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Sick. Crud.

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I'm sick with an upper respiratory thing. Went to the doc (grudgingly - but have a history of significant sinus infections that end up turning into pneumonia). She gave me a category C med. : I'm glad that I read the package insert before taking it. Neti pot, massage, adjustment, moist heat aren't helping. I just need something to stop the drainage.

I am reminded of how much I hate being sick... and how much more I hate being sick while pregnant.
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that's the worst! I somehow generally manage to avoid being sick when preggers - I hope the trend continues.

I'm sorry and I hope you feel better soon
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You called back and got a different med, right? I thought all 'cillins and 'mycins are safe in pregnancy...but I never had to have abx in the frist trimester though. You should be able to take a z-pack, right?

Hope you feel better soon!!!!
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I am so sorry. My husband worked at a pharmacy during my first pregnancy, and he had to bring home every cold, flu, and step throat that came through. Take care of yourself.
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That sucks! I agree, get another abx if you haven't already. My sinus infections are always bacterial, and I've wound up with pneumonia more than once by trying not to treat them w/abx. The drainage sucks, ugh. The only thing I can think of us lots of warm salt water gargling to help keep the back of your throat clear.
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Actually went to the pharmacy and got some OTC meds that are ok for pg. The med that she gave me was a nasal antihistamine. She refused to write a Rx for abx as she said, "well, you don't have a fever and the discharge is clear." Completely ignored my history and treated me like a moron. :
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