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Hydrogen peroxide and clogged ears?

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Hello,My son who is VERY prone to ear infections(has them repeadedly)just asked me to get all the ear wax out of his ear because he cant hear anything.I took a look and theres nothing there.A freind told me if you put a capfull of peroxide in his ear that all that would drain out.I hope this does not mean hes coming down with another infection.I hate to put anything in his ear unless I know it ok.Ive done several things in the past for infections,homeopathics,garlic ear oil,ect.Im out of all that in the house right now though.Thanks!
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Have you tried candleing?

I have tried peroxide but it didnt do any good for us.
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Hi Erin!i was just reading the links about that and really think that would be helpfull,maybe for all of us!Dh always has lots of ear wax probabaly from working in dusty warehouses and Ive had a vertigo problem for about a month receently and my physician suggested it was an inner ear thing from having recently been sick!The only reservation I have is I read it shouldnt be performed if the ear drum has been perforated.Im not sure how to tell because two or three times weve had docs say that happened or maybe Im confusing that with his ear drum rupturing.
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I've put hydrogen peroxide in my ears & also my sons. My mom does it all the time.
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When I was dealing with constant strep throat/ear infections my ENT would pour peroxide in, let it sit for a bit and then use a vacumn type thing to clean out all the wax. It was heaven! I could hear so much better and the amount of junkt hat would come out was frightening!
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When I was a kid, my brother suffered from frequent ear infections, and our ped told my mom to clean his ears periodically with peroxide. I don't know how effective it is, but your ears do feel wonderfully clean once you're done.

Have your child lie on his side, with a tissue in his hand to clean up drops. Put some peroxide into an eye dropper and drop it into his ear. Warn him ahead of time that it will feel cold, but won't hurt. Once all the bubbling has stopped, which can take about 5 minutes, have him roll over and let the peroxide drain out into the tissue. Repeat with other ear.
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hydrogen peroxide in the ears is also an effective way to fight the flu, if done at the onset.
www.mercola.com has 2 articles on it, just search for hydrogen peroxide.
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