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Not as far along as I thought....

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I am trying not to alarm myself about this, but I had my first US today, and it turns out that I am not as far along as I thought.

The reason I had an US is because I don't really know the dates of my last period, or of ovulation, or of conception really. We just moved, and I just haven't been paying attention...plus I think the stress of the move screwed up my cycle a bit.

Anyway, I expected to be about 71/2 weeks, and the technician said the little one looked around 6 weeks. I'm sure it's possible for me to be about a week off in my very vague calculations....plus the sperm can live inside uterus/falopian tubes for up to a week, so that allows for a long window of opportunity. I just can't help but worry a little bit. My DH thinks I'm absolutely crazy!

We did see the heart fluttering!!!! So, that's really cool. :
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: Congrats! :
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Congrats on everything looking good! I wouldn't worry at all about the dates since you said you could easily be off by a week in your calculations. :
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Congrats on the heartbeat!!
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Congrats!!! I wouldn't worry either.
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The exact thing happened to me! We weren't trying and my last period was around Christmas which was so hectic. I went in thinking I was 7-7.5 weeks, but they put me at 6. So far everything is fine though, and I'd rather have the later due date so if I go over a bit they won't start pushing for an induction so soon!

Congratulations though! It is so exciting seeing the tiny heart beating, isn't it?
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Ditto on what everyone else said. You saw a heartbeat, so that's the best possible thing! :
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Well, to encourage you some from a midwifery point of view, ultrasounds are most accurate between 6 and 8 weeks of pregnancy at pinpointing dates so at least you know for sure at this point. I fear I am going to have the same issue with not being as far along as I am because I have a long cycle and ovulation is a mystery to me for this pregnancy and cannot even believe I am pregnant! I know when my last period was, I just have no idea how long this cycle was or when I would have ovulated. It was only my second back since having my DS. So, we will see in 2 weeks what the ultrasound says. I may be two weeks behind what I think I am right now?!
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Me too - I thought I might be as much as 10 weeks (I've only had one period since I had DS2 in Oct 06 and that was in mid-December). I had an u/s on Tuesday and I was 8 weeks to the day.

I've been really sick from 5.5 weeks and the extra 2 weeks to look forward to feeling terrible was a real blow!

I'm in Canada and taking Diclectin - today I'm not feeling too rough so I'm hoping that it's eventually beginning to help (after 2 weeks of taking it religiously).

S, married to D, Mother to H (4) and R (2) little one due 10/06
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I have sort of the opposite story. I KNEW my dates, firmly, and was 7w4d by ovulation when I went in for an u/s. The baby had a heart rate consistent w/ 7w3d (which I found out later by doing research) but its physical measurement was only 6w1d. My ovulation due date was 12/9 and my u/s due date was 12/19. DD was born 12/5 in need of a fingernail clipping and with no vernix... so guess which due date was right? LOL
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