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Maybe I can just make a general post that states IVF is welcome. That way the ones that want to be here can. What does eveyone think??

I am a little disapointed right now. On to IUI #3
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Laci--I am so sorry. Did they give you the next plan of action?
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They said after IUI 4 I can reevaluate so 2 more to go. Then I will probably move on to IVF. I don't want to keepdoing IUI if it is not working. I don't want my insurance to run out.
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I am hoping it does not come to that
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Originally Posted by nummies View Post
Pixie- Welcome!

Laci- Thinking of you today! I am fine with joining the two threads, but am not sure if the IVF girls would be.

daisy- That is annoying! Sorry you have to go.
Thanks nummies
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Originally Posted by mama-lisa View Post
I've been lurking for awhile...used to post and then was SO frustrated, that I just kept reading and not commenting. I've done 8 months of Clomid, 3 IUI's, 5 timing bd, and now I'm taking Femara. Anyone else taking this?

I missed my IUI because I O'd 2 days earlier than my ultrasound was scheduled for...anyone have early O with Femara? So, natural it was...now 2dpo and waiting, waiting, waiting....

Hope your 2 weeks are short and filled with lots of fun!
Femara made me O early too.
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Laci- Hugs to you
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So sorry Laci. On to the next, I suppose. Bummer.

My IUI is still on target for this weekend, Sunday and Monday. It seems I am not responding as well to the meds as I did before my pregnancy and loss. Only one follie, but he's a nice big one and should be just fine for this weekend. We'll see if I respond any differently next cycle (if there is one). I usually have about three good contenders. Oh well, maybe I won't have to feel too invested in this cycle. It is the first since our loss so maybe it is just a trial. I'll wait and see how it plays out.

Good luck everyone and welcome Pixie. Lisa, sorry I'm of no help with the Femara, but I hope it works out.
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Anyone have stats on multiple IUI vs single IUI. My RE does a single with a trigger shot usually..not that it's made a difference!

Has anyone combined clomid and injectables or femara and injectables? I'm running out of time and money...insurance doesn't cover....as for time...DH had vasectomy reversal 15 months ago, and they say scar tissue builds up after the first year making it harder to conceive.

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How do you post stats on bottom?
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mama-lisa---go to user cp on the top left. Then scroll down and click on edit signature. I hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by Laci View Post
Maybe I can just make a general post that states IVF is welcome. That way the ones that want to be here can. What does eveyone think??

I am a little disapointed right now. On to IUI #3
Laci - I was just checking in on you (my past cycle buddy). So sorry to see the BFN. Was this an injectable cycle or just clomid, sorry I forget. Keep your head up my friend!!! I know if I would have to do it again I'd totally skip the clomid and go straight to the injectable route.
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When I spoke with my DR. he gave me the decision to skip clomid if I wanted, so I did. I am on (last cycle) .5 lupron and 150 gonal. So this will be my third with injectables......
Blue thanks for checking up on me did you get my pm?

Mamasgirls-I do not know the answer to your question.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I came home last night and took a xanax, fell asleep at 8 pm. I feel better today. I am just not sure how long I want to do this for. It is very taxing. And I am feeling a little discouraged. This is alot harder than I had originally thought. I did not get to do acupuncture last time b/c the acupuncturist had to cancel me so I have a call in to get it done this week and have it done in conjunction with my IUI. I figure it can't hurt right?
I also found out that I was not supposed to stop the baby aspirin with the injectables, so I will take it every night now. Just waiting for AF. I stopped the progesterone last night.

Well I hope this is someones month! Come on ladies. We need a BFP!!!!!
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Laci, thanks for keeping the thread this month. I'm so sorry about your bfn. It is so disappointing but it seems a lot of IUI successes are not on the first couple of tries so hopefully it will work for you soon.

Julia's mom, I can see why that would be frustrating. Also, to me, IVF just seems like a lot bigger deal than doing an IUI. Having an IUI isn't a picnic but IVF is a lot more involved. I don't have any problem with the threads being combined but I can see why those doing IVF would.

