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I have to admit we are using disposables. This was a compromise I made with DH. He is so on board with most of my parenting choices but he just didn't like the idea of cloth . When my maternity leave is over he'll be the SAHD so it seemed fair. I wish we knew ANYONE in RL that used cloth so he could see that it is easy. Cest la vie. We are using Seventh Gen although if I could afford it I'd use gDiapers.

Aellyn had her first smile yesterday one for me and one for grandpa. It is so exciting to see her be more aware, make new sounds, and unfurl from her tight fetal position. I can't believe it has been 3 weeks! I feel so blessed to be having an easy time with breastfeeding - I was so worried about it. And co-sleeping! I can't imagine anything better than cuddling up with her at night and feeling her breathe!

On a funnier note - My detachable shower head fell off on my head yesterday and left me a HUGE lump on my forehead! It could be worse, my cousin was in the ER because her 3 yr old ds broke her nose while they were playing in bed! Ah, parenting
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I grew up in a family that used cloth diapers (with my much younger siblings) and I don't think they are easy. I think they are inconvenient and messier and stinkier. Sorry. () But anyway I did not like using cloth. Still, we used them on and off with both boys, and the ones we had (AIOs) fell apart-- too easily-- in the dryer. I didn't even want to try this time because in our new apartment we don't have a washer/dryer and I already have a hard time keeping up with the laundry. (Hate the laundry. ) Oh, and I hated trying to clean the poop off of them. Yuck. I hate cleaning poopy things. So, I use disposables all the time now. I really don't think that there is a big difference either way, environmentally speaking (a view which is supported by some research though I know it is a debated topic).
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I let DS (2yo) go naked today since he KNOWS all about the potty, just doesn't care enough to stop playing to go. He did not make one mess, and when he woke up from his nap, his diaper was dry and he told me he needed to go. I am SO ready for him to be done with diapers. We're a sposie family, for lack of cash to actually start a stash of cd, and I'll be glad not to have to buy those anymore. For Coen, though, I'm going to start scouring thrift stores and garage sales for wool sweaters. I can make covers and use the prefolds (burp cloths) we already have.
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Well after talking to the lady at the diaper service I decided to try it for a little longer. She is sending over a disposable liner by Bummis...she said it will help wick moisture but I don't really see how...it looks like thin paper. Hopefully it will help. We had our first poop in cloth diapers today...the good news is the diaper cover worked...bad news is it got all over the diaper cover. Makenna only poops once/day so it is a lot when she does. I think I need work on diapering. I don't seem to get the legs closed enough. Also I need to figure out what to do with poopy covers. We only have 3 covers and we only do wash 1-2x/week...if she poops every day we're going to run out of covers. I hand washed it but I still think it needs a wash cycle.

I feel like my body has turned into flab! I am only 5 lbs above pre-preg weight but I'm so mushy all over! Blech.

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My baby cries!

Yes,it's true. And I'm only amused because I feel like I'm finally experiencing what most people do; my other two kids really didn't cry other than for an immediate reason, and the crying stopped when the need was met.
When he's tired he'll cry before he falls asleep. Both my other babies just fell asleep. He can be a bit fussy during the day. He also cries for most of the evening. He'll stop for 10 or 15 minutes at a time, but even though I'm trying everything I can think of, it's never the same tactic that gets him to stop. He often acts like he's hungry, and roots like crazy, but repeatedly rejects the breast, or only sucks for a few seconds. I've introducted a pacifier for this reason (just last night and today) but I feel guilty about this because he's only 2 weeks old, and I'm currently doing my accreditation for Le Leche League leadership. Finally he'll conk out, but no amount of rocking, singing, bouncing, wearing, nursing, cuddling, walking, swaddling etc. will consistantly work. I'm not frusterated by it, but I do get tired, and thankfully I have a great husband who can manage the other kids.
Just needed to tell someone.
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Queen of my castle, sounds like gas and other tummy discomfort. My DS1 was like that-- "colicky". My second son started to act the same, too, but by then I knew the drill and went on an elimination diet right away. He turned in to a contented, very easy-going baby who almost never cried and slept so nicely. Luckily for me, this third baby is gassy but not quite as cry-y, mostly just kind of fussy. I am confident that the diet change will solve this issue for her (can't wait!!!)
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LTB- oh, dear. I was hoping not! I hate the thought of drastically changing my diet- I know it might mean an easier baby. I have a midwife appt soon- I'll ask her what she thinks. How would you suggest starting something like that- could I start minimally?
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I can't believe it has only been 5 days since Linus was born! It seems like he has been here forever already! I can't believe I have been able to stay in bed for five days! That ends today...dh will be gone most of Saturday so I will home with the little kids. I will have eldest dd home with me for a while though! Then she is going to her BFF house for a sleep over...who also happenes to by my midwife's dd MW is coming over to get ehr becasue as she said, if she really wants me to stay in bed for a while, I shouldn't really be driving dd to her house!

