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I'm spotting

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thats all.
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Hang in there. Keep us updated if you can.
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Big hugs. I know it's scary but it could be nothing at all. Rest and take care
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Hang in there!
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I spotted with all my pregnancies. Very heavy with my first daughter, due to a blood clot in my uterus. Remember, it's often perfectly normal. I know how stressful it can be though! Hugs!
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Oh goodness, sending big prayers your way!!!!!!! (((hugs)))
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I have my fingers crossed for you. I spotted/bled when pg with both ds and dd. It really can be okay.
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I know how stressful that is. Hang in there, take it easy, keep us posted. I know you won't be able to think about anything else for a while. We're here rooting for you.
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I read that there's a very large percentage of people who spot while pregnant with nothing being wrong. Hang in there!
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Good luck! I've been spotting, too.
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Hugs to you...
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I checked myself last night, and my os was closed and still pretty high. There was no blood on my fingers afterwards, and I used my progest cream. We'll see.
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thanks for the update, mysticmomma! hope everything continues to go well for you.
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: thinking of you today.
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