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I pulled out my maternity pants today...

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I'm only 8 weeks! When I got pregnant I was 10 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with DS, and I haven't gained any weight at all yet, but I swear everything seems to be shifting around. I can't STAND wearing normal pants when I sit down, they just seem to cut right into me.

I'm kind of torn between wanting to cry at having to already break them out and being all kinds of happy that I GET to break them out again, you know?
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I hear you!

I'm only 6 weeks, so still fighting the fight, but I feel quite certain that by 8 or 9, I'll be in maternity. I was in maternity clothes full time with both my other kids by 10 weeks or so . . .

I'm already wearing my jeans unbuttoned though!
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Unfortunately, I got rid of all my maternity stuff after my second. I didn't plan on having anymore for several years. Well, here I am! And I'm definetly going to need to take a trip to get some maternity jeans before too long. I doubt I'm really "showing" but I am definetly bloated and nothing I wear, other than my scrubs for work, is comfortable.
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I can only wear my loosest "rigid, buttoned" pants, and maybe my jeans. they are fairly loose and low rise. But everything else I am wearing right now are yoga style pants, roll down waist skirts etc. My maternity clothin is with my sister still but I am going to need them in a couple weeks, I thiink
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Im living in sweatpants right now. I finally told the lady I babysit for and next weekend we are telling family & our Church so as soon as they all know i am pulling out the maternity jeans. I havent wore my regular jeans in 3 weeks. . . Too uncomfortable!
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one! With DS, I only gained 9 pounds the whole pregnancy and didn't need to bother with maternity jeans until at least 15 weeks or so...and I never did switch to maternity pants for my dress clothes (I was working then). But this time around I'm just feeling so much bigger so much faster, even though the scale shows no weight gain yet.
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I'm trying hard not to start wearing mine too. The elastic waist is so much more comfortable!
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I've been out of my regular pants from about day one of all my pregnancies. I'm a fairly small person, but still. Oh, well. My comfort is more important than anything else when I'm feeling . It has been a pain trying to find shirts to wear that will "hide" the maternity waistband.
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I'm still perfectly fine in my "relaxed" fit jeans, but my regular jeans are miserably constrictive. (This is my first baby, so I know that has a lot to do with it.) I'm plus-sized to begin with, so I'm hoping I can get away with most of my regular "roomy" clothes for a while longer.
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see, and i've been thinking my jeans are awfully uncomfortable lately, but i couldn't think why.....

i refuse to break out the maternity pants yet!

that would reveal "my condition" to those around me. i haven't even told my kids yet, and i'm trying to figure out a way that i never have to tell my parents..

anyway some of my maternity pants won't even fit--last pregnancy i was really thin compared to how i am now! i barely gained 20lbs while pregnant, but then gained over 25 in nursing weight, and that didn't have a chance to come off yet. i think my pre-preg weight for this time is my 40-week weight for last time....that's scary!

i wear a lot of yoga pants anyway. so i guess i'll just keep that up.
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