Welcome pixielou and wileymama and mama-lisa.

by-the-lake, thank you for your good wishes. I'm thinking of you as your time to test gets closer. :

AFM, I had my appt. yesterday and my dr. said the cm was lots better this cycle and then she threaded a catheter through my cervix without any difficulty whatsoever so it was the serophene (clomid) that was the problem. It was a bit early to see if I have any good follicles or not so I go back tomorrow morning and she'll do another u/s. I know my DH is hoping she'll tell us to just ttc naturally this cycle but she mentioned an IUI so if I have a good follicle that's likely what we'll do. She mentioned injectibles so I might be starting those next cycle.
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Laci- So sorry.

mama-lisa- I don't have stats for that stuff. But I will tell you that we are doing two IUIs this month instead of just one.

needle- Glad things are ok with your cervix.

This month is going by really slow. 12DPO and ready to get on with it. I didn't have a IUI this month because of the lab error so now I am just waiting.
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Needle- What a relief about your cervix. Hope you get clearer answers with your u/s tomorrow. Maybe you can go IUI and DTD; best of both worlds.

Nummies- How are you feeling in this 2WW? Whats the plan for next cycle (besides not having to pay for it

Laci- I know your discouragment. Its very real, so please take care of yourself. Def. get into AP ASAP; its wonderful on so many levels. Whats the plan again with next cycle?
AFM: Not feeling too much. The AF cramps are gone. Now still doing the stupid progesterone supps. I may just limit myself to one more cycle, then engage my time more towards my farm. DH and I have had enough.
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Laci..I am so sorry. I so know how you feel. I had three failed IUI's myself and each one got harder and harder. We decided to take a month off after the third one to give my body and mind a break. It really helped a lot. I did not think about TTC at all that entire month. Now, that I am in my fourth cycle of IUI, I feel a lot better and the acupuncture will help, I promise. I would also encourage massage. I have been treating myself like a real princess during this 2WW. I am 6DPO today. So far no symptoms at all! My temp. keeps moving up little by little. But I am trying hard not to look for too many symptoms or obsess too much. The only thing I can't stand is the progesterone. It makes me moody and I do not sleep very well for some reason. I tried taking it earlier last night and I slept better. I think when you take it right before bed, your hormone level peaks in your sleep. At least with me. I am on the look out for some BFP's on these threads!! It will happen for all of us with time. I am sure of it. Let's keep our chin's up!!
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by-the-lake- I understand about having enough. DH and I are almost to that point now. The plan for next cycle is to do 2 IUIs and progersterone in the 2ww (my prog. level was 16 last month). So that is pretty much it. How are you doing? Feeling any different? How many DPO are you now?
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Thanks everyone! I am feeling so much better today. The kind words really help.

Nummies----Update needed!

AFM: I have my first AP appt. on saturday at 2pm. I have yet to get AF so I am not sure what the plan is yet for this cycle. I may take a month off too if number 3 does not work.
I wish AF would get here!
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4dpiui. Nasal congestion is very bad and seems to be turning into a full blown cold. Is there something about Clomid that makes you more susceptible to illness? Last cycle was my first Clomid cycle and right about this same time in the cycle I got so sick, fever and everything. I really don't get sick very often.
I've been having chronic early morning wakefulness...and I'm not on any prog supplements so I don't know what is up. Crazy lucid dreams the last two nights, but not about babies. Breasts are getting huger by the hour and more painful but that is common for me on AF cycles so I can't read a lot into it. Oh and last night I had to get up at 1am to pee...that never happens to me! And I didn't have any more liquid than usual. And today I had a bit of bright red blood in my nose but it wasn't a nose bleed. Maybe it's cold related.
So in summary, plenty of positive signs but all I can do is wait and drive myself crazy. I'm hoping I'll spot implantation bleeding...that would be fantastic!
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