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Cari-pm me your facebook link!
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Originally Posted by peacelove View Post
Owls are very special to me too, and have helped me out during times in my life when I really needed them. How nice to have an owl month! Did you purchase that calendar somewhere or design it yourself?
I made up the calendar myself, changing it as my whims come & go. Or as some creature or event waxes & wanes. And I don't usually plan more than a few months in advance - although March will be for owls as long as I am in AK. This is when they begin to mate & hoot. April is the month of hawks and "green knees" (the first shoots poking up). May will probably be birds of marsh & mud (ducks & shorebirds). Okay you can probably see I have a little thing for birds... But summer, fall & winter are not usually bird months for me. July or August will probably the return of salmon. I expect lynx to boom next year, so maybe next Feb will be their month. There is a volcano just south of us that is rumbling - if it goes, we'll probably celebrate that (once I've changed the air filters etc.). And when we return to a good solar storm cycle we'll celebrate the dancing sky (aurora). So it varies, but is largely based on migration and growing cycles.

Owls & I have a history and affinity. I used to have an owl that followed me through the forest where I did my worked in school - all day long, day after day. My son's 5th word was even owl.
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Hello! And welcome to the new folks to the group!! And welcome March! I have bulbs popping through here in the mighty cold midwest!

I celebrate St Patrick's Day, my maternal grandfather came over from Ireland, and my mother would kill me if I didn't acknowledge the day. No silliness really, just tons of boiled food!

Cari - Yay Jon! That is great he is getting out and about!! Good news indeed!

DoK - how cool that it is you get to still have "Harry moments.' Sounds so sweet that he is still a believer.

Super crazy busy weekend. I got to the bead store again!! Yay! Also, I met with an eclectic pagan group of mom's and kids that meet regularly and include the wee ones in the fun. I am so happy because everyone was really nice and accepting of my beliefs. I am so pleased to have found them! :

My weekend has been filled to the brim with family, fun, and new friends! Hope you all have an amazing March!
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Originally Posted by brendon View Post
Maia- are you taking aim at my poor typins skills or poor spelling?
*laughs* schleich is a company that makes figures from people to animals. And you couldn't get remains from reamins? And I thought you made dean's list last semester? *tease* :

Picked up my grass seed, dirt and stuff for amking my green baskets. We eill start them tomorrow.
no, seriously, i wasn't!! i honestly could not work that out. i have never heard of that company!
ok, now i know you are making fun of me,with that last part! i could have worked out "remains" if that other weird word wasn't in there...i was like what in the world is she talking about?
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Originally Posted by gun View Post

Cari - Yay Jon! That is great he is getting out and about!! Good news indeed!
Thank you! It's awesome news

Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
Cari-pm me your facebook link!
Done, obviously I could have sworn there had been a pic of me posted at SOME point in history on this thread? lol Maybe I should put one in my sig, is always neat to put faces to names isn't it?

Hubby had a short day at work, so we took the kids and went to Ikea! We knew Quinn was going to be TRES upset at not being able to play in smaaland... so his birthday sorta got moved forward 3months LOL. He had a fabulous time with the boys.. and then RAN like hell from us when we picked him up *sigh* Literally right down the center of the check outs area... I was racing trying to catch him, lucky we didn't BOTH get cleaned up by one of those loaded up flatbed trolleys!!!!!! And somehow, we got out of Ikea spending a grand total of NOTHING.. except for a bag of Daim candies (which we must buy, as my hubbys name is Daim/eon LMAO)

We had SO much fun all by ourselves... checking out the spiffy kitchens .. and then the loungesuites... and I showed daim the kura bed that I want to get for Lucas, and new dining room sets. We have a house full of hand me down furniture, which while perfectly serviceable... really is NOT my style at all... so I dream of furnishing MY way vicariously thru Ikea hehehe.
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Cari- I love going to Ikea! Not a fun place to go if you don't have the money to spend though. (that can get frustrating!)

So what is the first thing ds said to me when he woke up this morning?
"Do you think Harry Potter will visit today?"

uh oh. hahahah
So, should I come up with another trick or just tell him that I don't think Harry will be able to visit until the summer?
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Changing time :

St-Patrick: back in the days before I knew about paganism and before having a kid stronghly reacting to artificial colours, I would celebrate by making green food.

Now, we take a moment to remember the ancestors (DH great-grand-mother came from Ireland) and I shamelessly put focus on the faery side of the island.

