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what great ideas! I've been trying to ditch the candy dilemma for years....now with all these great ideas.....I can . :
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easter basket

My parents always put in kites to fly when it was warmer.... I always looked forward to it and my kids love to get a kite!
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We always do an outdoorsy kind of easter basket. Jump ropes, kites, chalk, water toys, bubbles, etc. We live in the desert and it's getting hot at Easter time. I like one pp's idea of a fruit basket!
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Last year we did a cooking theme and got aprons from a mothering mom at: Granolathreads.com

She put fun designs on them and embroidered their names.

She gives discounts if you mention you are from mothering.
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play doh, paints, jump rope, chalk, magna doodle, memory, hair ties 9if she likes that kind of stuff). THe dollar store if a good place, also the drug store.
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Last year we gave her hair clips, a packet of stickers, a book, and some wooden play food.

So far this year's basket includes some French children's books (time for a new language!) and some fabric strawberries. I'm also going to paint a set of nesting dolls and make some gnome accessories (insects, another small critter, and maybe some fairy friends).

We don't really do candies at all. Any candy that finds its way into the house goes into the husband's lunches.
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So far for my nearly 2 year old's basket I have:

An egg of temporary tattoos that I found at the grocery store
A book about rabbits with real photos that I found at a thrift store
A stuffed bunny from my childhood
Some treats like fruit leather, dried fruit, and cereal bars

That may do it, but we will see. I may try to make something to put in there too. I like to give him something home made at each gift-y holiday. It really depends on how much free time I can find.
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Originally Posted by JamieCatheryn View Post
11"x11" Playsilks in springy colors, DS had one of these as an infant and it was the first toy he loved, so light and easy to grab and wave and chew on.
These are my DS2's favorite things in the world. The ones he has have been loved threadbare, they are a great first toy. We're giving the little bit another one of these, a new knit hat, bunny ears (cause they are adorable) and a teether.

DS1 (who is 7) will get a new knit hat, a matchbox car, new sidewalk chalk, bubbles, some flower seeds and 1 chocolate bunny.
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Wow there are some great ideas here

I remember reading here a few years back someone had this great idea that they would hide the basket, filled with whatever treasures they liked, but attached a string to it. The basket was hidden in a cupboard or something, but the string was then tied onto the handle, the door nob, and every conceivable object leading to the child's room. Then the kids get to follow the string, winding it up as they go to the basket at the end. I have not done this but maybe this year as my youngest is old enough for it now.

I also second the veggie tales videos, both my kids just love them!
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my little guy's basket includes...
new bath toys from boon (pvc, pthalate, and bpa free)
sand bucket set from green toys (made from recycled plastic)
a kite (made from recycled oreo bags)
a bugs life dvd
a mo willems book (he loves the pigeon series)
and for his sweet treat...a pkg of annie's organic bunny fruit snacks and a couple yummy earth lolipops (no hfcs, artifical colors or flavors in either)

for his egg hunt, i filled the eggs with homemade playdough and homemade (melted) crayons.

i really love the idea of doing a themed basket, and will probably go with an art or garden theme next year. thanks for the tip! and happy easter!
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I read this thread last night and thanks to all the wonderful ideas - I used a lot of them!

Another thing I thought of today (don't remember if it was mentioned or not) was to make some homemade soap. I went to Joann's today and got some soap and a mold. I picked up a few squeezable rubber duckies and I stuck them into the soap. I just made them so I am keeping my fingers crossed that they turn out ok!
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Originally Posted by mclisa View Post
Last year we did a cooking theme and got aprons from a mothering mom at: Granolathreads.com
We do themes too - sports (balls, gloves, pads, helmets), crafts (chalk, paints, stamps, sponges, paper, crayons, assorted scissors), gardening (gloves, tools, pails), outdoor fun (nets, magnifying glasses, birdhouse kits).

The cooking one is a GREAT idea. I think I'll steal that for this year! I'll let the kids pick out fbric and we'll make aprons. We can also put together a recipe book. Maybe some new, fun utensils. What else did you use, mclisa?
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This year I found some bath fizzies in the shapes of eggs (inside each was a dinosaur )
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I am putting funky shoelaces in my kid's easter baskets. Also a jump rope.
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LOL my basket plans totally changed from when I first posted in this thread. Instead the 3 yo is getting a tiny bit of candy, a train whistle, a harmonica and HABA wooden eggs. The 3.5 month old is getting a HABA teether and a Kathy Kruse teether. Both baskets will have a playsilk for "grass".
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I just remembered that we always received new white gloves for church in our Easter basket.

Does anyone wear gloves to church anymore?
Does anyone even dress up for church?
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I am doing a small easter garden theme basket for my 9 month old. It has a stuffed bunny. Some small stuffed veggies (a carrot that jingles , a tomato that can roll like a ball, and crinkley lettuce) which he can use for play food later as well as now. A easter baby board book and Bunny baby board book. A wooden catapiller toy and wooden chicken toy.
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Originally Posted by ASusan View Post
I just remembered that we always received new white gloves for church in our Easter basket.

Does anyone wear gloves to church anymore?
Does anyone even dress up for church?
I always buy DS an outfit every year, but this year, it just consisted of new khaki pants and a long sleeved blue shirt with pink, green and white stripes. Something "eastery" looking. H wore a shirt with a jacket and jeans and I wore a purple shirt with slacks and my grandmother's pearls.

When I was younger, I used to get a new dress, hat, shoes and socks/stockings every Easter.
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