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is this right??

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I'm trying to figure out when I may have ovulated. I found out at the u/s earlier this week that I am in my 9th week. In fact, I was 9 weeks 1 day on Tuesday of this week. According to my notes (yes I keep notes ) the first day of my last period was 12/27/08. I have short cycles, almost always 21 days between them. DH and I dtd on January 4th. That was the first time we dtd since earlier in December and we didn't do it again until after I found out I was pregnant (we're old and YES it's a miracle I even conceived considering how very infrequent we dtd, lol).

Sooooo....if I'm in the 9th week and I was 9 wks 1 day on Tuesday of this week and we dtd on Sunday, Jan 4th then that means I would have ovulated sometime on Sunday the 4th or Monday the 5th. Is this correct? If so, there is a good chance it could be a boy, right? Ofcourse we would be extremely thrilled with either gender but I'm curious if my calculations are correct. Am I making sense with all of this? Anyone?
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And the reason I am curious as to if I have a greater chance of having a boy is that I've read in several places that boys are more likely conceived within the first 24 hours of ovulation because male sperm dies off sooner than female sperm, which can last many days longer.
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I have also read about this theory (the notion that "boy" sperm are faster but die quicker and the opposite with girl sperm--slow and hardy). But there is another theory out there that combines this idea with the notion that the mom's ph balance also influences gender--i.e. boy sperm survive better in a more alkaline and girls in a more acidic environment (b/c the girls are hardier and can survive longer in the acidity).

I also was taking notes, but b/c I wasn't temping and it was only my second cycle off the Pill, I am not really sure when I ovulated. My guess at this point based on CM is that I ovulated on Jan 2 and we DTD on Jan 1st (new years baby!). So, if I ovulated in less than 12-24 hours after it might be a boy (according to the theory), but I'm still hoping for a girl. . .but of course happy with any "kind" of baby!
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We got our daughter by timing a couple days ahead of time. I totally believe in that. But my mind is too fried to figure out your O date. Sorry.
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I've been thinking about this more and more and the more I think about it the more it seems like I'd be more like 10 weeks along this week. I only had 9 or 10 days between the first day of my last AF and the day we dtd/possibly ovulated. That is less than 2 weeks. When I count back on my calendar I get 8 weeks from the date I would have ovulated, which means if I add on the two weeks before O then that makes me 10 weeks along. Sooo confusing. I think I'm mainly wondering about this now because I want to know if I will go early.
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