We use cloth and always have...I have a very diverse stash of prefolds, pockets, flats, one size AIO and pockets and wool...lots and lots of yummy wool! Oh and fitted too.
I love cloth diapering and with the amount of laundry I already do it just one extra load every day so four loads instead of three. And I don't clean poop unless if falls off easily...there just isn't any need to. And you don't have to clean it at all when it is EBF poop. Having said that, I don't know anyone who has been happy with a diaper service and haven't bought extra covers...the 4 just isn't enough. They key to prefolds is making a good leg gusset when you do a fold. I know lots of people do a trifold and just lay it in...not me...I like the diaper to hold in the poop so I use a classic fold with a Snappi.
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We started the cloth diapers yesterday. Just prefolds and covers right now. I have some pockets and fitteds too, but they are a little bigger. She is just SO skinny, it's hard to get anything to stay on her. The diapers are going well so far. Her cord stump hasn't fallen off yet, so I've been paranoid about them irritating it. So far it seems to be okay and it looks like it's getting ready to fall off, so that makes me feel better. We are doing disposables at night, just because we still have some newborn ones that were given to us. Might as well use them until they're gone, but we don't intend to go buy more when these are gone.

Today will be our first venture out of the house. We have a dr. appt for her and while we're out we're going to put her birth announcement in the paper (I used to work there, so gotta go show her off for a minute). And the ladies at city hall (where DH works) are dying to see her, so we're gonna pick up DH's paycheck and let them say hello. Then tonight is my dad's birthday party, so we're going to try and make it over there for a little while. I'm a little nervous, it will throw off this wonderful bedtime routine we have going (I'm getting 8 hours of sleep a night! of course not straight through, but it's still wonderful!) This is our test run... we're trying to decide if we'll make it to church this weekend and Sunday dinner at DH's parent's. His grandma is dying to see her and she has a hard time getting around. Our house is impossible for her to get into, so we have to go there for her to meet Owyn.

DH goes back to work on Monday, I'm so nervous! He's been keeping up with all the housework for me and I just know the house will be a wreck with me here by myself!
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Mal: I have a house cleaner coming next week...soooo can't wait! I am going to have them come 2x a month for now. My baby is 5 weeks so I can do a little more but I hardly get much done each day and sitting here all the time looking at the mess is driving me crazy.

Bathrobe goddess: I do the fold w/the snappis but I can't seem to get them snug around the legs..it seems loose on the underside of her legs. I guess I need more practice. I'm too afraid to try just folding the diapers into the pockets of the covers...I think it would be a disaster with the way she poops!

It's a nice day here. I think I will take baby to brunch at my favorite vegan cafe and for a walk later. I feel ready to really be out and about...I just always have to be home within 2-3 hours to pump. Argh. Can't get slack now with clogged ducts.

Happy friday everyone!

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Originally Posted by Vegan Princess View Post
She is sending over a disposable liner by Bummis...she said it will help wick moisture but I don't really see how...it looks like thin paper. Hopefully it will help.


Keep an eye on your drains with those, I know three households that used them and had major plumbing problems. I don't find that they help much.
We have a lovely stash of prefolds and covers ... and looking at the washing process I'm beginning to wonder if-- environmentally speaking -- it's actually WORSE.
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I had a couple of plugged ducts last night too with the shakes and chills. I had already taken ibuprofen for my aches that I thought were just associated with my cold and doing too much so I don't know if I had a fever. I went to bed with a hot water bottle and woke up sweating. I had a bath and pumped both breasts massaging the sore spots before bed. Not sore this am but dd had the biggest mucousy poopy diaper. I hope I don't have a repeat of that tonight. I felt awful and I had mastitis with my ds and do not want to go through that again. My mom comes today and I hope she actually helps. She is bipolar and sometimes can be more of a hindrance than a help. My grandma is coming with her so we will have a full house. I hope they don't expect me to drive them around to my aunt's and stuff. I am just not up to that yet. Oh well dh is home this weekend and hopefully I can sleep in a little.
I know this sounds silly but I am actually a little frightened to take both kids out of the house by myself. I need to get over this fear. I really need to get out.
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Originally Posted by Queen of my Castle View Post
How would you suggest starting something like that- could I start minimally?
Sure-- dairy, wheat, and/or soy are the usual offenders, I think, though there are others. If you have any family history with one of these allergies, I would start there. If it is REALLY hard to cut those foods out of your diet-- like more than just an inconvenience, but a real "withdrawal" process with cravings for forbidden foods, headaches, etc.-- than it may be that you yourself have an allergy and never knew about it. The Mood Cure book goes over that, too, and discusses amino acids and other supplements that will help you get over your cravings as you adjust your diet.

