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Originally Posted by mrsb422 View Post
Jeanine - did you use the marshmallow fondant off of the wilton website?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that recipe only I do the kneading part in my mixer with my dough hook - no need to be wearing marshmallow handcuffs for an eternity and tire out your arms!! THe first time I tried it by hand I got claustrophobic because I couldn't untangle myself from the marshmallow : Did you try cake flour that is self-rising? It might work better in the pyrex, but if you do, don't use salt or baking powder - I've made that mistake and it also sinks (plus very salty) can't wait to see your finished product!!
marshmallow fondant - yes - but from recipezaar. i'll check wilton and see if it's the same. i used the mixer too.
i haven't tried cake flour. the cake is baking in the bundt pan right now - i'll see how it turns out from go from there. thanks for the suggestions!
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Originally Posted by mrsb422 View Post
Just got back a bit ago from our new vet : He's a holistic vet who is just wonderful. Hey, if I can't selective vax my son, the dog might as well benefit We're putting him on a raw diet (the vet makes it himself) and I got all sorts of wonderful supplements for him as well to help with stress and digestion. I?
Raw diets for dogs/cats are great! How much does your vet charge as it is really cheap to do yourself! My dog has been raw fed for about 6 or 7 years now....I never got the cats to switch
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Jess, I love it. At least you can raise your dog the way you want.

I wish we had HMN locally. I would learn so much, not just 'the facts' but local resources and similar thinking families.
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Right?? Oscar was my first baby, so it is about time I got my way! I started crying when talking about it to DH because he freaked out that I almost spent $300 in supplements and whatnot by the time the vet visit was over and he said "Calm down! You're about to have a fit!" because I started in on vaccinating and all that...I usually would have been really ticked at him, but it made me laugh. He's right...I was having a fit...I guess it is all repressed frustration. Stupid public daycare.

The food itself was $6 for 2 lbs which isn't horrible since our dog only weighs 9 lbs himself and doesn't eat all that much. I don't know that I have the stomach to make it myself, but I am going to look into getting some of the supplements through Frontier ($39 for a dog probiotic/digestive enzyme powder additive??? ) and maybe can order the food direct too. In any event, I'm excited for my doggie I think he's going to like it soooo much better than that dry junk I feed him now.

Marty and I planted some seeds tonight in some cups. I got these little starter seeds/pots at Target in the $1 section so I figured what the heck. If they don't grow, they don't grow - it was only a dollar. He had a lot of fun scooping the dirt, but doesn't get the seeds concept. I hope they grow so he can see what all the fuss was about

Well I'm off to try my hand at Wii Guitar Hero. I have never played before, but DH got it from one of his clients at work, so now we have it. He's at the Devils/Rangers game so I'm on my own with the laundry...the quiet is rather nice!!

Wishing you all a wonderful evening :
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Well, I dont do any supplements, and my dog is 81lbs (we had three dogs on it for quite awhile). You dont really make it....I just feed raw meat and bones, some organ meat here and there, and some ACV, garlic, and yogurt rarely. He also gets a lot of thrown food
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Grrr - cake fell again I talked to my friend who went to culinary school - she thinks I should use high altitude directions - altitude schmaltitude says I. I'm going to use a different recipe! And we're going to be sick of cake by the time it's birthday cake time!
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we are waiting (have been waiting since last Friday) to hear about the News about the Big Job.

little dangly carrots but nothing concrete. I can't take much more of this. I practically had to beg DH to shower today. I just don't understand what the hold up is.

And a promising job I applied for - they called me the day after I sent my resume (in Feb) talking about flying me out for an interview, well I'm pretty sure that will amount to nothing. I looked at the ad again last night, and they've changed it. I think they decided I am way over qualified (and too expensive) for what they need, but honestly people, can't they call me/email me and let me know??


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I just realized that I'm into the 900 plus posts arena, which means 1000 posts are just around the corner!

I've been here over 2 years and still haven't managed 1000 posts.

I remember when Jeanine and Katie opened their thread in TAO to hit 1000 posts.

I seriously don't have the energy to post in TAO to make it. I did manage to welcome a whole bunch of newbies, though
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I have my fingers crossed for you, Falicia! I hope DH hears some good news soon!

I just hit 3000 posts in March, as you can probably tell I have too much time on my hands
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Thinking of you, Falicia
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