Like Valentine's Day, this is only another opportunity to celebrate and do fun things as a family.
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Morning mamas. I missed the last week of February, kids were off for winter break so I took time off the computer. Today was going to be their first day back to school, but we have a snow day!

Going back to try to catch up with everyone.
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There's already so much snow out there and it's still falling. Supposed to be getting 15" last I heard.

Can winter be over, please? :
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And to those mamas on facebook.. I found my best friend from growing up on there today! We were inseperable from about.. grade 4 on LOL. We lived at each others houses on the weekends, and last year our mothers died weeks apart and I could not find her I'm so unbelievably thrilled to have made that connection again! Those friendships from my treasure map are manifesting in the ODDEST places! lol

I have never found anyone on facebook. I have people who I just met, but have never had any luck with finding friends from school. Most of my friends on facebook are my family members, makes it easier to keep in touch with everyone.

Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
There's already so much snow out there and it's still falling. Supposed to be getting 15" last I heard.

Can winter be over, please? :
I am with you on that one. I hate to wish my days away, but I am SO ready for Spring!!
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As far as St. Patrick's Day, we don't celebrate the day, but since both myself and DH are part Irish, I cook Irish meals about 2 times a week for the month. No drinking green beer though.
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Maia- *smiles* sorry about the small amount of teasing, it doesn't come out often with me. It was an odd day, then last night I had an awful dream that set me off, I was crying when dh had to leave for work. Moon working some havic?

My little Erin really is a brownie or pixie, she has an impish grin, plays little jokes on you (like moving your slippers or putting things in your shoes) and has the wildest curly hairs. : Missy Bella is playing with the nature table stuff and her animals are going fishing. Do lambs eat fish?

Red-taking time off is such a wonderful thing. I really need to let go of the internet during breaks but it is so hard.
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Originally Posted by brendon View Post
Bella Babe- good to see you and congratulations. My Erin is an October babe, born on the 19th. :
Good to be back, thanks! the 19th is actually a good bet. It is nearly impossible for this babe to be late, with the way my births have gone,lol

Originally Posted by peacelove View Post
The weather has been absolutely beautiful here the past few days and I am soooo looking forward to spring!
I agree on the whole St. Patrick story. I don't like that aspect of the holiday. I do have quite a bit of Irish in me though and it does make me want to celebrate that at this time of year. I so long to go back to Ireland again some day. It feels so much like "home".
Bella Babe - It's nice to see a pagan mama from TX. I have come across a few on here. I spent most of my life in TX and always felt so alone when it came to my spirituality. Not that I really have any close friends who are pagan where I live now, but the environment is much more accepting. Glad you're here!
OK, so I am obviously in TX, where it is NOT snowing 15 inches, or freezing or anything, and I normally am the one reminding everyone in March that it's going to be 105 freakin degrees in months so enjoy the cool weather while we have it.... But this pregnancy is doing weird things to me and I have been so COLD this past weekend. I think it is a mix of hormones and slight anemia, but man, I want some warmer weather.

Originally Posted by Maiasaura View Post
welcome back bellababe and hello to verde!
Thanks, Maia.

And we spent the afternoon at my moms house in our garden yesterday. I was so blue and cranky and tired yesterday and knew that I should get outside, but it was hard getting going. But it was exactly what I needed. My equilibrium was restored, mood was better, felt good moving and squatting and getting my fingers dirty. :
Hopefully we will figure out this growing in tx thing and get plenty of produc this summer. : We are originally from Indiana(farmers in my family and everything) and I grew up with a huge organic garden, chickens, goats, etc. Then we moved to tx and all the rules are different. :

Oh well. Had a good afternoon!

Oh, and I do celebrate the loosest form of St Patricks Day, I guess. I am mostly Irish, and Scottish with small amounts of mutt. I have an affinity for the Celtic heritage anyway year round, so this isn't really anything new. I like reasons to have celebrations, and make it our own. We go to a local Irish Festival, and tie a lot in with our heritage, our spirituality and the return of Spring. Woo hoo!
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Yeah, the only thing we'll be doing on St. Patricks day is to read/listen to stories from Tales from a Celtic Land. Of course, that's if my barefoot order arrives in time. (ya never know with all this snow!)
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liza-s - one of my daughter's very first words was owl too, along with the "whoo, whoo, whoo" sound! She even kissed a picture of one in her books way before she ever started giving kisses to me and dh. I used to live in a place where I would often hear the males and females calling to each other at night. I miss that. I will be forever grateful to one owl that basically saved my life in a past nasty relationship.
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Morning, Happy March Sisters :

Welcome back Bella Babe. I'm newer, so I don't remember you from before. Look forward to having you around.

liza-s and MamaFox-Welcome to the circle. Nice to have you.

