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5 Lbs in March! C'mon!

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Just starting the March thread in anticipation of REACHING MY GOAL in MARCH!!! 3.8 lbs to go!
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Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F View Post
Just starting the March thread in anticipation of REACHING MY GOAL in MARCH!!! 3.8 lbs to go!
Rosemary S-F that's great!

OK, lets all hit the ground running for March! I want to hit 145 this month!

Maybe the fact that the baby is nursing all.....night......long.... will help me get rid of an extra pound or two. Unless I have to eat extra calories to stay conscious and pleasant during the day.
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I am in.. I need to loose 17 lbs. by Oct. so any little bit now will help!
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1lb to go to my next goal. Then I start in on the final 14lbs.

It's weird being at 150 again because all while I was getting heavier and at my heaviest I thought of myself as being about 150. And from the front I don't look too different now than at 185 (well, the giant breastfeeding breasts are new).

I've been doing a bit of thinking on how I'm going to stay at a comfortable size once I get there. I think it'll help to be honest with myself about how I'm feeling and looking so if there's a negative change I can act quickly to fix it.
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I'm signing onto here to watch Rosemary hit her goal.

But I should be able to drop 5 pounds this month too.

Go Rosemary! Go!
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I'm in. I only lost one-ish pound last month, but I'm actually pretty happy with that.

Oh... as an aside... DS night weaned in the past couple weeks and has been nursing a lot less (my boobs deflated!) and I'm wondering if that's the weight I lost or if it's possible that I might lose a little weight now that he's nursing less or if I should just be extra careful because I'm likely to put ON weight, now that there's fewer calories being burned each day from the nursing. My friend gained 10 lbs when she quit nursing, so I'm kinda nervous...
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I'm just starting my weightloss journey, so I've got about 35 lbs to lose. I'll join you to try to lose 5 this month!

I'm REALLY trying hard to cut out sugar. Wish me luck! And good luck to the rest of you, too!
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Thanks, Jen!
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Can I join? I really need the support. I'm starting tomorrow, technically.
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W2G Rosemary!

I am joining on for another month. I lost *I think* between 3-5 pounds last month and am continuing my journey with Intermittent Fasting.

Overall, I feel great and things are flowing!
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Originally Posted by dancebaraka View Post
and am continuing my journey with Intermittent Fasting.
dancebaraka, I saw on last months thread where you talked about this. I am really interested in it. Do you think you could send me some links to info about it, if it wouldn't be too much trouble?
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5 pounds for me this month!
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I'm in this month! My goal is to lose 7-10 lbs by Easter -- or 2-3 inches off waist/hips -- to fit my pre-prego swimsuits.

3 days lifting, 3 days elliptical, one day rest.
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Okay let's go ladies! I've been hovering aroung 150 the last few days, I'm GOING to break into the 40's asap! And by the end of the month I'd like to be at least at 145. I'm borrowing a friend's jogging stroller on Tuesday so hopefully I can start running with my 11 mo old. We have a bike trail along the roads by our house with lots of hills so that should burn some calories!
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I am in again. I lost exactly 5 lbs in Feb. and would like to lose 6 in March to land and 155. It feels pretty great to be so close to the 150's again. I have lost a total of 22 lbs since Oct.

I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can run more often. I have been walking the dogs but I can't run with so much snow and ice still on the sidewalks and trails. I am so done with winter. I drop weight really fast when I run consistently. So that is my plan. I also hope to add some yoga or pilates to my routine to help tighten my mid-section.
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I'm in, and hopefully will be more of an active participant this month! I started doing the South Beach diet a week ago, so I'll be continuing that and working on getting in some decent walks.

If I lose 5 in March, I'll be in the 170's, which is where I haven't been since I met my now ex-husband!!
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i really want to lose at least 6 this month
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I'm signing in! I started this back in June and I'm not doing too well It's so hard to be motivated Plus I'm always really hungry when nursing (and no I don't just magically lose weight nursing. I wish I did).

If I get down 5 in March I will be in the 180s. I would be so overjoyed to be in the 180s : I just have to keep my goals in mind instead of my instant satisfaction.
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I'm signing in too... need a push to lose the last 5 lbs to reach my first goal of 130 lbs!
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OK, I'm in (again) too. I lost a total of nothing last month but hope to do better this month. I got myself into a 5 mile run in May, so I need to start running. (Why oh why did I sign up for it?) Maybe it'll get these final few pounds off. I don't lose nursing, either : so it's gonna have to be diet and exercise for me!
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