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ants have been ordered, but haven't arrived. when are you ordering yours sunshine?

katie - sorry the flights sucked sorry people are bugging you about liam's high energy. i'm sure they expect more from him since he's so big - they must think he's older. maybe you need a t-shirt that says "He's 1 and I'm pregnant so give me a freakin' break!"

mommajb - AF babysitting . i wish. i haven't found her to be very useful, though.

i'm curious about what exactly a breastmilk keepsake is, too.

Falicia - interview in GB or CA? Either way, good luck to DH!

Heather - I'd love to send AF packing to TX!

nothin' new here, my life in pictures - ::yawning:: (<---that's the big kids): lather, rinse, repeat
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Shinky Nice to see you!

Sunshine Ok, I don’t know how the whole “mummy finger” thing survived all those days…your LO must be amazingly patient! Now that I’ve seen the pics, I am completely in shock. The lollypop pic is adorable : Photobucket deleted the other one so I didn’t get to see it

Katie mama. I know what you mean. I had a woman point-blank ask me if Marty was a “challenging child” tonight when he and I had a “date night” at our Cheeseburger in Paradise. I looked at her and said, “At what point isn’t parenting a challenge?” I thought Jess would’ve been proud! First of all, people need to shut the heck up – it isn’t their business what our kids do. Secondly, I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. They’re spirited little men and we just need to reinforce that there is a gentle way to live in this world, even if the majority fails to see it. Marty’s newest thing is “mine” – everything is “mine” and it is really wearing on me. He also asks to go “poopies potty” every time he doesn’t want to do something so that I don’t make him do it (i.e. sit and eat dinner, clean up his toys). I’ve been planning for months on how to turn our extra bedroom/office into a toy room/office/exercise room. I am so sick of the toy clutter taking over my living room!!

Well mamas…I feel like complete poopy tonight. I have the worst cramps, am bleeding so heavily and am supposed to have that ultrasound tomorrow. I think I have to reschedule. Spotting is one thing, but this is just gross. I’m so upset

Marty is developing quite the little personality – to quote his teacher. Tonight when I picked him up I got asked about his sudden need to tell everyone that everything is “mine” – chair, truck, car, bicycle, teacher – everything! I don’t know where it came from – last night when he went “my na-nas” was the first time I’d heard him do it. We had a really rough time at dinner tonight (see above note to Katie) and I am exasperated and exhausted. We came home, played outside, had a bath, and I am just : for a good night’s sleep tonight.

to you all…’night
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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post

katie - sorry the flights sucked sorry people are bugging you about liam's high energy. i'm sure they expect more from him since he's so big - they must think he's older. maybe you need a t-shirt that says "He's 1 and I'm pregnant so give me a freakin' break!"
Its really funny that you mention this because I think it tends to be very true a lot of the time. Nobody can really guess how old he is, and I think because of his size they expect more than he's capable of doing. His size also plays to his advantage because he's able to get into things he wouldn't normally be able to due to his strength and height, but he doesn't yet have the impulse control and reasoning to go along with it.

I feel awful for admitting it but every day I hope and pray for this unborn child to be calmer and more peaceful and content
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katie: I admit to falling prey to "big child" syndrome. It must be a very tough situation. I second the tee shirt idea

jeanine: the interview is in NYC.

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Photobucket deleted it??? Man. Losers. I covered up parts I thought would show with a heart sticker.....I'll just crop her face so you can see it and then caption what she was lookin at....darn....I thought I beat them. As many freakin photos as they get you wouldn't think they'd have time to come and delete something silly like mine.

My friend doesn't have a link. I'l see if I can have her send a pic. She plasticizes the breastmilk (easy to do) and then sets it in a clear resin. Pokes a hole in it, threads it and voila.

DD1 had parent night at dance and she's doing well. It's a small class this year so they get alot more attention (6 kids as opposed to the 12 last year)....she needs to learn it though....there is one little girl who you can tell practices bc she's good. DD will get it though.....and it's all in fun anyways.....

A grandma there complimented me on Lilah Near then end I thought she was watching her granddaughter and but apparently, she was watching Lilah....she said, "I find that amazing" and I was like, "yeah, they are cute." and she said, "Oh yes, they are but I was talking about her" and pointed at Lilah.....I must've looked puzzled bc she added, "she has sat here, the entire 30 minutes, quiet, curious and swaying to the music.....amazing." and I said, "Oh. She's always like that......she loves watching her sister......" and she said, "Well, you are doing something right....." :

Jess: I redid the picture....hopefully it's ok for them now that I covered more up.....geesh.

K. I need to go to bed....I have some new prefolds preppin in the washer and I need to toss em in the dryer.....we've moved up to GMD yellows.....peanut. Hahaha
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
the interview is in NYC.

sending wonderful interview vibes his way :
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sunshine - loooove L's big grin
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It's rainy and dreary here today for the second day in a row. Supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow and then rainy and dreary Saturday.....maybe we'll hit the Science Center. No use having a membership if we never use it right??