DoK-Love the Harry Potter visits! What a fun mama you are.

Yay owls! DD loves spotted owls. There's one we visit sometimes. She was injured and can't be released back to the wild. Her name is Luna.

I screwed up my back on Sat, and it's still hurting enough to not be able to bend over/sit/get up with out a lot of whining on my part. I'm not taking DD to preschool today (she loves school ), and we're staying in and vegging with PBS on. I'm trying to not get too bummed. It feels like I've just got back to normal after that month long wacko illness I had in Feb. Oh well, I really am grateful for overall good health.

Happy news about houses. I mentioned that we've been wanting to move and find a better community. Well, we had a friend offer to rent us her house while she lives in Thailand for a few years. It the perfect town, the perfect neighborhood, right on the edge on a dead end street with nature trails off the back yard. The house is totally eco-groovey...bamboo floors, solar panels, there are raised beds for organic gardening with access to free llama poop

The rent is way too much for us (especially in these uncertain economic times), so we respectfully declined. She just got back to us and said she really wants us in her house, and we can have it for the same rent we pay now! : She won't even come close to covering her house payment and she doesn't care. Our goal is to be ready to buy ourselves when we leave her place. I'm over the moon. This is such good news for us on so many levels. It even gets DD into the charter school district we want. This is such a good year for our family, and I am sooo grateful.
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brendon- what a cool school!

little baby and mama- hang in there baby!

st. pats- we celebrate it as an Irish-American (or American-Irish) holiday. In Ireland it's not much of a party (well, bigger cities have imported it in recent years, but traditionalliy it's just another day where you'd attend mass)... you really only see it as a big bash in places with a large (and previously somewhat put down) immigrant population. DH is Irish (well, dual citizen) and I'm half Irish so we do try to remember/celebrate the immigrants and the history surrounding their exodus (but not so much the whole green beer, "erin go-braless", fictive history aspects).

I know I've plugged it a lot, but Forests of the Heart by Charles deLint takes an interesting (and somewhat gritty) look at Irish immigration from the point of view of the "spirits" (the spirits of place already in the "new world" as well as the "spirits" brought by the Irish immigrants themselves). He also brings an interesting/modern twist to the Green Man mythos. In all, a neat book for this time of year.

Colds- we're still sick but Laia's blood/urine cultures came back ok sooooo... at least we're not looking at something "too bad" in her case! I'm so ready to be healthy again though! Good idea with the eucalyptus... I plopped some on the vaproizer this morning.

weather- bitter cold, strong winds, and snow snow snow. Where oh where is spring?

Sage- love the idea of blowing wishes into hollow eggs! I am so going to steal that idea!
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Re: st pats day

I had a friend who used to always celebrate bring back the snakes day on 3/17 He would put up a really funny wreath on his door, complete with the white and green motif and rubber snakes.
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lol at the snake wreath!

clay~ adding that book to my list! needing something to slow my progression thru LOTR, lol...

there was a really indepth convo about st p's last year, i think? it was its whole own thread, but here in spirituality.... great reading!

add us to the st p's as historical/cultural celebration...but with a really eggheaded/sassy/academic twist, lol. (my advisor in college was a big irish history guy and my bff is a celtic-y anglican of the pagan-ish sort, if you kwim. )

welcome newbies/lurkers out of lurkerdom! and hugs and healing to all in need!

i'm behind on some babe & birthing & kiddo beading and sewing that needs to be done sooner than i'd... realized... so i may not be on much this week, but i'll be thinking of you all!

oh, and part 2 of my spring photo album is on my to-do-list, too, so if i get it done, i'll pop on and share, for the enjoyment of those stuck under the snow... (oh, and i started my stone collecting for those who want to do the exchange! we spent the morning sat at our fave mountains, found a new trail... splendidness!

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greenmagick - : I love it!

femme rouge - Hope your back is feeling back to normal soon! My back is still out as well, so I know how you feel!

clay - Hope you are all feeling well soon too! And thanks for the reminder about deLint. Someone recommended him to me ages ago and I had forgotten about him. Will have to check out that book!
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