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Chatting into March! Lets keep it going!

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Hi everyone pregnant or not...I know how hard it is to be due toward the end of the month and feel like everyone has disappeared from the DDC by the time my babe is born!

I am still PG...42 weeks and I am thinking this babe will certainly be a MArch baby at this point! I am trying very hard to release any attachment to the outcome sinc eI will have to go into the hospital on Monday if babe doesn't make a weekend debut! Thinking positive here!

How is everyone else doing?
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I haven't disappeared!

Royce will be 6 weeks old tomorrow!! It's unbelievable. We are both doing well. I had him weighed on Thursday and he was up to 10lb 1.5oz. He's gaining about 2oz a day! He's just about grown out of a couple of outfits - all of which were too big not that long ago! He is also having more social smiles now (at least I think they are 'social'), they are still pretty sporadic and I have yet to catch it on the camera. We have our last midwife appt on Tuesday.
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: I'm back, I had baby, came home 24 hours later and had to deal with the 4 outta 6 kids with major sinus infections. Then I got sick 2 days later. Postpartum and bronchitis, not fun. Thank God Sephie is ok.
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BathrobeGoddess I was sure you would have had that baby by now.
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Still here! Aubrey was born on the 14th and should be coming home from the NICU on Mon. or Tues. If not I'll be checking her out on Wed. b/c she's fine...

I can't believe Royce is six weeks already!

BathrobeGoddess, I hope your baby comes this weekend.
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Bathrobe Goddess . . . I hope baby comes this weekend!

Rosalie is doing great. She's my best sleeper yet and I am so thankful!

What was the magical recipe for cradle cap??? Didn't we discuss that her at some point before all the babies were born? Rosalie doesn't have it yet, but I want to stay on top of it.
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Come on babies!!!
Cordelia is 11 days old now. Cord stump fell of yesterday but belly button is still bleeding quite a bit. Any thoughts on how to stop it? Or do I just let it be and keep wiping it.
I overdid it yesterday and was quite sore. Baby is finally sleeping good stretches. MIL leaves tommorow so I will be on my own for 4 days until my mom gets here. Wish me luck!
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Coen is eating every hour lately... at this rate he's going to weigh more than me soon! My nipples were a little sore the other day and I told DH I must be pregnant. He was not amused.
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We're still here and dealing with some big time spitting up. Have the two week WBV tomorrow and ordered some colic treatment called Colic Calm. We've used regular gripe water in the past with Guinevere and loved it, but it's got sodium bicarb in it and I'm worried that Eowyn's got some reflux going on. So hopefully the new stuff (and eliminating things, and adding probiotics) will work well. She's not a happy camper right now. And I'm not at all used to dealing with spitting up. Wish us luck.


BathrobeG and other mamas in waiting, I hope your babies come very very soon. Hang in there.

Larissa, try a very soft toothbrush and some olive oil. No soap of any kind -- that actually dries skin out more. The toothbrush with olive oil should do the trick.

Nillarilla, I vote leave it alone or put a dab of breastmilk on it. Best to keep dry, but a little breastmilk wouldn't hurt I don't think? Other mamas might have better suggestions though.
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nighten, sounds like reflux to me. Is it all milk or also bile? Aubrey has severe reflux--one of the things that's kept her from escaping the NICU. They're giving her baby prevacid , keeping her upright 30 min. after each feeding, and she's sleeping on a 45 degree incline. Not sure if any of that would help....
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Bathrobegoddess, I hope you get your baby soon. Monday is just tomorrow.

Justkate, I hope your daughter gets out of Nicu soon. She's so adorable!

Teo is 3 days old and all of his bruising is gone. He's sleeping and eating well and we've been able to see his eyes a few times. His eyes are so dark that you can barely see his pupils. It feels sooo good to have my own body back to myself. I still have the endorphines running through me and have way more energy than I should at this point.

Have a good week!
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My little Makenna is 4 weeks and up to 7.5 lbs...funny to me that a lot of your babies were bigger at birth. I finally tried the cloth diapering and I'm not liking it at all. When I go to change her diaper the entire prefold is wet. I just don't think I feel good about her being wet up her back and up to her belly button. I might abandon the idea since I'm using diaper service and can't use different types of diapers or doublers. Funny how all my plans for cloth diapering and exclusive breastfeeding seem to be going out the window. The breastfeeding wasn't my choice though.

