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Thanks everyone! DH and I talked last night and we are going to continue counseling we started last Tuesday. I think he has not been sure the whole time but just goes along with it because I pretty much tell him too without using so many words. He is finally speaking up and saying what he wants. That is to work on our marriage first. He thinks I want a baby soooo bad that is all I am focused on and he thinks I treat him as if he is just a sperm donor. So I have my list of things to work on and he has his. I did tell him if I am willing to wait and work it out then when we do start again I want to do IVF. Not that I want to spend the money but if IUIs aren't working and I'm taking time off I think its only fair. I just have to take it one day at a time.

I see it very hard to try and be a "good" wife when he tells me I can't have a baby.
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Aaaahh Becky, I know how you feel. I'm glad you guys are working things out. My DH and I have been married and TTC for 6 years! It's all consuming for both of us, but more for me. Every so often he wants to stop trying and I think it's because it's just too stressful for both of us. He sees how upset I get and I think he feels a bit helpless -- which nobody likes to feel. Add to that the expense, our families constant inqueries and concerns, the baby sex (which has ruined sex for us, in general...) There are times I want to give up too; but I know we have to keep trying. I just turned 41, so time is really running out for us. We've wasted so much time and money on this-- but at least our marriage seems stable. I do wonder how we'll be when we either have kids or decide to live child-free; but that's another story...

Anyway, I think Brittloup had a lot of good advice and I am a huge advocate of therapy! So -- feel free to pour your heart out here, that's why I joined -- so I could share with other people all the horrors that go on with infertility. Regular people can try to understand, but they just can't empathize.

Happy Sunday Everyone!
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Laci---- I have no clue! I'm still new to the forum and don't quite know what everything is. Please let me know what it is!

Thank You!!!
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Brittloup-I PM'D you
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becky- I'm sorry hun. I think it is normal to have doubts. Hopefully you can work it out.

AFM- 7DPO and sure this cycle didn't work either. I am getting so tired of this.
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BFN. This weekend the breast tenderness ended completely and yesterday afternoon I started spotting (11 dpo). As of today, I have full flow. What a strange, strange month. Looks like I'll be joining the April IUI thread for my 7th and final IUI before moving onto IVF in May.
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I'm sorry Daisy. It looks as though I will be joining you. My temps are following their usual pattern. This sucks.
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sorry to crash your thread but I started my own and wasn't able to get any responses so i figured i would come here and a second resort.

Ganirelix vs. cetrotide ?? need info??


new to this site but was wondering if anyone could give me their experience with ganirelix or cetrotide.

I have been doing lots of research before committing to injections as I have failed the clomid challenge with HCG trigger.

We are looking into doing low dose repronex, with either (ganirelix or cetrotide) HCG trigger and iui

I found more info about the cetrotide shot than ganirelix and that it can be taken as one 3mg shot lasting 4 days or multiple days of .25mg injections till Trigger.

I wasn't sure if ganirelix worked the same way is this to available for either a single shot or multiple shots.

if anyone could give me their experience with either what dose did u have to take and what cycle day/days. our insurance doesn't cover fertility meds so im also looking into the best value ect. so any info would really help.

If you could click on the link above to reply as idk if ill be able to find this thread again. lol
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Daisy I am so sorry

The April IUI post is now open
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and AF is here! Baseline on Thursday!
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