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PP Discharge question

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I'm 7 weeks PP, and STILL have to use a pantiliner every day because of this weird, light yellowish-tan discharge that is more liquidy than mucousy. There's not even that much, but I keep waiting for there to be less and less and then none, but it's the same every day.

Last week I asked my mw about it at my check-up, and she said something about it being because I'm breastfeeding and something to do with my cycle and hormones. I didn't really get it and could ask her again, but was just wondering if any of you know what's going on?

I just want a break from pads!
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No advice for ya...our babies were born the same day, though. :-) I did have that discharge for a few weeks. It'll stop soon. Did your midwife say you should take it easy? Maybe that's an excuse for some more mama / baby naps. :
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I have the same stuff. Baby is 8 weeks old today.

It's just annoying! But it'll be over soon. I don't remember it lasting this long with DD1, but I had more discharge throughout this 2nd PG and the lochea lasted longer this time around too.
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Thanks. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I don't mind "annoying" as much if I know it's "normal", KWIM?
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Yeah, I was relieved to see your post saying the exact same thing I was seeing. not really a concern or a worry, but it's different than what I went through last time, to the best of my memory.
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