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No uterus, but eggs & sperm!

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Please tell me if this is a crazy dream:

My partner and I have been talking about possibly looking for a surrogate when we are ready to have a baby. I no longer have my uterus (adenomyosis) but I still have my ovaries and he is in good normal health.
Are there people who do carry babies for others? would a home birth be an insane long shot?
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I don't think that homebirth would be a long shot.

I actually know someone who is planning on being a surrogate and wants a homebirth and she was wondering the same thing "is my having a homebirth a possibility?"

So I would recommend doing some research online about resources in your area.

Best wishes!
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You would be looking for a gestational surrogate... and given the fact that many women do the surrogacy thing because they love the pregnancy and birth so much... finding one willing to do a home birth shouldn't be impossible by any means. My opinion, at least.
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You would probably be surprised at the number of surrogates who do/want home births. There are many of them out there and they shouldn't be hard to find!! Good luck!!
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Thanks for the support! how do they retrieve eggs if you have no uterus? I mean, I imagine physically it's probably laproscopy or similar, but the last time I charted my temps were all over. I know I do cycle on occasion based on familiar symptoms, but I really don't want to take a bunch of fake hormones if I can avoid it.
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The egg retrival would depend on the location of your ovaries. Most women can have the extractor go through their vaginal wall and it is a very simple, outpatient surgery with more of a twilight sleep type of anesthesia. The best thing to do would be to consult with a fertility Dr. and see what your options are and have your hormone levels checked. You would have to take hormones, there isn't much of a way around it. I mean theoretically you would avoid it, but I don't think anyone would support you spending 10,000 for one egg with a chance that the follicle could be empty.

Also, i would start looking around at your options for surrogacy. I have been a gestational surrogate and I used to own an agency that matched surrogates with intented parents. I can give you very specific break downs of what costs are. I no longer work in this field, but it can be as expensive, or as cost effective as you need it to be, but it is not cheap.

With all of that said, my intention with my first surrogacy was to have a birthing center birth. I would have gone with a home birth if the mother had been ok with it, but we compromised on a birthing center. I ended up with probably the most medically treated pregnancy any woman will get, but that was because I was pg with 4 babies, not one.

However, I know quite a few surrogates who have had home births, and it was a wonderful experience for the parents and the surrogate.
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I am looking in to becoming a surrogate once I have weened my youngest ( when he is somewhere around 2- 2 1/2 years old) and I would definitely want to have another home birth. I think it would be hard for me to have a baby in a hospital again after I had such a amazing home birth with my youngest. I loved being pregnant and have had such easy pregnancies and deliveries, that I think it would be amazing to help out other moms with the same parenting style( ie crunchy) The only reservation I have ever had about doing it would be having to be in the hospital to have the baby. So yes i think it is defiantly a possibility.
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The process of using a surrogate is the same as IVF, except that the embryos are transfered in a different woman.

If you do not want to take too much medication, there is Natural IVF that could work for you. It involves retrieving your 1 monthly egg and fertilizing it. The only issue with that is the risk that it might not be mature or might not fertilize or the pregnancy might not take and then you have to do it over. In a stimulated cycle, you would ideally produce many embryos and the excess could be frozen for future transfers if it does not work the first time.

The cost of Natural IVF is lower than stimulated so it might be a viable option if you are willing to try more than once.

I work at a clinic that pioneered many of the newer applications for nIVF including using it for egg donation so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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I was a surrogate for a woman in that position. I had her twins for her.
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I am a surrogate that had a homebirth!

We are out there! Good Luck
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homebirth surrogate

I am considering being a surrogate,and would want to homebirth. I was very glad to find that their are parents that would like a homebirthing surrogate.
I have homebirthed 5 kids,2 of which were twins,very successfully. I would be looking at becomming a surrogate in about a year or more. My question is does the surrogate pay for maternity insurance?
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Hi, I am so happy to find someone that has been a home birth surrogate. That is what i would like to be. where did you find your IP's and did you use an agency?

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Hello!!!!!!! My husband and i are looking for a surrogant mother can you help us get started?We have 3 kids and i had to have my uterus removed about 4 years ago and it broke our harts. can u help us with some info please thanks

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My sister's 3 daughters were all born via surrogate! Best of luck to you!



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I got really nice information from this post. Thanks friends for good discussion. It is really beneficial for me.

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Me and my partner would love to ave a baby together only thing is we cut as I lost my womb at thea.ge of 23 .cn anyone help me what way go about it please x
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yummymummy12, I have no experience with this, but if you google "find a surrogate mother" along with your city or state, you will find lots of information comes up, like local agencies that match people. And you will get a good idea of how to get started searching for more info. Good luck!
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