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I had so hoped to be on here more but I have just enough time for Facebook and then get called away.....daycare is keeping me busy. I have a VERY high needs 5mo old and I wasn't told she was high needs so I'm worn out at the end of the day. She sweats alot and always has this sour smell bc of it....

I took Lilah for an 18mo well baby visit to get her weighed and measured and all that jazz and to hit up my pediatrician for the location of the second hand school uniform shop....LOL. Lilah is 22lbs and 29.5" tall....a little peanut. She's just now into 12-18 things and FINALLY outgrew her Kissaluv 0's (they snap on the last snap and look more like panties now...lol)......

She's hilarious most of the time.....just too darn cute for her own good. I'll have to come back later with some "photo vomit". She was talking up a storm but has stopped and is now favoring Leo (our cat) and Uh Uh (while crossing her arms in front of her).....I miss the words.....but she's cute chasing the cat around saying his name. He is not amused though....LOL....She has empathy that I don't expect from someone so young but it's the sweetest thing to witness....and she LOVES babies. I cared for my friends twins the other day for a few hours and she came downstairs and saw the one and squealed and then the other one in the bouncer on the other side of the room made a noise and her eyes were wide as frying pans and she ran over to him and peeked at him and spent the next 20 minutes going back and forth between them chatting and checking on them....I LOVED it.

DD1 is doing well. She loves her preschool and has learned so much...breezing through the Dick and Jane series already and can read more than I like when we are out....catches me off guard bc she couldn't do that early December before she started. She was accepted into a fantastic charter school and we are both excited about that.....She starts August 13 and will go full day. It's within walking distance of our place so that's an added bonus....

On a crappy note, when I went to get her today I was informed that she was closing indefinatly
.....my brain went blank when I heard it.....it took me 2 years to find a great preschool that I could afford and where I trusted the person to care for my child who had always been home with me. She said that the local Job and Family Services had come at lunchtime and informed her that someone filed a complaint against her and she had to close during the investigation. DD is heartbroken....that she won't see her friends, that she won't get to learn at school with them and do the Montessori floor work, that she won't see her nice teachers.....and I'm just as sad and left up in the air as to what happened. She's been in business for years.....and is so nice....and very AP which is a big part of why I chose it. So, I am crossing my fingers that it's something simple...she terminated a family and they were ticked and filed a complaint bc they have to investigate it regardless, or she's over her numbers (teacher ratio) and she'll open again. I don't know what I'd do.....I'd have to find another one bc dd loves school now that she's in it and I won't be able to devote the time that she'd need with the daycare kids here.....So cross your fingers it's something simple....

Friends preemie update.....

Megan is offically 2 pounds 5 ounces now at 3wks old and is finally tolerating the fortifier they are adding to her breastmilk.....she is off the vent but back on CPAP but at a low percentage. So she is doing well. No major infections thus far. She had a bout of apnea which is normal for preemies while Melissa was holding her and she freaked out when the monitors went off bc it was the first time they did but the nurses got her all pinked back up....and told Melissa to go home for a bit and rest.......that Megan needed her mom rested and that she needed to take care of herself just as much as Megan needed her. So she is home tonight. I found a great pattern to make tiny NICU gowns for her but I don't have a serger and hemming/binding the seams, we are not friends.....LOL....I'm gonna see if I can get a friend to serge them for me if I provide the fabric and such.....I think I have a friend who still has her serger....LOL. So all is well there.

I am doing ok. Business is going well. I've hit some bumps with parents where I am like REALLY??? SERIOUSLY??? bit that's to be expected in this business. I've managed to save some money back and am really looking forward to my trip out to Baltimore with the girls mid-April for 5 days. I haven't taken a vacation in over 2.5 years so it's much needed. Just wish it were at the beach....LOL.

The girls father and I are talking.....not sure what to make of it and lots would still need to change so we'll see....it is what it is right now and that's the best I can do.

I will be better about checkin in.....I miss you guys.

This is my lame attempt at catching up personal style......

I'll be back tomorrow prolly to tell tales of the ER and shower drains....shower drains+tiny fingers=bad bad bad.