Bathrobe Goddess
-- if we ever have another baby, and we cloth diaper, maybe I will ask you for advice! I didn't know you didn't have to clean the poop off . . .

Originally Posted by Nillarilla View Post
I know this sounds silly but I am actually a little frightened to take both kids out of the house by myself. I need to get over this fear. I really need to get out.
I have this fear too! Except I have three LOs to keep track of . . . and I also worry about driving with the baby in the car since I can't comfort her if I'm driving . . . our first outing all together without DH is going to be a trip to the midwives' office about 40 minutes away . . . I'm a little concerned about it . . .
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I'm actually glad this babe was born in winter, as it's a great excuse not to get out of the house for a bit longer. I still haven't figured out the new routine at home yet, much less the logistics of taking both my girls out at the same time, by myself.

So I'm happy to stay home with them and let my husband run errands or whatever. But that's just me. I have taken Eowyn out to her WBVs, and to my midwife PP checkup, but haven't taken both the girls out alone yet. Not looking forward to that, but I suspect the sling will make it much more doable. Hopefully.


Queen, in addition to the potential tummy stuff (which we've got going on here -- and I hear you on the un-fun-ness of eliminating things from your diet; it sucks, but you're not alone), it may be some other stuff that could be addressed by some of the tips in The Happiest Baby on the Block (there's a book and a DVD -- the DVD is quicker and easier to get through). Stuff like swaddling, swinging/swaying, and shushing might help too. But as with anything, adjust as needed. The loud shushing he recommends made things worse for Guinevere. Soft shushing worked much better. And so on.

You can also try some Boiron's Cocyntal liquid homeopathic remedy. It can really help with gassiness. And infant probiotics (and adult ones for you too). Just dip your finger in the powder and let baby suck it off.


I am feeling guilty about not yet putting E in cloth diapers. But the spitting up thing has really caught me by surprise. I'm doing tons of laundry every day because of it. I'm hoping to get caught up this weekend though and start CDing once more. I love love love using cloth. I hate disposables. They stink so badly and leave behind a smell in the trash can.

And I'm glad there's no diaper service here. I'm so incredibly anal about my CDs (which are totally stain-free) I don't trust anyone else to clean them. But I use pockets, too, which I think would make me ineligible for a service anyway? Probably. But that's okay. They wouldn't like me very much, I'm afraid.

LTB, you don't have to wait for another baby to come along to start CDing. You can start at any age. When you're ready to give it a try, go for it! The Diapering forum here has a wealth of info and experienced mamas who are, IME, extremely happy to help.


Anyway. My husband is being Cranky McCrankster and it's frustrating me. He's working from home a lot which gives me a bit of a break still, at least in early mornings when G first wakes up, but his patience level has plummeted in the last few days and I find myself being the bad guy -- having to remind him of his tone and all with G (and me even). I hate that. I know he's stressed about money but he gets so caught up in that and doesn't see that he's being snappish. And when I point it out, it comes off as nagging. And I hate being a nag.
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LTB I don't ever rinse my CD's I don't do a wet pail either. I just use liners that I flush when we start solids. I just throw them in a hot wash with an extra rinse and dry. That's it done. I think a wet pail is stinky but I have no odour from my dry pail as I sprinkle baking powder in the bottom of it. I have tried all systems and while I like having a variety pockets are my favorite. For a newbie this is what I would suggest getting.
Had a visit from a friend today. What a refreshment to talk to an adult for a couple hours. Plus a much needed distraction for ds.
Well I have figured out a way to get dd to sleep. The sling! Once she's KO'd I can put her down still in it and get some stuff done. :
Having roast for supper tonight :. Even though my kitchen is still dirty. I had to make the bathroom a priority to clean with my mom and grandma arriving. I feel embarrassed to have someone else clean my bathroom.
Since I started mat leave dh has started to really slack in the housekeeping dept. I don't really know how to feel about this. I'm sort of keeping up but is it all my responsibility now that I am home fulltime? Plus he expects me to do the baby stuff. Like respond when she fusses, change her, put her to sleep. He's still great with ds. I just feel like he really pitched in more with ds. Maybe I am expecting too much. This sounds kind of whiney now that I type it out.
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Can the probiotics help on their own without the diet change? Dd only has a few fussy periods and gas pains. It doesn't seem to be diet related don't really know but I really don't want to make a big change as it is. Especially since it would mean extra expense in the grocery dept.
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Originally Posted by Nillarilla View Post
Can the probiotics help on their own without the diet change? Dd only has a few fussy periods and gas pains. It doesn't seem to be diet related don't really know but I really don't want to make a big change as it is. Especially since it would mean extra expense in the grocery dept.
I was wondering that as well. Would it be helpful?

