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March room challenge

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Can you believe March begins on Sunday??? February sure is short.

I have one room left in our house to declutter, deep clean, and organize:

The Family Office

It is the final frontier for a serious, call-the-donation-place-for-a-pick-up area of our house. I am sooo excited to finish it up! :

Anyone want to join me?

Feel free to do a different room, if you prefer. Not everyone has an entire "office" anyway. Perhaps a desk somewhere in your house could use some TLC? Wherever you or your spouse/partner or children do paperwork, school work, work from home, etc is my idea...

I'll post "before" pictures before March 1. You can see my progress on February's room challenge on page 4 of that thread (in stickies). It has inspired me to finish our house!!!
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I'll join!

We don't have an office, but we do have an area upstairs where our computer desk is set up and it is generally a disaster. It could use some TLC next month.
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I'm doing an easy one - family room. It's clean, decluttered and organized but it could use a few things - window treatments, a coffee table, 2 new comfy chairs and I guess that's it. Maybe some more plants. This will motivate me to actually get those things! Oh, and I want to put up a new pic above the fireplace.
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I'm in! We have a home office so I'll do that. I'm almost finished with Feb challenge (our garage)... hopefully I'll get a chance to take some "after" pictures tomorrow so I can post.
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perfect for me, i've been trying to finish that room.
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Yippee! Thanks for joining me! :

Ugh. I photographed our family office today. It is not pretty. It happens to look particularly bad right now because we recently added two pieces of furniture (Feb) and removed two (2008 sometime & Feb). All the stuff in those is on the floor and stuff from other rooms, but related to this room's function, have all been moved in here. The stuff from the furniture we removed back in 2008 has been in our bedroom. : As if that is not enough to throw a room into chaos , DD's birthday is coming up and we are making her invitations. They are all over DH's desk and he comes home from a business trip in a couple hours.

Click here to see what I got myself into and wish me luck! DD's party is being held at our house the third weekend in March, so I have a built-in deadline.
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In. *shudders at the current state of her office*
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Argh, I'd love to do our "office" because it mostly consists of DH's papers all over the closet I'll see what I can convince him to let me do.
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I'm in. My "office" is a corner of our great room. It's bad. More later, gotta run. Actually I will take b4 pics.
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I'm gonna do our family room/office AND our bedroom. I'll get pics up later....the bedroom is quite astonishing, and not in a good way.
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I'm finally going to join in on this one, I've been following these for months.

Last fall, we completely rearranged our house and I painted the office. We've gotten it mostly organized, new desks, etc. But dh's got a box of crap left and it seriously needs some curtains. I really think it'll take me all month to get curtains up. My son's bday is late March so I'd like to have this and a few other small projects done by then.

I'll have to dig up some before and progress pics.
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I'm in... office it will be, not the room that I really 'want' to do since ours is a complete disaster and I was hoping for an easy challenge but that's what this is all about - a challenge to motivate ourselves to get to the rooms we have been putting off for a while!

Actually it's not really that bad. I need to go through a bunch of paperwork, that's going to be the biggie. We just moved in December so all my books are still in boxes, will be nice to get them out, go through them and get rid of some. (I went through them before we moved and passed on a bunch but there is more that needs to go, was difficult emotionally to get rid of so many then, hopefully since they have been out of sight for a couple of months I'll be able to let go.)

I plan on taking 2 weeks off in March to just hang out with the boys while they are on Spring break from school. ... I know- I know - I stay at home as it is, but I'm always doing 'something' I need to take a break from day to day life and just enjoy life, enjoy the kids while they are still little. So there it is, from the 8th to the 21st I'll be on sebatical!

I'll get some pictures up - by Monday.
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I'm in! I have a started office. I want to finish the room and finish moving everything out of the kitchen and guest room into it. I am also going to square away paper work as part of this plan.
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I need this. Our office is a junk room and we need to clear it out to make it into a bedroom for our oldest. I keep putting it off. maybe you will all help me stay on track?
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I'm in! I'm actually going to do my room, since this is my first month doing this. This is so sad, but my bedroom became the dumping ground for the house. I would get so busy that cleaning house meant running around to all the rooms that people could see, picking all the mess up and throwing it in my room and shutting the door. So, it's the messiest part of my house.
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If we cheer each other on, maybe we can all make it through these rooms???

DD & I spent most of the day making her party invitations in the family office, which made an even bigger mess. They are finished now and we put away all of those supplies. Whew! After dinner, DH helped me empty out the room or at least clear out all but one main project from the floor. WOW! The room looks tons better! Our bedroom sure looks like a craft explosion occurred, though.

I left all of my stamps (rubber, foam, clear) in the office on the floor. They used to be in the white rolling cart that moved downstairs to the project room in February. I have no idea what to do with them now. I wasn't crazy about the way they were organized because the storage wasn't shallow enough for easy viewing, but they are super organized (by theme and alphabetical with each theme). The three drawers that the rubber stamps are in belong in the cart downstairs, so I'd like to get those out soon. I'd like to keep them in the organization they are in, but find shallower or smaller or just more efficient storage for seeing and putting away. My foam stamps are overflowing their basket and cannot be seen easily, either, but are also very organized. My clear stamps get the most use BY FAR and are always a mess. Got any storage ideas??? I have a large cabinet in here now (from project room) and the shelves are about 13-14 inches square and I have seven of them (two fixed) or I could use the closet shelving and move something from there into the cabinet. DH & I were brainstorming ideas tonight, but we're both too tired to think straight...
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I'm in, we don't have an office (I would love one!) but our family room houses the computer table so I'll do that room
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i'm in! this is an easy one for me and after a disastrous feb. challenge of doing nothing, i'm ready to jump back in.

our "office" area is in one corner of our dining room, so i'll just do the whole room. we remodeled this room last year, so not a ton to do, but it's still not quite finished.

good luck everyone!
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for the stamps, what about cookie sheets? or cake pans? you could stack them up on a shelf, wouldn't be closed storage which if they got knocked over... mess but they would be single layer so you could see them all (well all that was on that one tray)
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I'm in! Our "office" is just a desk in the spare bedroom, but it could use dome attention. Nak
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