I've been making it out of the house more so I'm happy about that.

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Cindy, try a thin fleece liner -- that will help keep the wetness away from her skin, and wouldn't be a big deal to wash on your own.

justKate, I'm nursing her at an angle, and holding her upright for at least 30 minutes. She also does better on her left side (which helps with digestion) than her right, so nursing her on my left breast is a challenge. I just hold her as if she's nursing on the right, then twist around. That seems to help too. It's bizarre, since she only seems to spit up after having nursed on the left side.

The sleeping angle is also challenging since we cosleep, but so far it seems to work well, having her head on my shoulder, and her lying in the crook of my arm. It's not 45 degrees but it's enough so far.

I'd say it's not reflux but just typical spitting up/dietary sensitivities, only she does this coughing thing too, and that worries me. But she's gaining weight fine (last Friday at the one week WBV she'd already gained her birth weight plus two ounces). If it is reflux, it's not severe, but it's enough to cause us to be concerned for sure.

I'm pretty certain a big part of it too is my diet, though. Guinevere had gas issues from dairy and soy in my diet. Eowyn seems to be sensitive to when I eat gluten. So we're starting the elimination and diet journal today.

You might try some of the Colic Calm if you're not comfortable with the Prevacid (see link above). The baby Zantac can give them headaches, I've read, so I'm really hoping the CC will work (along with the other stuff). I don't know anything about baby Prevacid. But you can use the Colic Calm (and other homeopathics) safely along with allopathic meds. Worth a shot, at least. Don't use gripe water that has sodium bicarb in it though. That can make reflux worse (but can be great for gas issues in non-reflux babies).

We're also using this probiotic, designed for infants:


You can dip your fingertip in it and just let baby suck it off, or coat your nipple with it. That can help as well. And it's safe.

I'm so sorry your little one has had a hard time and hope she's released from NICU very very soon.
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Renee-- thanks for the probiotic recommendation, we might get that. I know we seem to have a genetic issue with poor gut flora in my side of the family (oh yay ) and DD has been very gassy still. Two nights ago was GREAT and I thought we were CURED!!! But last night was awful again. I got very little sleep. Oh well! Her cord stump fell off a couple days ago! She is ten days old now. I am really starting to fall deeply in love with her now. She is so amazing. She and I have this crazy psychic connection that I have NEVER experienced before. If I think about something upsetting (news, scary scene in a movie) she will wake up crying (and she almost never cries). The other day I was thinking how none of my kids ever sucked their thumbs, including this one, and I look down to see her trying out her thumb. She had never sucked her thumb before that (or since then, either.) I wonder if it's partially because we're both Pisceans. Anyway, I treasure our special mental connection and try to be careful to keep my thoughts positive.

Oh, as for me I am easing into a healthier diet-- low carb (I do better on a diet with less grains) and we bought a new juicer so I am making lots of fresh raw juice, too. I also cut out almost all of the sugar and sweets, which has been hard since I was definitely getting addicted.

My mood has been pretty unsteady-- either crazy happy or else kind of depressed and weepy over silly little things (or nothing)! so I ordered the book The Mood Cure which I should get tomorrow and I am going to start supplementing ASAP.

I also bought a workout outfit and the resistance band I need to do my postnatal exercises, which I am excited about!

Oh, and um, everything seems to be pretty much healed up down there which is pretty exciting. I never healed so quickly with my other two births (I tore with those, not this time) so I am loving that.

I am so excited that almost everyone has had their baby now! Just read Bathrobe Goddess' announcement! : So who is still waiting?
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I'm here. I was expecting to slip back into online life the way I did after my son, and it hasn't worked quite that way. We have actually had a great start with each other and with nursing, but there is just SO much else going on in my life, I don't get to enjoy the peace as much as I would like. Having a newborn is a whole different animal when you have school-aged children. I think it would be even more tricky if one of them was still a toddler, hitting all the stages.