Wendi: I hope everyone feels better soon.

Katie: I hope Andrew gets to be home for the birth!!!! I think considering the circumstances he is very deserving to be home for this....

Falicia: Hugs for you and Chaya. I think Jess and I are on the same nursing schedule right now with her Marty and my Lilah. She was doing 3 times a day, went down to 1, then went up to 2 and then got sick and went round the clock, got better, got hurt with stiches, nursed....now she's down to bedtime and maybe naptime, late afternoon. She's my last, I'm pretty sure so it's very bittersweet. I have a friend who makes keepsakes out of breastmilk set in resin.....they're pretty.

Jeanine: We went to a butterfly release the other day and the girls just sat and watched........I'm sorry to hear about your butterfly......Belts are almost done!!! Thanks for keeping me in the loop and for everything else!!

Nicole: My dd1 just saw the pics of the ducks and said, "Can I have ducks too??" Um. No....not where we live....cute cute cute Love Cian's haircut. Jealous of the hair...

Rachel: Lilah is getting all 4 of her 2 year molars right now...it's a bear and the only ones have caused issues. Stop talking about that TWO word!!!

Jess: Yay on the potty for Marty!!! DD1 was already using the potty by now but Lilah isn't very interested yet...she'll sit on it, unsnap or unsnappi her diaper when it gets wet so it's a start.....

Ishy: I had something for you too but my brain stopped working after I had to resign in....ugh. This wasn't it but believe it or not, 90% of everything still fits Lilah!!! :

to everyone
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wow, that's LONG.
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Hi Sunshine! I'm sorry to hear about the preschool, I hope you are able to find an alternative. I'm glad your friend's little one is doing well, it sounds like she has a long road ahead of her.

My little update - We found out this morning that Andrew's grandmother passed away last night. She had been sick for a while with lung problems but this was somewhat unexpected as she was doing fairly well. We're flying to Boston tomorrow morning and then heading to Maine, we should be back home by Monday night. Andrew is having a hard time with it because he was so close to her and this is the first relative he's lost as an adult. We are getting through it though.

I hope that good weather visits everyone this weekend, hopefully next week will be more chatty!
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Finally finding this thread!

Katie, I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's grandma. I hope your trip goes smoothly. Any more word on his deployment?

So much going on this month... Baby showers for two friends, assorted kids' birthdays, DS1's birthday last Wednesday :, sick kids, etc., etc.

Highlights: We've caught a few pees from Judah. He's more interested in the potty, and when he's going with his bum, will even sign "potty" to me. The bad side of that is he's dealing with lots of reacting to foods, and his bum is in baaaad shape.

Gabriel turned 7 on Wednesday and we had a Chinese birthday bash. It seems everyone had a really good time, and the kids were pleased to learn new things at the party, too. Pictures, including of Judah in his Chinese outfit, are here: http://gallery.me.com/hvbarrett#1004...w=mosaic&sel=0 Forgive the pacifier... He was NOT feeling well and it helped me get through the day!

Judah is signing tons and tons. Not talking a whole lot, though. Often I'll ask him to say something he has previously said and also signs, and he'll just sign it. But he's definitely communicative, and will sign things like, "More milk, please!" Yeah, I get that one A. LOT.

He's still BFing a ton - we're definitely in the "every 20 minutes whether he needs it or not." Right now DH is holding him and trying to comfort him because if he wants to nurse again I might scream. Sigh. I'm totally okay with nursing him, I just wish it wasn't constant. :

DH is applying for a job with a company that would want us to move to California. It's a great company and one I've said I'd move back to the Bay Area for, but I don't know at this point that I"m ready for that. So he's in the interview process and we'll see what they say. I can't imagine them NOT wanting him (he's perfect for what they're looking for), so it will likely come down to what they offer him.

My sister is engaged!!! :::: We're so thrilled! They've been a pair for two years, and he has finally gotten to the point of being ready to ask her. I'm so excited! They'll probably get married in Chicago, which is kind of a bummer, since we're near Houston. But it seems like she'll be happier with that and can show everyone around where she'll be living. No dates set, but almost certainly this summer.

mommajb, I've also been refraining from co-oping lately. I go through phases, and am in the "I just don't need anything" phase right now. Of course there are a few things that always tempt me... But our group has been very quiet lately!

