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HOLY Cow!!!!!!!!! 1st U/S results!

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Okay, so we had the first U/S today!!!!!! THERE ARE TWO in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! : I guess baby #1 has a 95 % chance of making it and baby #2 is 50/50 chance of making it as per the RE. Baby #1 heart rate was 113 and #2 was like half of that so he said he wasn't sure about #2 making it or not, but we will see. He said it may end up being a vanishing twin. I guess we just have to pray that everything will work out like it is ment to and I know it is totally out of my hands. We go again for the next U/S in two weeks on Thurs March 12th and we will see if #2 made it or not. I still am in shock and both DH and i still can't believe it is all real. It is just so weird to hear two heartbeats in there!!!
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Wow! Congrats!!

I hope it works out in the best way it can for you guys -- whatever that is. Congrats on the strong heart rate for baby #1 and here's hoping #2 picks up.
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Oh how cool! I have secretly always wanted twins! Where you using clomid? Congratulations on hearing two heartbeats! That is so cool! I hope they both make it and you are our DDC first confirmed set of twins!
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congrats, go baby #2!
hope you all stay healthy as you grow together
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WOW! I do hope that second baby grows & grows! :

Congratulations, exciting news!!
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congrats mama! I know LOTS of success stories where one baby was behind!
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Congratulations! I hope your second little bean hangs in there!
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grow babies grow!

Hoping both babies grow, and grow! Congrats!
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Oh wow that's amazing!!!
What a suprise! I think many of us secretly have a tiny hope of seeing two of them in there at our first scan....
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how cool!! congrats! fingers crossed that #2 hangs on in there!
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WOW!!! You hit the jackpot!!!! I hope everything works out:
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So exciting!!! Go baby 2, go!
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Yay! Is this our first set of twins on the ddc??
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Congratz on the twins! Here's some good news to consider, you are SOOOOO early that it's really had to tell viability right now that there is alot of hope for baby B. Even my two were measuring a few days apart in the beginning and they are identical! Ultrasounds are fickle things and at 6 weeks you can't always see what you need to.

Make sure you start eating TONS of protein now. You need about 120g of protein a DAY minimum for a healthy twin pregnancy. This assures you a nice long gestation and strong healthy growing twins. Try not to let the Drs scare you. Twins are not a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, but the way Drs talk you would think they were! Ignore the possible complication, "need" for c-section, bedrest threats, PTL threats etc. Enjoy your pregnancy and what will be will be. I found the negativity to be the WORST part of twin pregnancy!

OH and join us in the parenting multiples board : Congratz and GROW babies! :
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Wow!! Thanks everyone for all the congrats!!! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed right now and a little scared too. It will all be good though I've got faith!!!:

Firewomen- to answer your question about clomid... I was actually on my first cycle of injectables (gonal F). I'd already done 3 cycles of clomid with 2 IUI's that didn't work.

fryebloom - So good to hear from someone else who has already gone through it. We actually have two sets of friends that just had twins this year so I know I will get tons of advice from them as well (and hopefully some clothes too!! Already starting to think about saving money and how we should have gotten the bigger car - haha). This might be a dumb question but how do you know how much 120g of protein? I guess i don't even know how much one chicken breast is. I love chicken so that is good that you said that. It is one of the few things that I feel that I can actually stomach right now. I'll have to check out the multiple board maybe in two weeks when I know it is legit!
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Beyond meat, stock up on eggs (I like to keep hard boiled eggs around as snacks and eat 2 a day when pregnant), and cottage cheese.
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nuts and beans are high-protein foods too
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