JesiLynne, that was my BIG fear- being sick for delivery/ right after. I managed to avoid it, but my daughter was sick the 3 or 4 days before I had the baby, and then my son got sick for 3 or 4 days shortly after. Bleck. Oh, and the antibiotics I was on for 10 days, ending several days before delivery, despite being on an alternating schedule of probiotics, wiped out my new baby's intestinal flora. His first and second nights were VERY rough, squealing from gas pains all night. My husband ran up at 3am on the second night to get gas drops. They helped so much that night. Giving him probiotics twice daily has helped, as well.

Nillarilla, powdered goldenseal would likely help. I didn't use anything on his cord this time, and he is still having some irritated bleeding a few days after his cord fell off. I have started using a little triple antibiotic ointment on it from time to time, when it seems especially angry.

dooney, don't even joke! I am ready to get back on the, ahem, marital horse, but the thought of having two little ones less than a year apart... it is enough to make a tire mom celibate.

nighten, this kiddo is very much more spitty than either of my other babies. I don't remember my second spitting up at all (he was a slow gainer, and used everything he took in), or my first spitting up this much- especially the curdled stuff (she would usually urp fresh milk when she overate like a little piggie). I have some cocyntal, recommended by my pediatrician, but the box says for children 1 month and older, so I haven't used it yet. Also, it is a colic cure, and I don't really feel he is colicky? He is on probiotics 2x daily. I haven't tried eliminating dairy yet. He doesn't usually get upset when he spits up, thankfully.

Vegan Princess, I tried a diapering service with my first, and was doing half and half- half cloth, half disposies, and did not have a good experience with it. I sucked it up and bought some pocket diapers this time around, committing myself to washing everything myself. We just started them yesterday (at 9 days old), and so far, so good. These totally wick away the moisture, and feel much nicer than prefolds on top of a cover. Maybe you could get some pocket covers, and stick the prefold in those? Ooo, nighten's idea is much less work.

Is anyone else having hydration issues? I am doing my best to stay hydrated, but have had a dehydration headache the past two or three days. It is getting obnoxious.
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I had a dream last night I got pregnant again right away and had a baby less than a year later. Yikes:

Gabriel is doing really well, probably his biggest issue is some diaper rash that won't go away. I think he has really really sensitive skin. My husband is like that too. Anyways I haven't made the leap over to cloth yet because I just have fitteds and prefolds for the newborn stage and I'm scared of the wet but he probably needs to get out of the pampers.

Dh is back at work today so I am doing the preschool/school run. In some ways it is so much easier with older kids but I feel so bad about having to take baby everywhere already. I just want to keep him home and all to myself sigh.
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Mamato2, my sensitive tushed boy reacted to the wipes I was using. Are you doing cloth wipes? That might help some.
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Mainstream Hippie, the liquid cocyntal should be fine. If you're concerned, you don't have to give the whole container full. Just a few drops can help. The Carbo Veg in it is especially good for gassiness/spitting up, IME.

Mamato2, try putting breastmilk on it. I'm a big fan of the curative powers of breastmilk. It might also be a reaction to something in your diet? Especially if poop is mucousy too.

Sorry he's suffering.


Saw the ped today and Eowyn has gained 13 ounces over her birth weight! She's up to 8lbs 5 oz (from 7lbs 8 oz at birth), so despite the mongo spitting up, obviously enough milk is staying down to do some good. The ped said there were several things to try but I'm not ready to do any of them yet. So we'll keep going with the positioning thing, and hope the Colic Calm arrives very soon.

In the meantime, tomorrow is my first day at home with my two girls and my husband gone to work (he's been working from home). I was a little freaked about it and my mom offered to come up early in the morning. She's been very nice to me the last week (ever since the bad scare where we had to take E to the emergency room), and I'm relieved she's coming up.

I haven't figured out the logistics of how to deal with mornings, if G wakes up super early and my husband's already gone to work (he leaves before 7), since am cosleeping with Eowyn. Anyway. Not looking forward to mr. nighten being gone, but am hopeful we'll get some routine in place quickly.
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Originally Posted by dooney View Post
Coen is eating every hour lately... at this rate he's going to weigh more than me soon! My nipples were a little sore the other day and I told DH I must be pregnant. He was not amused.
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Nillarilla I totally second the goldenseal.

mamato2 Have you considered yeast issues with baby's bum ??? if my kids have bum problems it is always yeast related. Also try a cloth wipes solution of 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons baby wash, 2 tablespoons olive oil, and a few drops of tea tree oil, works wonders.
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