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Getting kicked by toddler in stomach (accidentally)

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Anyone?? I was accidentally kneed by my almost 3 year old today when she was getting up on my lap decently hard pretty close to my pubic bone. Anyone else had that happen? I'll just worry now until my 1st appt... which is in mid-March... that everything is ok. I'm sure our bodies are made for that sort of thing... but reassurance would be nice My DH thinks I'm crazy and says women get into car accidents, etc. but I still worry...
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My son regularly bounces on my stomach and nothing has happened yet. That bean is protected by layers of fat, muscle and bone! I think you will be just fine!
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I really felt freaked out many times during my last pregnancy because my toddler would kick & shove & knee my belly often, especially when he was breastfeeding. Eventually I started putting a pillow between him & my belly during nursing! I'm sure it's very common, & our bodies are designed to protect that little person in there! I'm sure you & the wee one are totally fine, but it's still scary & I've been there! Try not to worry.
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Thanks... it's good to hear reassurance. I'm sure it happened with my 2nd pregnancy... my 1st was only 10 mo. old when I got pregnant... so I'm sure she did the same thing... it's just been awhile now and I don't remember
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Yup, i get kicked a lot. She's a kicker when we sleep so my belly or back or always getting it.
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I've been kicked a bunch by my 2.5 y/o, she just doesn't realize she's doing it. For me though it really hurts because of my c/s scar. She's realizing that she can't do it anymore, mommy's not for jumping off of that's daddy's job.
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I worked at a daycare with toddlers all through my first pregnancy. They were constantly jumping into my lap, and once the baby got big enough, they kept kneeing him in the head! :P It hurt a lot because my skin would get pinched between knee-bone and skull, but it didn't damage him at all. (You'd think it would have persuaded him to turn head-down out of self-preservation, but no.)
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Being pregnant seems to be an unspoken invitation to all of my kids to elbow me in the uterus as hard as they can whenever they can. Seriously. I know I notice it more, but do they really need to use their elbow in my uterus to help themselves get up when we're snuggling together?
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Having little ones and being pregnant turns my stomach into a bulls eye. LOL Elbowed, kneed, headbutted, kicked.. all has been well. Babe is super protected in there!
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You all have made me feel much, much better thank you!!!
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Just adding to the masses. I first got hit really badly my first pregnancy, at around 6 weeks. I ran into the corner of the countertop. I was worried that time and called the doc, but since then I have tripped, been rammed into by heads, elbows, knees, toys, feet and various other objects.

I no longer worry. ;-)
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