Thanks for the suggestions; Nighten I have read that book, thanks for the suggestion. I do do those things, especially the swaddling and swaying but they don't necessarily soothe him consistantly. Also, I think it's just general evening fussiness- like the witching hour/granny hour. If it becomes worse or harder to handle, or I do start to suspect diet, I might start with eliminating milk products. We don't have any allergies in our family at all on either side, but I know that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Nighten- my dh was grumpy for awhile too. We're having financial issues and I think subconsciously just the stress of change was affecting him. He even admitted he was 'on edge' for a week or so. I also have/had to remind him about tone- I just don't want that to become normal in our family. Sometimes, though, I have no sympathy for him- I think that I should be the one who's grumpy! I hope it will pass for you. s

Cloth- ya, I love my cloth. But I've done it for each baby/kid, and each time it's changed a bit. By now we have it pretty tweaked. As far as getting the legs tight with prefold/snappis, it does just take practice, and figuring out which fold works best for you and baby. Also, it can be tricky to get a tight fit on those tiny legs.
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If there are no allergies on either side then yes, I would start with probiotics and see if that helps all on it's own.

As far as cloth diapering goes, I really can't do it right now because of the laundry situation. The laundry facilities in our apartment building are pathetic-- the machines are incredibly small and it takes at least two rounds through the dryer to get anything dry (that's when all of the dryers are working), and each time you use a machine it costs a dollar, so that means at least three dollars and more than two hours out of your day for each small load of laundry. And there are too few machines for the number of apartments, too. Oh, and our apaprtment is on the completely opposite end of the building from the laundry facilities, so each time I have to put in a load, switch it to the dryer, or add quarters, I have to walk down the whole hall (usually with the boys in tow.) It is such a pain in the butt. If it weren't for the laundry situation I probably would've tried cloth diapering again, with a different type of diaper and a different system-- but in this case it is out of the question for me. I do wish we had a nice little house with a big fenced in yard and a little laundry room. Sigh. Day dreaming now . . .
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LTB: I too dream of a house with a washer and dryer and yard! Thankfully we'll be moving to a little house sometime soon. Rented but at least it will be a house.

I have serious diaper envy. I was fingering the bum genius again today. I so can't wait until I can use them!

Today I bought a new sling called a kangaroo pouch. No ring to fuss with. I like it. Looking forward to trying it out for more than just a minute. Going for a walk on the beach with some moms from my birth class next week...hopefully Makenna will tolerate it long enough for a walk. We do the moby every day but it never last terribly long unless she falls asleep.

Today I nursed around strangers for the first time. It was at a baby store with special chairs and nursing stools and other moms nursing so I don't know if it counts as nursing in public. LOL. I bought a nursing cover today. I held off bc this nursing thing has been such a challenge. But at this point I have decided that even if baby doesn't get much milk from me and needs a bottle after, at least she is getting the bonding time with me. And some milk. I also want to not be tied to the pump so that means I will have to nurse while out or I'll have to be home every 2-3 hours. I don't want the little milk I do have to go away! It's hard w/formula supps bc she isn't hungry as often, though she does generally eat every 3 hours.

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Going somewhere with all four kids alone? I've not been faced with that yet and the idea is still a bit scary.

As for gas that is just occasional I use Nature's Sunshine catnip and fennel. http://www.naturallyherbs.com/prod/n...nel_3195-3.htm One of my midwives is a Master Herbalist and she suggested this to me with my first daughter. It's been a lifesaver on several occasions. I just put a small amount on a soft infant feeding spoon, it doesn't take much.
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