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September 2007 - MARCHing into spring!

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Holy Cow! Did I just really start the new thread?!??!?

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subbing with a quick hello.
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Thanks Falicia!


We got in late last night from Florida, we had fun but I'm so glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed again. The down-side is all the laundry I have to do and frigid temps/rain we're having. My sewing machine is finally ready after nearly of month of being serviced! I am so excited to get these new diapers sewn up.

Jeanine - Yay for butterflies! What kind are they?
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I started a new thread once. I was very excited. I didn't think it would ever happen since I'm west coast and *not* an early riser.

Katie - they're Painted Ladies. There's one chrysallis still. I think that must be Teeny Tiny since he was the last to make a chrysallis.

I ordered a bunch of fruit trees yesterday - four apple, two peach and a nectarine. In a few years hopefully we'll have fruit.: We're also discussing a garden - we need cold frames and raised beds to extend our season. And we want kiwis, too. Oh, and strawberries and black-or raspberries. We already have blueberries - I think we got like five berries last year . We're researching french intensive/square foot gardening. And also, for the trees, we're researching Backyard Orchard Culture. Oh, and I want an indoor citrus tree. Why I'm doing this I don't know. Apparently three kids, two dog, two cats, (four butterflies ), homeschooling, and working for dh just aren't enough. At least most of the gardening will be in the summer when school is out. DH also wants chickens . I like the idea of chickens - I just don't know if I want anything else.
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jeanine - I went through this a couple years ago. Now I am in the phase where I cut back. Have fun.

I got a new pair of Keens; they are too comfy. Anyway, they reminded me that Linus got a pair for his birthday. I pulled them out to try though I believed the size 6 would be too big, especially as he has never worn real shoes just robeez/wiggies slipper type things. I put them on his feet and he has been stomping around since then. Up and down stairs, on the concrete, in the driveway, through mud puddles, even to sleep. He won't take them off. Well, he did for a few seconds putting them with the other shoes under the coat hooks grinning all the while. He was quickly overcome by shoe-lust and had to have them back on. The best part is that we match.

Helen lost her first baby tooth last night. She carried it around so very proud talking about how little it was. Finally, Charlotte got tired of it (her) and said, "Well, it is a baby tooth. What did you expect?" Nothing like a little sister to put you in your place is there?
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Oh, chickens are easy and sooo much fun, you know you want them

We are actually adding a trio of ducks to our menegarie this spring ILs have a bunch and Lilah loves them (cian doesnt really care one way or the other). They are letting Lilahs favorite sit on some eggs now for us.

The ducks

Lilah feeding them

Lilah collecting duck eggs

We also have a ton of veggies to start. For some unknown reason, I am growing 15 varieties of tomatoes this year, and I dont even like them! I like them in sauces and salsas though.

Oh, and I think I mentioned it before, about my Yule present from DH that was a Critter Nation cage for my rats. For those interested, I finally got around to posting pics


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Wendi and Heather may feel a bit differently but I think I need some for staying out of (most) co-ops for a bit here. I forget that I have spent the money and often spend it again so it seemed like a good time to scale back.

It was so : here this morning at 14F and windy. I am more than ready for Spring. Charlotte even broke out her sandals today. I have done nothing other than read the seed savers catalog a couple of times when it comes to gardening this year and it is time to start seeds. Maybe I should just order a pre-selected pack this year so that it gets done. I have a particluar blackberry variety all picked out but other than that I am open.

Minestrone for dinner tonight, opening night for OZ is Friday (Alice is a munchkin) and I have a 10K on Saturday AM. Those are my details for now.
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Awesome news today! Andrew gets to stay for the birth, and they're giving him 2 extra weeks after the birth! I'm just so happy to finally know now how much time we'll have on our hands, its one less weight on my shoulders.

I love the pictures greenmagick, Lilah and Cian are cuties!
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Yay Katie!!
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Oh and please, someone explain to me what is wrong with Liam. I don't know if he's coming down with something or what. He has been a crying mess today since after lunch, just crying for no apparent reason. Not just whining either, but full on sobs. If its not crying he's hyperactive and being loud and rambunctious. He hasn't eaten anything out of the ordinary lately so I can't blame it on that, I've been hyper-vigilant about his diet in order to pick out what might be making him hyperactive. His poop was a little different today so is that a sign of illness? On top of that, this whole sensory thing is getting worse. He has been getting upset over pant legs and long sleeves when I get him dressed, he picks at them and cries because I assume he doesn't like the way they feel. Eventually he forgets about it but I really don't know enough about sensory issues to know if its something that unfolds gradually over-time.
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I can't believe February is already over! I'm officially "due next month": I've been on MDC more and more lately so I'm going to try to keep up with you all.

