to be healthy!

off to go see spiderman!

maybe I have been too quiet and a good ole rock n roll show would help! A friend just lent me a mexican cd by a band called Silverio... i haven't heard anything so good for years!!!!! Strong base line that reminds me of the stranglers... it has gotten me up dancin' (which seems to bring on conractions)!
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Well, I have gone from calm in my waiting for babe to depressed and crying while waiting. I'm due May 13th. I can't explain the crying, maybe its hormones run amok. It is good to hear of other mammas who are making progress, I just wish I was one of them. It's hard at the end, huh?
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i'm still here. my babies are still waiting.

annoying thing: dh, me and a friend from out of town went out to lunch yesterday and got pizza. i was really craving a mountain dew, since i gave them up for pregnancy and have had four or five this whole time. so i ask the waitress, "what kind fo soda do you have?" and she says, "without caffiene, we have pink lemonade and sprite!" and so kind of paused and asked specifically about mountain dew, and asked for a "small" one. she brings me one in a paper kiddie cup!!!!! dh tried to convince me that she was just trying to anticipate me not wanting caffeiene, but i felt angry anyways.

have no progress as far as labor goes. but i DO have a PUPP rash all over my arms, belly and butt. lucky me
it really hurts and just broke out this weekend. makes it very hard to sit, and i'm desperately resisting scratching but sometimes i just can't help it. as a result, it's all raw and nasty. some of the mamas at mamatron recommended aloe gel so will try that today. anyone else had this pleasure yet?

last night we had people over for birthday of dh's friend sarah who got really drunk and kept telling me how much huger i was than the last time she saw me, and making grand hand gestures around my belly to show just how much bigger. and thursday i talked to a friend in ohio who has an 8 week old, and i could hear the little baby grunts and noises and got so jealous!

no nesting impulse here. i just want my babies.

huey--i understand compeltely what you mean about not being able to visualize being a mama. i can't either. i figure it will just come to me as it happens.

good luck everyone! i'm so jealous of everyone holding their little babes! hugs and strength to anyone going through problems.
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I hear ya Esperanza...that keeps happening to me too - the whole world is trying to make decisions for me and it irks me to no end. My dh bought a 6-pack of beer at a health food store and the guy at the checkout said, "this is for YOU, isn't it? " to him. Like I'm gonna shop at an organic health food store and buy veggies and herbs, and then go home and drink a 6-pack, and like its his business to inquire.

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Ok mamas-
It's almost here. I cannot believe my due date is tomorrow. I'm almost 100% sure not a darn thing is going to happen but it's still cool. I feel pretty good physically which I take as a sort of bad sign. I am having more Braxton Hicks and they seem to be stronger. I get occasional jabs in the cervix which are painful but encouraging. I'm a little more tired too but I think that is due to the hightened state of anxiety.
Today was my first day of housewifeness and I was about to go mental. I don't know what I'm going to do if this takes a week or more. My husband has the next two days off so he can entertain me. After that I'm calling my mom. I have no urge to clean or cook or craft by myself. I don't have the attention span to read and I want to shop but have no money. Poor me.
I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow which should be good. Maybe she knows some good reflexology points to stimulate contractions.
Good luck all you almost there mamas. Our time is coming fast!
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My due date is today as well. I've already been walking around for a week at 4-5 cm and Extremely anxious. Like you, I don't feel like doing much. Some lady at the beach was yelling at me for having my dogs off the leash this morning and I just about lost it!! My mom is here and more patient than I am, my husband is really hoping to be off work this week...but no pressure right? I'm already stir crazy and this could go on and on!!
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Here I am, a week overdue. I got laid off about two months ago and I've enjoyed my time off until now. I'm going crazy. I've reread all my books, alphabetized our CD's and organized 10 years of photographs. What other meaningless tasks can I find? My house is sparkling!
I was checked today;2cm and 50%. Midwife did a little sweep to strip my membranes, yow! She set my induction date for next Tuesday. I really, really want to go into labor on my own. Anyway, I'll be a mama next week.
Good luck to you all!
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