For G's birthday party, we got a little 4x6 photo printer to make "passport photos" for the kids. I am so loving this thing! I've wanted one for a long time, and it was about the same as just buying ink for DH's printer. This one's better, as it's a dye-sublimation and the prints are gorgeous! So I'm printing up pics to send to my Grandma, to send with thank yous, etc! I might even start scrapbooking now that I can print pics on the fly. Much fun.

Alright, will try to keep up! But part of my problem has been figuring out how to balance time on the computer. Many days I've not even made it to the computer after the kids are asleep. Good for me as I get more sleep and get up earlier! But then I get nothing done. I'm far too likely to stay up super late if I do get to the computer, though, so it's tough.

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Forgive me mamas…I don’t know where the week has gone (last week) and here it is Monday already!! Life is just upsidedown anymore – I swear. We had an absolutely crazy weekend and the week was completely draining so I am finally back to my regular routine. I missed you all :

Katie I don’t know how you’re doing all that painting! You amaze me! The colors you picked are very pretty. I’m so sorry to hear about Andrew’s grandma. Grandparents have a very special place in a child’s life and I know how much that hurts. to you all – safe journey!

Rachel : about your dancing school!! That sounds exciting. I am glad you and your DH were able to work it out about the different job options. In this economy everything is so scary that people are really putting their dreams and happiness aside; making decisions based on fear. You need to have a balance of security and fulfillment though and it looks like you guys got that down! Congrats!!

Jeanine on “we ordered chickens.” I don’t know…it just sounds funny.

Sunshine I had no idea baby sweat smelled! That is weird. I’m sorry she’s so high needs though – that must be draining. to your LO regarding school. That is so upsetting and kids just don’t get it. My niece and nephew had their school close this year and were equally as devastated. It is such a hard thing to explain to them : I don’t even want to think of your drain story and the ER – I can only imagine! : I am so happy to hear your friends’ baby is doing well. That is wonderful news.

Heather I think the signing is just as (if not more) impressive as actual speaking. It amazes me that these kids remember all the signs when I can’t! That was a super-cool birthday party idea! I loved the pics.

Well now I’ve used up all my free time doing this and I HAVE to go potty before I have an accident . to you all! I’ll come update on my lil’ guy in a bit.
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I was hoping to actually jump in with personals today but Lucy is sick and doesn't want to do anything but drape across my lap and doze/nurse, so I'll just say hello! She was throwing up all afternoon and evening yesterday, then was okay overnight until 6:30 this morning when she threw up again, but so far today it's just been diarrhea and a fever. Poor kiddo.
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ishy - healthy vibes to Lucy :

MrsB - what's even funnier than ordering chickens is the fact that they mail them - thru the USPS. They expect to ship ours May 4.

Katie - hope your trip was safe, I'm sorry about A's grandma

sunshine - glad to hear megan is doing well

heather - i'm right there with you on wishing the bf'ing wasn't constant

i hate

and i'm :yawning: and need to goodnight!
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The funeral went well. The flying on the other hand was absolutely horrific. Liam did not tolerate it at all and was a mess for several of the flights. It didn't seem like the ear pressure bothered him, but when there were any sharp movements or banking he would lose it. One flight attendant didn't help matters when she yelled at me to not hold him and take away his pacifier and let him scream, I looked at her like I was about to take her head off and she shut up. Do those people not realize that they make the experience 10 times worse by adding their two cents to the mix? Most of the airline employees were equally rude. None of them understood why we brought our car seat and acted like they had never seen a child in one on a flight before. On our very last flight we did have one very kind flight attendant, though that probably had something to do with the fact that Liam was exhausted and just kind of dozed for all of it. I still plan to file a complaint for the others though.