Jeanine - That is so neat about the butterflies! My MIL collects milkweed and raises monarch butterflies. She participates in that program where she tag them (with stickers) so if they're found on the migration to Mexico, she gets a certificate and information about them. So far, she's had a few that were found. Good luck with the fruit trees and chickens - I wish I had your ambition!

Mommajb - I am with you on the countdown for spring! It is just depressing when we feel like 40 degrees is warm, no-coat weather. We're back into freezing again and I'm just sick of it! Good luck with planning your garden. I'm thinking of starting a little something just to try it this year. Good luck too with 'Oz' and your 10K!

Greemagick - the pics of the kiddos! And the animals too!

Katie - That is great about your DH getting to be there for the birth and after! : It must be such a relief for you all. Enjoy these last few weeks - they've been flying by here! Hopefully you're feeling good. I know I can't believe how much harder it has been to be pregnant AND chasing around a toddler. I don't know what I'm going to do when we go for #3 and (hopefully) beyond.

Things here are good. Ezri is so much fun - definitely difficult at times - but it is fun to see her personality developing more and more. Her latest thing is to bring a bucket of wooden beads and sit next to me while she dumps them out and picks them up. She'll do that quietly for 10 minutes, then it's like she has so much energy built up, she starts shrieking and laughing and throwing the beads everywhere. So much electricity is running through that little body, it's amazing (and VERY lucky) that she sleeps as well as she does. DH keeps teasing me that she's going to be the 'calm one'. I don't know what I'll do if #2 is even more high-energy!
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Katie-That is wonderful news about Andrew getting to be there for the birth and a couple of weeks after. It must be a huge relief for both of you. for whatever is bugging Liam. Could he be teething again? I have no wisdom to offer on sensory issues. Here is hoping that is whatever is bugging him is short-lived and he is back to normal temperament quickly.
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Happy March, ladies!

Katie: that's great about Andrew being there for the birth and after, I can't imagine how relieved you must feel!

Not a whole lot new over here. It looks beautiful outside, the sun is shining, and it's 13 degrees. I'm so ready for spring! I need fresh air and outdoor playtime!

Lucy is having some kind of word explosion lately, tons and tons of new words constantly. She said SO LITTLE until recently, it's really funny to hear the things she says now. She's a little monkey and always climbing on things, so tomorrow we're going to "open play" at a gymnastics place. I'm going to try to take her a couple times a month through the spring, then we'll do the parent-tot class for the summer session and then in the fall. I can't believe she's almost 18 months. Is anyone else wondering where the time went?? I know it's 6 months away, but all I can think is, "OMG, she's going to be 2 this year!"

After all that talk of 2-year molars coming in closer to 3, I actually think hers are on their way. I can see the white at the back of her gums when I can get her to open her mouth wide enough, at least the bottom ones. She's still chomping on her whole hand all the time and has been refusing to eat as much as usual and wanting to nurse a lot more, which is typical of teething for her. I can't say I'll be surprised if the 2-year molars come in early...even though she didn't start cutting teeth until 6 months old, they all came in really quickly, one after another. At least if they come in now, we'll have a few years before the next ones!
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lots and lots of snow here : can't believe i was thinking about a garden. now i'm thinking about an igloo

sunshine says hi.

gotta go - very upset baby, i'm not sure why...
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Originally Posted by Fridaxsky View Post

Katie - That is great about your DH getting to be there for the birth and after! : It must be such a relief for you all. Enjoy these last few weeks - they've been flying by here! Hopefully you're feeling good. I know I can't believe how much harder it has been to be pregnant AND chasing around a toddler. I don't know what I'm going to do when we go for #3 and (hopefully) beyond.
I definitely agree that it is harder with a toddler for sure, but it definitely makes the time fly by when you're busy chasing them all day! In a lot of ways I feel like I haven't had time to really sit on my butt and complain about the pregnancy woes so I'm enjoying it a lot more this time around, I feel a lot better this time for sure. I hope you're feeling great!
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We are good here, deceptively sunny this afternoon and very cold. We ended up getting a little snow but nothing that stuck because it rained so much in the days prior, just too much moisture to freeze. I am really wondering if Liam is teething, I can't see anything special as far as the 2 year morals though I do feel a bit of a bump on the lower right side. Today was a bit better for him at least. We found a website last night about sensory processing disorder and he definitely shows signs of having issues with over and under-stimulation, but I just think its too early to say its something like that.
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Katie, at some point I will say something about the sensory thing and my experiences with my oldest, I just don't have any time this morning and my thoughts are not organized enough.
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Oh mamas…where did the week go? I swear yesterday was Monday and I had off because of all the snow! This week has flown by and I am so wiped out. I am so looking forward to the weekend, but am completely : because I had to cancel my haircut (supposed to be tomorrow) but the city I get my hair done in is having all their St. Patrick’s Day festivities on Saturday and it is impossible to get parking. Besides, I don’t really want to be navigating a bunch of drunk pedestrians!! I’m so bummed, but really looking forward to just reading a book and chillin’ with my baby

Katie Welcome back! I’m happy you have your machine back. I have to go get a new needle for mine and it has only been a week – I can’t imagine a month, especially with a home business. I’m so happy for your good news about your birth – that is really excellent! : I hope you are able to get to the bottom of the sensory issues Liam is having soon . That is really frustrating and I hope everything works itself out easily.

