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Yep, the probiotics will help absolutely! As for the elimination diet, yes, it is a pain in the butt, but if it helps my babe feel more comfortable, then so be it. Most babies outgrow these sensitivities pretty soon anyway. And since I tend to eat less healthy when pregnant (more easily giving in to cravings, etc.), it's disappointing but beneficial for me to have to eliminate some things from my diet, honestly.

And it can take some time for the effects to be seen, so even though the more obvious reactions can be within hours of mama's meal, the effects of problematic foods can linger for days. So if you're trying an elimination diet, give it a few weeks if you can. And if it's too hard for you, just remove any foods that are bothering you -- because if they're bothering you then it's pretty certain they are bothering your little one too.

Here's an interesting article on probiotics for infants:

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I had yet ANOTHER clogged duct last night - fever chills, etc. I feel a lot better today but this has to stop! My midwife reccomended so homepathics DH is going to buy today. Hopefully that stops it.

Yesterday was sunny and clear so we bought our all terain stroller and were going to take it for a walk on this gravel path along the bay leading up to the golden gate bridge. The store was right by the path. Baby started screaming a mile into our walk. We fed her and changed her and she kept screaming. Wow that was stressful being so far from the car and not knowing how to settle her down! She eventually wore herself out and stopped crying. It was super windy so it was too cold for me to pick her up...she was all snug in the stroller and blocked from the wind. I think that was our first meltdown out of the house. She has always slept the whole time up until now.

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Hi JustOneMore (and everyone else). I loved your post about how much better you felt after the baby was born. I am at 41+5 and thought I would be able to be chill and patient and it hasn't quite worked out that way. I am a mess. I have just felt bad the whole pregnancy, so I was just looking so much forward to having a baby and at least feeling somewhat better, and I know he will arrive sooner or later, but at least the idea (possibility... hope) of feeling better after I give birth makes me feel so hopeful. I know it won't be perfect, but... anyway, it is just encouraging for those of us still waiting to read about how much better you felt. I haven't kept up with the the rest of the thread but will get to it now. Just wanted to say thanks for the uplift....
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Originally Posted by Just1More View Post
Thanks to all those people talking about belly binding. WOW. It feels GREAT. I think I found my new baby shower gift. Oh, and for those wanting a cheap option, I found a compression band that's fully adjustable at Walmart in the weight lifting section for 5.77. Wearing one makes a HUGE difference!

Was it kind of like this? http://www.walmart.com/catalog/produ...ct_id=10269999
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Thanks for your post just1more! I guess you're right...it's not our job to make them stop crying, just to comfort them and hold them. I will try and remember that when nothing I do makes her stop. I was definitely shaken by the meltdown but I know it's going to happen again (probably many time) so life will still go on.

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Jenivere-no, it wasn't quite like that. Mine was blue on one side and black on the inside, and was only $5.77. It was the off-brand "athletic works". I didn't see it online. Oh, and it was on the aisle with the weights, but beside the funny sauna suits.

It really has made a tremendous difference for me!
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