I'm just glad to be home. Today I'm hoping we find out if Andrew gets to stay, we were told the day we left that the commander had made a decision (hopefully a final one) but wanted to talk to everyone in person. I have 4 baskets of laundry waiting for me to fold so I suppose I better get on that.
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Rachel : I hope Lucy feels better soon :
Jeanine Ok, mailing chickens is just bizarre. I mean it isn’t like they’re freeze-dried sea monkeys!!
Katie I thought car seats were required?? That’s so strange that they’d think it was weird. I’m Liam (and you) had such a hard trip and it wasn’t even for a fun reason. I hope you get some good news from the commander at least.

Well I’ve had drama, drama, drama…I just can’t get a break from it. I went to the OB/GYN last week because I’ve been having some very irregular bleeding and went back on the mini-pill to try and regulate it. I have endometriosis and I guess it is just rearing its ugly head. I thought I was supposed to get around 5 years of relief after having a baby (that’s what they all kept telling me ) but apparently not. And to top it off, my doc says he thinks I’ll only get to keep my uterus until I’m 35…in 7 years. So I have to have kids or not in the meantime…I can’t deal with the pressure :

DH and I have subsequently been at each other’s throats over everything on earth – painting, money, our bathroom renovation, getting a treadmill, the mess in our house, laundry – you name it. Everything except the issue at hand: do we start trying again or not?! I’m so wishy-washy on this and that makes me the most unnerved of all. This all stinks.

On an adorable note though, my son is just the most precious creature I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He’s so sweet and cuddly all of a sudden. He started pulling ME into bed with HIM at night which cracks me up. I dozed off there the other night and it was the best sleep I’ve had in ages. Of course, he won’t sleep in our bed, it has to be the other way around : I need his love right now so much and I’m so grateful he’s finally willing to give it to me in the form of cuddles – they’re my favorite!

: off to get my mini prince charming :
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Mrsb - carseats are required for kids 2 and older since a separate seat has to be purchased. We decided to just bite the bullet and purchase a seat this time, and by purchasing a seat its expected that a car seat be used even though he's still under 2. He still spent a great deal of the flights in our laps because that's where he did best. I'm sorry your doctor isn't being of much help to you, have you tried asking on the fertility board and seeing if there are others in your situation who may be of help?
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Katie - This is truly the only board I go on anymore. I feel like there just isn't the time there used to be online. Someone small is ALWAYS calling! I remember when we discussed flying out to see my dad a while ago I said the same thing about getting Marty his own seat because I just can't imagine trying to fly with him in my lap the whole time. It would be horrible for everyone involved! I'm sure you're really glad the whole thing is over though all the laundry is probably annoying - I am always up to my ears in laundry so I completely understand.
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Jeanine mentioned :... Am I the only one who has NOT seen her since baby?

Katie, so sorry it was such a tough trip!

Jess, I hope you get everything sorted out.

DH just had a phone interview with this company in CA. Great company, or so I hear, and one he's always wanted to work with. Apparently the phone interview went well and they want to take him out to CA to interview in person. : I hate having him gone, but I figured it was going to happen. So we'll see what this brings... I don't really feel like we need to move to CA, but I think they'd require him to. So who knows!

Ok, Judah's done with his grapes so my time's up!
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*fingers crossed* for you and DH, Heather! I hope the interview goes well!

AF hasn't visited me in, oh, about 8 months Hopefully she stays away longer than 5 months PP this time around. I'd think with tandeming that would be more than possible.
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DD's school is back open. She took the licensing to mean that you were allowed 6 children PER ADULT and not 6 TOTAL....I went and read it and I read it the same as her......so......she let some kids go and they went to the assistants house bc she's licensed and gave her 2 weeks bc she's newly pregnant and sick alot but can handle her 2 kids and 2 others....so the numbers work out.....She'll be going 2 days instead of 3 and she is OVERJOYED......(me too.....lol...I love her to pieces but man, that tenacity will serve her well in 20 years......).....

Katie: Sorry to hear about Andrew's grandmother. I lost 2 of my grandparents within 2 weeks of dd1 being born. and hope the trip is smooth. I can't believe baby will be here soon......where'd THAT time go???

Rachel: Ditto what Jess said......she's so good with words sometimes. Your school sounds exciting!!!!