Jeanine Oh boy, the chickens are back I remember this convo. All your fruit sounds delicious! We planted strawberries last year, but only got to eat 2 or 3 before the birds and squirrels had their feast. They are very aggressive though and trying to take over the yard.

Mommajb Yay for Helen! : That is very exciting. I personally was always terrified and grossed out when my teeth fell out so how wonderful that this is a joyous experience for her. Hopefully her sister will let her enjoy it a little bit. I definitely offer my to you since I just finally unsubscribed from all the co-op lists (sorry Wendi & Heather). I can’t deal anymore and neither can my bank account!

Fridaxsky You’re almost there!! This is exciting. I really to you and Katie because I’m not sure I could keep up with Marty AND be pregnant too. I wasn’t a very pleasant pregnant woman as it was !

Rachel I think Marty and Lucy are on the same teething schedule. There’s no way those 2 year molars are waiting until 3. Isn’t their just the best? We went for ice cream last night (yes, in 17 degree weather ) so he could see the cow (fake) at the ice cream parlor and the whole time he just chattered in between bites. I thought the teenager working the counter was going to lose her mind (we were the only ones there) because he wouldn’t be quiet. I just tickles me to no end and I love our little conversations so much!!

Well next week opens a new chapter for Marty at school – Underwear!!! : They said now that he’s in the Toddler room, once he starts wearing underwear to school, that’s it, the diapers go home. I am so excited I could cry!! : Sure, we’ve spent weeks covered in urine (or so it seems), but it will all be worth it to kiss the stupid, overpriced pull-ups goodbye forever!! Please say a quick for my baby, that he transitions easily and embraces his accomplishment with joy. I know he could never be as excited about it as I am :

He is also just hysterical…my silly boy. His non-stop chatter makes my husband wonder why he was glad when Marty turned out to be a boy. This was supposed to be something that only girls do?! Apparently he’s never had a conversation with himself – probably because he can’t get a word in edgewise. Our first date, I don’t think I got to say more than, “Hi, how are you?” and “Thanks for dinner.” This morning on our way to the car Marty said, “Daddy. Big Truck. Daddy Truck. White.” My husband drives a very large white pickup truck and he had to move it out of the driveway so we could leave because he parked behind us. So I said, “Yes, Marty, that is Daddy’s big, white truck.” Then he said, “Mommy. Car. Mommy Car. Marty Car. Mommy and Marty Car.” And started giggling. Basically, to translate, he was telling me my car is his now and then decided we could share it. He’s a piece of work that kid of mine!!

I hope you all have a lovely day. I’m glad I finally got 10 minutes or so of peace here to get this done. All our printers are down so we’re kind of in a “pause” moment in the flow of business and that is a-ok with me after the week I’ve had.

: and to you all!! -Jess
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Where is everybody lately?

Awesome news about the transition to underwear, I hope it goes smoothly and easily!

Here's a sweet moment for the day. Last night we all crawled into bed and Liam went to my side and laid down with Andrew, he doesn't normally like to sleep with Andrew but they cuddled up together and Liam fell right to sleep Andrew loved it because I am usually Liam's #1 cuddle person so he likes it when he gets to cuddle too.
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Hey all! I am here and doing fairly well. I have been so busy with life that I have had a hard time checking in. We have had several illnesses run through our house including one that had Rioux puking for 3 days. That was not fun. He is doing much better now. Eavan has been exposed to chicken pox so we are waiting to see what happens there. His birthday is next week so I have really mixed feelings about the whole thing. My best friend has beens struggling terribly with migraines so I have been helping her a lot. Dahlia is busy busy busy. She talks so much, is climbing like a monkey and just loves to be right next to me when I do everything.

I took Eavan to the allergist the other day. She was great. They did blood tests for several allergies and we are waiting for results. Apparently if he tests positive for dairy we get an epi-pen. We finally found a cream that is working for his eczema and that he will actually tolerate being applied. I am grateful to have found such a great doc to help me.

Please don't anyone feel like you are disappointing me if you don't participate in co-ops. I don't make any money off them so it doesn't really affect me. There are plenty that participate and I don't want anyone spending money they don't have.

Dahlia has been using the potty most days at least a few times. : I have hope that this will be my last year of diapers.

Katie I am so glad to hear that Andrew can be there for the birth and a bit beyond. That must be a huge relief.

I have to go back to working on the house.

Lots of love to you all!
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