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I found it!!!

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Finally, I have found the sling I want. : I used a ring sling for DS1 and DS2 would only use a wrap.

I was at a baby fair today with MIL. A vendor there had designed her own slings and gave me a demo on them. I love it. Especially the 3 covers part.

I got her website to order from later as I am not so sure baby will love it. I'll try baby in the ring sling first.....DS2 was very clear in his dislike of the sling positions.

Sorry this is so disjointed. Anyway here is the link.
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Interesting looking sling. Seems like it might have the same danger as pouches for newborns, though, unless you can adjust the depth.
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Yes. You can fold the fabric in half to make the pocket more shallow, but I think it is better for a bigger baby.
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