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It's our ddc month!!!!

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Congrats to all the mamas who went early....

But....it's finally our month!!!! :

Maybe everyone who has yet to meet their precious one have a blessed birth.
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Yay!!! My due date is March 8th so I'm really counting down now. :::: We all finally are in the home stretch!::::
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So exciting! Since baby hasn't arrived yet, I can say for sure that March is the month! Hooray!
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Yahoo!! I can finally say I'm due the 21st and DON'T have to say the month.

Can't wait to read about the upcoming births!
: : :

Happy Due Date Month everyone.
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I know, I was just telling my dh yesterday morning that I couldn't wait to "turn the page" on the calendar! Just makes it seem closer somehow.
So excited... and ready! :
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Holy crappola!!! I better get my arse in gear!
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As slow as February was, somehow it seems the next week or so will go by S___L____O___W___L___Y.
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YAY! : The anticipation is AWESOME.
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