I'm in a conundrum for tomorrow....I have a good friend (friend A)who is in town with her little girl and I haven't seen her in just over a year and we had plans to meet another friend )friend B) and her little girl (born same day and year as my dd1...i was 2 wk late, she was 2wk early) out to eat somewhere......But they changed the plans and told me about it. I wasn't part of the conversation....

The plans are now to meet at friend B's house and order in so the girls can play. I don't have a problem with that but I just didn't want to be out for too long. I wanted to visit with my friend and chill for a bit at the restaraunt....They are gonna get the kids McD's for dinner and order subs or something.....and friend B came down on me bc I wasn't going to get dd1 McD's bc she has it on dance night bc it's quick and easy and we don't let her eat it more than 1x a week (it's down to 2x/mo now)....but if she sees the other 2 girls eating it, she's going to want it.....and she said, "Well, I just don't want them fighting" and I said, "Look, they always fight. They are almost 5. YOU are the one that changed the plans and E agreed but nobody bothered to talk to me about it. You guys are going to be drinking, I won't have a way home bc you aren't going to drink and then drive the girls and I home. My sister is dropping me off but has plans of her own tonight."

So.......I really want to see my friend who is in town. She's leaving early in the morning to go back to TN. But I don't want to be stuck at friend B's house all night. It sucks. I hate being left out of decsions esp when I was part of the first one. I understand that it's easier for the girls to play at B's house but....I don't know. Maybe I'm just being silly. I spose I could go but then I'd only be there for an hour or so......If I let dd eat McD's twice this week, she's gonna ask for it nonstop.....that's why we instilled the rule.


Jeanine: You are funny......Mom gave dd1 an ant farm for Christmas 2 years ago....I still haven't sent away for the ants.....mine should arrive sometimes in what? June??? hahahaha. Love your life in pictures. Resembles mine....I love it too.....she'd just finished nursing and my sis came in and snapped the pic bc she was grinning that way....eyes all squished up....

Falicia: I hope the interview goes well. NYC isn't all that bad...........

Ok, I need to go take some Excedrin and run these yellows through the wash one more time.....

Katie: Dd1 was the same way.....and everyone thought she was older....when I was like, "um, she's 1 1/2" they were always like, "Oh....." Hugs. I think alot of ppl don't remember what toddlers are like bc it's usually ppl about 15 years older than me (well, and up I should say) that tend to say something. People my around my age tend to just look and give you that I'm sorry, I know....look. And fwiw, I prayed for the same thing when I was pregnant with Lilah.....
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takebirthback has news I noticed....

Falicia - NYC? I admit I am jealous.


Katie, I think you should work "Aren't one year olds something else?" into every conversation until he turns 2. People are just expecting more because he is a big boy.

mrsb, How are you feeling this Friday?

Jeanine, all I can really come up with is at lather, rinse, repeat.

We are working on night weaning (I never thought I would say that) as Linus had regressed from every 20 minutes to the constant latch stage. My desired sleep window is 11:30 to 5:30. Last night he was only up at midnight and 5:00. It was in my window of sleep but still better and much more reasonable. We have set up the pack'n'play in our room and he actually seems to like having his own space. I called it his little baby bed and I think he tries to repeat it after me. After the early morning nursing I leave him with dh and go workout. That way he can get up when he is ready and head up to ds1 if I am not home.

Have I mentioned his name train? I ordered one from Maple Landmark for his Easter basket. For Valentine's I gave him the : car. This means I can use the I from Ian and make a train that says I:LINUS. I am so excited.
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Congrats, TBB

Mommajb - That sounds like a really cool Easter gift. I've been stumped for what to get Liam. We're going to Maryland that weekend for the Army game and will probably end up coming home that Sunday but I still wanted to get him a little something. If I had a daughter I would totally get these

Our power has been out tonight. I think it had something to do with all the rain we've been getting. Liam has been teething something awful and didn't sleep well at all last night. He woke up sobbing and was soaked from a leaky diaper, the second time this has happened only with a different diaper. I think when he pees in the middle of the night it just floods out of the diaper without having a chance to absorb into it. He ended moving over to our bed and wouldn't go back to sleep for several hours.

Time for bath and pj's!
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Katie those clips are so cute! I still need something for the oldest two and one of the girls. I have a little haba game that would work for either little girl. I'll add a bit of local chocolate, and call it done.
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Next weekend is dd1's bday party : i'm sooo not ready. i need to make sure I can do the cake with the stuff I have on hand (one of those where you put the doll in the cake-dress - i'll post pics of it, i know how much you guys like to ooh and aah over my wicked cake skills ). I also need a piñata - I'm not sure I can get one here in Podunkville, and don't really want to drive all the way to Reno just for a piñata. Then I need to figure out what to put in it. Candy? The easter egg hunt is the morning of her party, and easter the weekend after - kids really need more candy? Little plastic crap? I'd rather they have more candy. Then I need to figure out what kind of food to have. Oy, I'm so not ready.