Jeanine: How are the ants....???? Mailing chickens....hmmm....guess you gotta get em somehow...lol

Jess: If this baby gets sweaty enough (her parents overdressed her and with the crying....) she smells sour.......Big hugs for the GYN issues.....I hate it when they tell you something over and over and you believe it. And more hugs for you and DH. I think alot of people are under the same stresses......and dance around "white elephants".......what about instead of saying you are going to try or you aren't going to try you just agree to not do anything and let what happens happen???? Is that even an option??? So many hugs. I found a note from Jess the other day I had tucked in Lilah's baby box. It made me smile and then I thought of you.

Heather: Lilah was signing really well but hasn't done it in awhile. I yanked back out the Signing Times 1 and 2 and she has no interest...she's just fixated on all things cat....haha I have not seen AF since I got pregnant with my FIRST in JULY 2003. Yes. You read that right. NO TYPOS......even provera didn't bring it on. They figure that my body was finally gearing up to have one after 3 years and we just happened to time it right and voila...Lilah...haha. I had very sporadic cycles to begin with but now it's just ridiculous...I keep thinking......will I know it's coming and what will it be like after 5 years....eek.

Ishy: I hope Miss Lucy feels better soon!!!!
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Here is some photo vomit as promised...

loving baby
turkey day
helping do the dishes
delirously happy (part of me is decorated so photobucket would host it)
stolen lollipop one of my FAVES
bellybutton love (in a kissaluv 0 at 18m....peanut)
big sis
mom and sis

and last but not least....the mummy finger

***finger story.....***

Since she was 10 months old I've taken her in the shower with me bc there is a space in my mom's shower that she can sit in perfect (it has a molded seat so btwn that and the door) and splash and let the water hit her while I wash my hair and such. I must've been standing on the drain a bit bc there was some water in the shower (shower only type) and I looked down and went to pick her up to rinse her off and HER FINGER IS IN THE DRAIN COVER SQUARES....

I freaked for a second which in turn made her freak out...I wiggled it out as easy and gentle as I could, picked her up facing me, rinsed her off and she put her head on my shoulder and whimpered......I set her on the sink edge, wrapped a towel around her, then me and took a peek at it....just looked like a small scrape thankfully I thought on her right index finger facing her thumb. So, I laid her on the bed, tossed my robe on and went in the bathroom to get the neosporin and bandaid....put some pressure on it.....and the bleeding stopped. She was ok at this point. I went to put the bandaid on and there was alot of blood and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from bc it wasn't coming from the scrape. Um. Yeah. Deep laceration btwn her index finger and middle finger....I put tons of pressure on it and wrapped it up and got us dressed.

Thankfully we had her 18mo wbv so we didn't have to make another appt. She was weighed and everything and then our ped said STICHES..... and they don't do them in office. WHAT?? She said we had to go to urgent care (the children's hospital had one down the street) I said, "No...we were there TWICE already this week for her belly virus...." and she kinda laughed and said she'd call and tell em what was up. We get there, checked in, went back and it was the same staff at the previous 2 times that week.... Told em what happened, the suture tech looked at it and said they couldn't stich it bc of the way it was cut and such so they told me they were gonna treat it like a burn....wet medicated dressing, gauze and he wrapped it so she couldn't get it off...thus, MUMMY FINGER.....they wrapped her middle finger to her index to support it. She watched intently.....calmly.....held out her tiny chubby hand.....and he did a good job. He's gonna make a good dad someday....LOL....

So...that's the sage. I had to change it twice a day for 6 days. She was really good about it too...held her hand in the soapy water, then out for me to dry and wrap....and then went about her business.....like nothing happened. It's pretty much healed now....just the smallest of a mark....When I took the wrap off and such the last time and left it off she looked at me, at her finger and SQUEALED WITH : and shoved it in her mouth......

I went out the next day and bought a new shower drain cover.....no squares...tiny tiny holes....can't even get a newborn finger in..... Something I never thought about having to change.

