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church in Houston??

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Preferably west houston/katy/cypress area...
I love my church but I just don't feel like I fit in. Everyone is so conservative, and has such different views on issues like BFing and cosleeping and just natural parenting in general. I find that there is a whole culture consisting of christians who come from a very sheltered background and they just don't seem to question anything when it comes to childrearing. They CIO, formula feed, do basically what their parents did...because they were raised to do that, and not question what is actually BEST for their child. I need a church where I can relate to other young moms.
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We attend a church where everyone is really accepting of how anyone chooses to parent. Its about a half hour from Katy.... We have friends that drive our way 2-3 times a month to attend church out here. The church is Memorial Christian Church and the minister is Chris Stellhorn. Feel free to email with more questions or to get his phone or email!
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I sent you a PM
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my sister lives in Houston and she goes to Lakewood. She loves it. I'm not sure what area it's in though. Joel Osteen is the pastor.
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In Cypress is the Trinity Vineyard, http://www.trinityvineyard.cc/ . I know the people there, and while I don't know how "crunchy" they are (I certainly don't know everyone!), they are wonderful, inviting, and "real" people. A young church and very family-friendly.

In Katy is the Katy Vineyard, http://www.katyvineyard.org/ , where, again, I know the staff (both churches started from ours in Sugar Land). Love the pastor there and his family. I haven't been to their location but I know it's a great church.

Hope you find somewhere you can feel welcomed and loved!
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when we lived in Houston we went to Lakewood, I miss it so much!
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We're in the area but can't really help specifically, I just sympathize! We're Catholic, and while I have met other crunchy Catholic mamas, in general I agree that most don't question the status quo. But I don't know that I've ever really been to a crunchy church in general, and having been pretty all over the place in my college years. I will say that there was one Episcopal church (in another town) where the pastor was totally open about the fact that his own family did AP. My dh actually thought he was borderline hippie, lol.
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We are about to move more central (we are way out now) and plan on attending Emmerson Unitarian. http://www.emersonhouston.org/index.html
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I can't personally vouch for this church, but I do know some of its members and founders who share some AP practices.

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