Lather, rinse, repeat.
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Jeanine, does amazon have pinatas? I hear you on the candy but I waffle between trying to do better candy and fewer, better toys. I guess that doesn't really work with the pinata due to the scramble to take as much as possible. What about something like clif bar fruit twists and mini zbars? A trip to costco or something else by the casepack off of amazon might yield some ideas. Or craft supplies? Can you imagine a pinata full of googly eyes and pom-pons?
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my parents are going to the party store near them. they have strict instructions to let me know this weekend if they're successful at finding a pink unicorn pinata. i'm not sure there's time for amazon. i'm pondering the other suggestions you made, mommajb, but it would probably still involve reno. and i'm not going to reno. unless my parents don't get a pinata. but i hope they do because i really don't like going to town, much less reno i think i'm turning into a recluse.
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Oooh birthday cake, can't wait to see it Jeanine!

We had a fun day today. We blew bubbles outside for a while then went to the playground. Liam had a tumble down the stairs going up to the slide but didn't hurt himself luckily, just scared the heck out of both of us. This week I have a midwife visit on Wednesday and then my home visit is in two weeks : It seems like its all gone by so fast!
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Katie I completely understand your size v. age thought process and yet I didn’t think of it when you first mentioned all Liam’s energy Marty has the same thing – they’re big, tall boys and everyone just expects them to be perfect…act like 2 ½ year olds or something. You do deserve a break – sorry we can’t help you out more IRL

Sunshine Yeah, I’m pretty impressed Photobucket caught it too. They are losers – seriously, I just don’t get all these prude sites. Anyway, I think it is wonderful that woman complimented you on Lilah. Pat yourself on the back mama :

Mommajb sorry I didn’t even get a chance to login on Friday. I’ve been feeling generally pretty crummy I’m really ready to just feel like a normal human being again and not a constant walking menstrual cycle!! Thanks for asking though :

Well I’m pooped and up to my eyeballs in laundry – so not fun. Yesterday I spent a large part of the day working on my FIL’s birthday cake which turned out really well, but my hand is killing me (carpal tunnel + bad circulation + icing cakes for hours = BAD). Then today, I put the 2nd coat of paint on our bathroom ceiling (touch up) and the chair rail, base board, and wainscoting. We’re having it renovated but didn’t include painting in the estimate Anyway, I’m in PAIN!!! Ouchie…what was I thinking.

Anyway, DS was a complete angel tonight and for that I am grateful. I took this picture of him with my niece and it just cracks me up. It totally looks like he’s telling a story and she’s listening so intently. He’s such a ham!

Well I have to go run and check the laundry…had a lovely nap with my little guy today and it just made me so happy : These are the moments!!
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playin' hooky today : with my little guy : Doing loads and loads of laundry and still recovering from yesterday's wicked migraine, but just generally happy to have a day to ourselves - haven't had one of those in what seems like forever!!

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mrsb - awesome cake! good job!

i need to make a practice dress-cake today. last weekend i made a cake in a pyrex bowl - i did that for the over-the-hill cake i made. but this time it didn't work - totally fell - not a very good dress. although the cake itself was super-yummy. so then i thought i'd make round layer cakes and carve them into a dress shape - but then i remembered that i made a layer cake for winter solstice year before last and our oven is not level so the layer cake was all wonky. so, i went to the hardware store (gotta love small towns) and bought a bundt pan. i'm going to make that today and see how big it gets to see if i need to make another cake for under it. barbie's very leggy - i need to make sure her dress will be long enough. last weekend i also practiced some marshmallow fondant which is what i plan to make the dress out of. the pics on the internet of that look sooo nice.
dh is home today, so i should probably go to town without kids so i can get pinata stuff - oh yeah, better find out if my parents found one.
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Jeanine - did you use the marshmallow fondant off of the wilton website?? I LOVE LOVE LOVE that recipe only I do the kneading part in my mixer with my dough hook - no need to be wearing marshmallow handcuffs for an eternity and tire out your arms!! THe first time I tried it by hand I got claustrophobic because I couldn't untangle myself from the marshmallow : Did you try cake flour that is self-rising? It might work better in the pyrex, but if you do, don't use salt or baking powder - I've made that mistake and it also sinks (plus very salty) can't wait to see your finished product!!
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Just got back a bit ago from our new vet : He's a holistic vet who is just wonderful. Hey, if I can't selective vax my son, the dog might as well benefit We're putting him on a raw diet (the vet makes it himself) and I got all sorts of wonderful supplements for him as well to help with stress and digestion. I feel like so much better of a doggie mommy now THe vet also asked me if I knew of the Holistic Mom's Network in our area, which I did, but haven't gone to any of their functions. He didn't know what Mothering was but he's more into 4-legged "children" so I"m not completely shocked by that one. He said HMN was full of people I'd probably really enjoy so I might actually go check out one of their events - couldn't hurt, right?
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