I hope to not have to return to that Urgent Care for quite some time.
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Jeanine Thanks for the , right back at you! I hope the visit goes well but they don’t want you to relocate unless you want to. That is a great area of CA though if you do end up out there – really wonderful culture in the bay area, or at least that’s my opinion. Very artsy – I like that a lot! I probably wouldn’t have had AF back if I hadn’t stopped taking the minipill. She came right back immediately when I stopped. Now that I’m back on, it doesn’t seem to make any difference

Sunshine I can’t imagine a sour smelling baby – they must really be over dressing her. I love baby smell : I would love to just see what happens…DH even suggested that too (I was very impressed), but my body won’t allow for that. I can only go off of the hormones for nursing or pregnancy. Right now the minipill isn’t cutting the mustard, but I don’t want to tell the GYN that because I know he’ll tell me to stop nursing and that is not an option. I am so happy to hear about Lilah’s school – that is wonderful news that she’ll still be able to go! : I will check the photos out at home tonight – I hate that we’re blocked here. The whole finger story made me weak – I hate when they have boo boos. Marty put his tooth into his lip on Sunday (face planted into a wood floor) and I immediately feel like my knees are going to give out. Why do they always have to bleed??!!

Well AF showed up today – WTF?! That was the whole point of going back on the dumb minipill. I’m supposed to have an U/S tomorrow (abdominal and transvag – so fun) to just make sure I don’t have any major cysts or growths (doc isn’t expecting anything exciting from it) but now what do I do??? I mean, I was bleeding nonstop for 3 weeks – surely I can’t put this off that long. I’m so irritated. Also, I have my annual next month. If things proceed this cycle like they did the last one, I’ll only have about 5 flo-free days and my appointment won’t fall within that window

As for Marty…he’s wonderful but why the heck won’t he sleep??!! Last night he wouldn’t go to bed until I climbed in with him and he practically put me in a headlock Then he woke up at 12:50 am for “na na’s”. Then again at 4 am for no good reason in particular, but he didn’t want to come to bed with me and he didn’t want to be in bed by himself. He pulled his pacifier out and yelled at me “Mommy Marty bed!” over and over until I climbed in bed with him for an hour and a half because my DH decided to turn off my alarm clock I love oversleeping – NOT. I don’t understand. I know he’s teething, so I hope that’s the issue meaning it isn’t a permanent behavior change. I’m pooped!
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Subbing so I can eventually catch up with everyone. I've not posted much, mostly a lurker... love to read about everyone's toddlers. Harleigh is mine. Her older sister is 3.5 and we have another due at the end of September. Trying to keep up with anything online is a challenge. I posted a few times in the DDC, so I see a few familiar "faces". Hello to everyone.
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Originally Posted by sunshine's mama View Post
I have a friend who makes keepsakes out of breastmilk set in resin.....they're pretty.
You know, I'm not sure how I feel about that..... :

Please send My DH is has a major interview tomorrow/Friday.
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I don't have much to report or you know I would be chattier. I need to be decluttering and working toward my treasure map.

There is no AF here and other than a cycle maybe in 2002 and another sometime later there she doesn't really show her face around here. Perhaps she is worried she would be asked to babysit?

Sunshine, where is a linky to these breastmilk keepsakes. What exactly are they? I need to know more.
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Decluttering...cleaning...gah. Almost all the laundry is done but there is still a lot of cleaning up to do around here. I have plans to convert our dining room into a play room with book and toy storage, kid's table and chairs, easel, etc. We have a breakfast bar that we plan to use for eating at instead and hopefully it will help to contain some of the mess.

Oh, and yesterday we ended up trading in our car for an '09 Kia Rondo. We've been researching for a while now and decided to check some out last week. Our bank was able to finance a deal for us well within our budget so we decided to go for it. It seats 7 and is kind of a cross-over between a mini-van and wagon but drives more like an SUV, so it should have some longevity to it.

I feel like Liam is starting to be labeled as a "bad" child when we're out in public. Not like I really care what people think, but I don't want this be something he picks up on when he gets older. I know he is really high energy, but do people really have to point it out to me all the time when he's running wild and I'm trying to get a handle on him?
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