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Just for fun...

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I was reading other threads where some posters were talking about age, and just got curious to know about my fellow June mama's:

How old are you?

I'll start: I'm 21 Yup, I'm a young'in.
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27. I am such a child of the 80's
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You are a youngun'

I am 30...ugh that was a hard b-day. I still consider myself to be 25 though
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I'm 29, but this is my 3rd, I had my first two at 23 and 25, so I was pretty young the first time around.
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ahhh boo- I'm the oldie....

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24, I'll be 25 when the kiddo is born.
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I am 23, and will be 24 before the birth.
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I beat you all so far

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I'm 27. Had my first at 19.
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I turned 30 in February.
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I'm 25 will be 26 around the time the little one gets here.
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I'm 28. This kind of thread should really have a poll, so that we can get a visual!
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I'm 27, and will be 28 before the baby is born.
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I'll be 33 in just over a week!
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I'm 30. Looks like I'm not alone .
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I'm 23 -- but most moms in San Francisco are atleast in their 30s, from like 30-43 having their first babies... so I kind of feel like a loner... and people are VERY ageist...when one girl found out I was pregnant (she overheard me)-- she asked "....are you gonna keep it?"...omg... I have been married over 3 years and this was planned, so YES, I'm "gonna keep it" lol...
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