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Poll Results: Where would you nurse during a church service?

  • 36% (44)
    in a "mother's room"
  • 63% (77)
    in the pews
121 Total Votes  
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I nurse DD in the pews and DS has to wait until after church, but he's 2.5. Recently DH was between me nursing DD and another mom nursing her LO in the front pew. My mom (the pastor) commented later because she thought it was funny and he said "Yeah, I just concentrated on looking cool and keeping my eyes forward."
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Usually I nurse in the pews. I usually wear something nursing-friendly for this purpose. If I'm wearing an awkward outfit, I'll leave and go somewhere with more privacy. We sit in a section with lots of kids and families. One woman even offered to get me a drink of water last week when she saw me nursing and commented on how big my baby's getting drinking mama's milk. I think the priest's wife has noticed me nursing too, because we've chatted after the service about her nursing her own babies in church many years ago.
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Jesus was breastfed.

I nursed my baby in the first row and had that running through my head the whole time...
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What's Easiest

I always do what's easiest and most convenient. Our Sears had a great nursing room, and I used it all the time when we used to go to that mall. At church, it's easier to just stay where I am in the pews.
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I use both. Funny enough, the "crying room" is usually packed with bottle feeders and primary school kids and dads so it's not exactly bf-only. I didn't mind feeding my newborn in the pew most of the time, but if he's raising a fuss I don't want to draw attention.
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I voted for in the "mother's room", though our church does not have one and won't make accommodations for one - we tried. And I don't believe anyone would be friendly about me nursing in the pews. It's not a baby friendly church. They love babies, but could care less about having a safe nursery or making it comfortable for moms. And our pastor's wife made a remark about how moms just nurse anywhere now and that was unbelieveable. I was pleasantly surprised when another dad in the church piped up and agreed with me when I mentioned that hungry babies need fed and deserve the same respect we do when we eat. His wife extended breastfed their children! I was so sad when they left the church.
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