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Playmobil eggs were a big hit with my guys last year so we're doing them again. Also easter/spring socks, toothbrushes, cars, pencils, playdough, chalk.
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Stickers, Play-Doh, a new book, new crayons or markers, small Magna-Doodle, a new ball, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, flower seeds to plant, small stuffed critter.
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I hadn't read any other replies when I posted. I totally agree with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, Play-Doh, markers, etc. We usually throw at least one toy-type item into each basket (tricky with the teenager!). We haven't done seeds/garden equipment, because we really don't have anywhere to garden here, but I think they're a great idea, too. I was thinking more of something to "replace" candy, ie. a food item.
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How about:

Fruit leather
Dried fruit
Christian storybooks (these are pretty cheap)
Veggie tales videos
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I just started to collect things for my 2 DDs Easter baskets
DD1 (2 years old) is getting books, coloring books, crayons, a small toy, and maybe some gardening stuff (I LOVE that idea, shes really interested in all kinds of plants and wants to help water and take care of them). We did get a few pieces of candy but its more for DH and I than her.
DD2 (3 months old right now) is getting a small stuffed animal, book and a few baby type toys. Maybe Ill order some playsilks for her and dye them if I can convince DH its a good idea.
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Okay it's a plastic toy, but it's too cute, and I can't wait to buy one for my dd. She's 8, but I think younger children would enjoy them more. They are called Hide em' Find em' Eggs. I saw them featured on tv and I have to have one. LOL I think it's actually more for me, than dd.

It's a small plastic egg, you hide it for your kid, and it makes little noises helping them find it. When you find and open it there is a little surprise inside and it says "You found me". Too cute.
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We don't do much candy, either (a little high quality chocolate). The boys love crafts, games, puzzles, and legos and such, so we tend to do that. When we do crafts or craft supplies, we choose the ones beyond the stock supplies: special beads, ribbons, kits, new origami papers, more expensive yarn or anything that I might normally consider a bit of splurge or more messy than I want to deal with on a regular basis. Last Easter, they spent the better part of the day happily painting, beading, crafting, and hanging out together.

My MIL has also given them seeds and gardening tools. Maybe a potted plant or bulb that s/he can take care of and/or plant?

I also like the idea of gift certificates (either "real" ones or homemade). The boys love to get coupons for special trips or shows or choose-your-own-whatever, or what-have-you.

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I love this thread! Easter baskets are fun! I can't imagine 12 Easter bunnies, wow!!!

I was thinking seeds, crayons or drawing pencils, costume jewelry, and I love the egg-shaped sidewalk chalk!

This Easter will be my dd's last "first holiday"- she was born last year a couple of weeks after Easter, and will turn one (how is that possible) just before Easter this year. I just had to share that! Now I'm inspired to get her a little basket, too! She'll have the most fun with the basket itself, I imagine!
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We do a springtimey theme with Easter baskets. Last year we didn't do actual baskets; I was beginning a full-force anti-clutter stage. Instead we had plastic sand buckets to hold the loot. Inside was chalk, bubbles, gardening gloves, toy binoculars, kites, and sunglasses. We have fun pictures of the kids in their Easter finery with their new shades on. DS's are upside-down.
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I started "limited candy" last year too We bought a bunch of cute gardening stuff from Target. Granted I spent way more on that stuff than I would have on candy, but it was a lot more fun! I bought them each a gardening tote that had tools and gloves in it, plus they each got a watering can. They LOVED it!
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Our kids get their "swim supplies" for the season, a new swimsuit and sandels/flip flops and then maybe a towel or goggles or whatever else we might need for swim season.
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We're doing swimsuits and flowers in a bag (found them on the internet); Also hair ribbons. They are all getting reusable sticker books which they love.
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When I was five and my sister was four we got real rabbits...and then a month later had LOTS more rabbits. Our rabbits were both supposed to be boys. Oops.

I like the gardening ideas, with some seed starting stuff perhaps.
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we do toothbrushes in the baskets. and some fun toothpaste . . . .lets see, they usually get hair stuff. If you want some healthier snacks cheddar and garahm bunnies are fun and yummy without being so bad. we do kid cosmetics like nail polish lip gloss and body glitter. playdough is always a hit.
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I love this thread too. It has really got me thinking about what to put in DS's basket this year since he wasn't quite 1 last year and we just him some small toys, books, pj's and socks.

I'm thinking about books, sand toys, pj's, toothbrush, fruit leather and something else for outside.
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I think we will get the childern a spring outfit, a nice sun hat and very little candy
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DS doesn't like candy, except for plain chocolate. Every year we get him the "traditional" Easter junk candy (jelly beans, etc) and every year I end up eating them, and gaining more weight. LOL! This year dp and I are on a diet and ds still won't eat any of that stuff anyway, so we're skipping it all. He will get a chocolate bunny. He will also get books (he LOVES to read), maybe a dvd, maybe a new train, maybe a new ball for outside.... anything but candy!

ETA- I go overboard every Easter (and Christmas and birthday... lol). But I swear this year I am NOT going overboard. We leave for Disney World the Saturday after Easter and I've already gotten quite a few small things (books, small toys, etc) to give him along the way (we'll be driving 2 days there and 2 days back). Plus the fact he'll be at Disney for a week... he'll be plenty spoiled!
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I have a small knit bird, a roll up chalk board, a small chocolate bunny, and a ladybug tape measure for 2.5yo DD's basket.
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I didn't read through the thread, sorry if I repeat...

My mom always did themed baskets- gardening, spring, baking, etc. Our "basket" was whatever went with the theme- pots, cake pans, etc. We've gone on this idea with our children. Last year we did spring outside toys. They each got new plastic buckets and in them were bubbles, chalk, new sunglasses, etc. The year before when DD was 3 we did a music themed basket. She had a traditional Easter basket with play silks instead of Easter grass (I dyed them green), and musical toys and instruments (I just bought the Melissa and Doug band in a box and arranged them in the 'grass'). I don't know what we will do this year. I'm thinking gardening/spring again. It's been a LONG winter around here! I might do pots with the special pot paint and a few outdoor spring things. If I'm feeling spendy (or if I find a really good deal) I've been coveting new raincoats, boots and umbrellas for them.
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Oh and my kids love the plastic eggs. they don't need anything in them.
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