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its march!!!

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i will definately have my baby this month!! i am due on the 9th and the hospital will induce me if i go 2 weeks over......

sooooo..... this month it is then :
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Isn't it great. I'm due on the 9th also. I'm just ready to meet this sweet baby.
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Yay for March! February seemed so long!
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i'm also due on the 9th, bring on the baby!!!
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Yay!! : I really wanted a March baby, not February. (I have no idea why...just a feeling!)
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LOL...due on the 9th here, too. As my sister put it, when she called me this morning:
"It's March. You may give birth now."

...Yeah, I'll get right on that.
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emamum...you beat me to this thread! I was getting on here to start a "YAY, it's March thread" myself!!!! :::

I really have to rejoice because this is my 3rd pregnancy, and my first one to make it to my "due" month. What a good feeling for me!!!! yay for March! This little girl will be joining our family on Thursday, I can't wait to meet her!!!

Good luck mammas! Can't wait to "meet" everyone else's LO, too!
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Any predictions on who will have the first March baby?

I have a feeling several more babies will be born before mine, even though I'm due Saturday. I am getting desperate because I don't want to go back to work next week or the week after.
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I am due on the 9th as well!
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I'm beginning to feel like I'm not going to have this baby for a couple more weeks...& I'm 40 weeks already. He/she seems totally disinclined to come out. I'm still ok with being pregnant, but the wondering when is driving me to distraction.
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I still feel a ways away - just took a photo today and the baby is SOOOOOO high! But, that is okay with me...a few more weeks of being pregnant sounds nice actually since this pregnancy is planned to be my last (which actually makes me sad).
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Also due the 9th! I can't believe March is here already, it's gone by too quickly!
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the 9th was my edd...I'm in early labor right now for sure. I'm supposed to be induced on wednesday i go in at five (all my high risk stuff)so if I make it to then it should be pretty smooth since I was 2cm as of last night, I'm at least a 3-4 now hopefully anyway (may be wishful thinking though). I am so done this early labor crap is on my nerves lol.
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